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Full results from FutureShock Underground 24...


It's been a banner year for FutureShock Wrestling. Never before have so many eyes been glued to the home of hard hitting, heart stopping action that's made in Manchester. Underground 24 was due to be a conclusion but it left us with many more questions than answers.

The night kicked off with the two semi-final bouts of the inaugural FutureShock Legacy Tournament. In the first bracket Joey Hayes defeated an incredibly game Abel Stevens, much to the disgust of his new bae Melanie Price. In the second bracket Bubblegum turned back a spirited challenge from a fiery J.J. Webb, having to dig deep into his bag of tricks to do so. As it stood the two veterans, more than familiar with each other, would compete to see who would make history. Neither Stevens nor Webb have anything to be ashamed of, both proving that their stars will continue to rise in the new year.


Tag team champions The Sexy Gents faced unfamilar foes in the form of Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith, the Kings Of Catch. Fortunately for them their desire to keep hold of their championship gold proved to be greater than both the Scots' desire to claim them and their array of innovative double team offence. At the conclusion of the bout John McGregor and Kevin Lloyd scaled opposite turnbuckles and delivered their double splash for an impressive victory. From the shadows Tyson T-Bone watched the conclusion of the bout...


Pumped up from the moment he burst through the curtains, you could tell that Will Ospreay was eager to steal the show in his home country and claim the Adrenaline Championship at the same time. Champion Xander Cooper took the mic, revealed that he was so confident that he'd sent Bobby Gage to a management course in Macclesfield and stated there was no way his title would be going to Tokyo for WrestleKingdom in the new year. The latest in a string of instant classics over British wrestling's hottest championship, both men dug deep. Ospreay lived up to his name of The Aerial Assassin by pounding Cooper with dazzling high flying offense unlike anything the FutureShock Faithful had ever seen before. In the end, however, The Ambassador kicked his opponent low and struck with an inside cradle for the victory. Unimpressed by Cooper's dubious show of post match sportsmanship the challenger nailed him with an Oscutter to a huge roar of approval.

All. Bins. Were. Legal. This bout defies all explanation. Much like The Matrix one cannot be told what the All Bins Are Legal match is, one must experience it for oneself. Coming soon to FutureShock on Demand. In the aftermath however, the real story was Zack Gibson's brutal attack on James Drake. Berating him over the microphone to a deafening chorus of boos, he told his former partner in crime that he would never, ever be done with him. “I still run FutureShock!” he declared before dropping Drake on the deck with the Helter Skelter suplex.


Lana Austin has had her issues with Molly Spartan and Jayla Dark of late, not least of which being the mugging she endured at the hands of the Queen Bees at Reloaded 4. Never one to back down, the FutureShock Women's Champion recruited Kasey Owens, a long time foe of both Spartan and Dark, with a view to evening the odds. In the end however a miscommunication led to a clash of heads on the apron and Jayla Dark quickly capitalised for the Queen Bee's first victory in FutureShock as well a s win over the reigning champion. This is far from over.


Soner Dursun emerged to draw the raffle, specially stating that he wanted to thank the FutureShock Faithful for being behind him for the greatest year of his in ring career. The former Adrenaline Champion then stated his intention to move on and put the past where it belongs. Unfortunately the past wouldn't let him leave so easily when Sam Bailey entered the ring and gave Dursun a piece of his mind, leading to his former friend decking him with an impulsive punch. Bailey rolled out of the ring clutching his jaw but with a sly smile on his face. Dursun, aware he'd been manipulated, walked to the back radiating anger and frustration.


Pete Dunne's return to FutureShock Wrestling at February's Underground 25 was revealed as the Faithful chanted for the Bruiserweight. The reigning WWE UK Champion is sure to make an impact once again, much as he did when he became FutureShock Adrenaline Champion.

In the main event Bubblegum and Joey Hayes fought tooth and nail in the final of the FutureShock Legacy Tournament. The prize at stake? A championship match in 2018 and a chance to make history and say that they were the first. A war from bell to bell, both men bore the pain and fatigue of their first round matches. Try as he might however, the Rascal from the blue side of Manchester just couldn't keep Joey Down. That Man eventually prevailed when he locked in a tight crossface, forcing his opponent to tap out. An epic conclusion to an epic show and Bubblegum, no doubt aware of the war he'd been through, even shook the victor's hand and raised it in a show of sportsmanship.


A sound familiar of late to the FutureShock Faithful. They only mean one thing. The emergence of the behemoth, the reinvented masked monster Cyanide. He strode to the ring and assaulted Joey Hayes to the point that Bubblegum gallantly tried to assist. All for nothing in the end as the 400lb force of nature devastated both men with choke slams, did his best to break Joey's back and then all but launched Bubblegum into orbit with an inverted crucifix powerbomb. Clearly Cyanide had a message for the winner, for everyone in the tournament and for Ashton Smith, the FutureShock Heavyweight Champion.

What does it mean for 2018? Join us on January 14th for Uproar 98 at Stockport's Masonic Guildhall. Tickets are on sale NOW from futureshockwrestling.com.

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I don't know... They seem a bit overexposed.

Futureshock should book Damon Leigh, Thomas Wolfe and Big Joe. Sound of the summer.

The entire Uproar 103 event has been made available for free as an early Christmas present. Watch in it's entirety right here. Here's the trailer. Main event is a sly MOTY candidate.

What a night...
If you thought you knew what to expect from FutureShock Wrestling in 2018 then prepare to have your world turned upside down. From before the bell rang for Uproar 98 until the main event, the rollercoaster of wrestling twisted, turned and looped all over.
In the opening bout FutureShock Tag Team Champions The Sexy Gents continued their streak of impressive championship defences in a hard hitting bout with a very game set of challengers in Team Sports. Ace Matthews, via his own headset mic before the bout, introduced himself and David Graves and declared that “Sporty was the new sexy”. Regardless of their confidence it wasn't enough to stop Kevin Lloyd and John McGregor from hitting their stereo top rope splash for a convincing win.
Once again Tyson T-Bone made his presence felt in the closing moments of the Gents' contest. This time the trailer park warrior made his way to ringside and collected the tag team title belts from the champions' corner. What would he do? With a smile on his face he presented Lloyd and McGregor with their belts and applauding their efforts. What does he have in mind going forward?
Whatever the future might hold for Tyson T-Bone at Uproar 98 he refused to leave the ringside area and made it very clear to the ring announcer that he was there for a fight. Would anyone step up? Yes. A fired up J.J. Webb burst through the curtain and took the fight straight to him in an impromptu bout. Despite weathering a brutal assault and striking back ferociously this wasn't to be Webb's night as he fell to a vicious piledriver from his tattooed foe. The promising graduate from the FutureShock Wrestling Academy will live to fight another day. In a rematch from Underground 24 in December FutureShock Women's champion Lana Austin teamed with Kasey Owens in an effort to bring Molly Spartan and Jayla Dark, now referring to themselves as the Queen Bees, down a peg or two. A dominant start from Austin & Owens came to a screeching halt when Kasey's knee gave out on her, leading to a trip backstage for examination. The champion fought on against the odds, coming within a hairs breadth of of scoring a huge win with a victory roll. Gamely Owens returned to ringside, limping as she did so, to accept the tag from Austin... Only to turn abruptly and viciously knee her in the side of the head. Amidst the chaos Spartan grabbed the mic and introduced everyone to the newest member of the Queen Bees as a chorus of boos and jeers rained down.
Ahead of his scheduled match with Abel Stevens later in the night Soner Dursun made his way to ringside. After striking Sam Bailey at Underground 24 Soner was faced with disciplinary action for hitting a non-wrestler. Bailey, claiming to act in graciousness, said he'd let the matter go if Soner apologised to him in front of the FutureShock Faithful. Soner delivered the apology as requested in spite of Bailey antagonising him. He then went on to say he was also sorry that Bailey had cost him his title, run away to hide behind the announce desk and that he was a has-been.
This brought the self-proclaimed 'Voice of FutureShock' back into the ring where he lambasted Soner, going so far as to bring his family and his mother into it. As tempers threatened to flare Chris Brooker tried to keep the two apart only for Soner to punch him square in the mouth, thinking that Bailey had put his hand on him. Brooker ordered him to the back and it was later announced that Soner Dursun was suspended indefinitely. Sam Bailey had a Cheshire cat grin on his face for the rest of the night.
Xander Cooper's ongoing quest to keep the FutureShock Adrenaline Championship safe from outside invaders as he defended the title against Wolfgang. Possibly telling his challenger to “Keep his dirty Scottish hands off.” his title was a less than wise way to start the bout. Nevertheless The Ambassador weathered the storm of The Regulator's initial assault and took advantage of a distraction by his protege Bobby Gage to take his opponent's leg out from under him. The champion battered and assaulted his knee, locking on a figure four leglock, but couldn't finish him off. Gage's attempt to tip the odds again backfired when Wolfgang took him down and even used his distraction to defeat Cooper in the middle of the ring. New year, new champion and the FutureShock Faithful came unglued for The Regulator!
Arguably the combination of Joey Hayes, Bubblegum and FutureShock Heavyweight Champion Ashton Smith is a British wrestling six man dream team, such is the collected talent of all three men. Bonded by a common threat rather than a mutual bond, they came together to face the increasingly dominant Cyanide and two mystery partners. An unsettled murmor rose from the Faithful when they were revealed as the returning Noah and Henry T. Grodd. Clearly they'd taken a leaf out of the Monster's book and reinvented themselves too.
Bubblegum almost seemed like he wanted to be anywhere else... Like a true rascal he baited his foes and tagged in his partners. Joey and Ashton eventually just stopped tagging him in. An attempt to double team the mammoth Cyanide failed and they were laid to waste by their opponents. Bubblegum, initially looking like he was going to walk out, charged his much larger foe and hammered him with strikes. Cyanide plucked him out of mid air, crushed him with a back breaker and literally walked away leaving his allies to destroy him with an elevated DDT. What does this new alliance mean for FutureShock and for our champion?
Abel Stevens emerged, accompanied by his bae Melanie Price, and demanded that he be awarded a victory by forfeit due to Soner Dursun's suspension. “Undefeated in 2018!” he declared. His Sass Intermission was interrupted when management revealed that he had an opponent after all. Not just any opponent either, Delicious Danny Hope! The fight went back and forth until Ms Price saw fit to strike Danny with one of her boots. A miscommunication saw the Sass Assassin fall victim to a schoolboy pin. After the match Abel tried to waylay the victor with the boot once more only for a fan clad in a mask to jump in the ring and scare them both away. The fan unmasked and was revealed as CHRIS EGAN! He grabbed the mic and pleaded for his job back, telling Danny that he 'owed him one'. They headed to the back together. What does this mean?
Main event time and it was a grudge match over a year in the making. Former allies turned foes Zack Gibson and James Drake were due to finally face off after months of Liverpool's Number One dodging, diving and seemingly departing. Never shy to speak his mind, Gibson told all and sundry that he's only agreed to face Drake in a scientific wrestling match, not a brawl or a fight. If his opponent threw even one closed fist punch he'd be disqualified on the spot.
Perhaps unsurprisingly Gibson tried to use this to his advantage throughout this epic contest. Any time Drake had the advantage he would try to trick Mike Fitzgerald into disqualifying him. In the end however his scheming was to no avail as Drake drilled Gibson into the mat with Mr Mayhem to take what must be a hugely satisfying victory.
An epic show full of twists and turns. What does it mean for 2018? Forget what you thought you knew. Make sure you head to futureshockinfinite.com and subscribe so you can be the first to see every second of this incredible event.
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That man... The incomparable Joey Hayes. In 2017 he rebounded from a serious injury to make an indelible mark on the singles division of FutureShock wrestling. A series of world class bouts capped off with a huge victory at the conclusion of the inaugural FutureShock Legacy Tournament. If by some chance you'd forgotten how good he was you've no excuses now.

By virtue of his Legacy Tournament success Joey earned himself a FutureShock Heavyweight Championship match. That match will take place at Underground 25 when he squares off against the equally popular Ashton Smith.

Two of the nation's finest. Rest assured they won't want everyone walking out of the Longfield Suite talking about any other match on the card. This could well be a show stealer.

Tickets on sale now from futureshockwrestling.com.

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Full results from Underground 25 last night... An epic, epic event in front of a packed house in Prestwich.

A packed house at the Longfield Suite for arguably the biggest night in FutureShock History. Here’s everything that happened...
 J.J, Webb pinned Deadly Damon Leigh with a schoolboy pin after startling the self proclaimed "fearless" Leigh with an air horn.
FutureShock Women's Champion Lana Austin was set to defend against a member of the Queen Bees. Austin was attacked by Kasey Owens to kick off a bout and managed to defeat her by pinfall after a DDT. It was then revealed that Mike Fitzgerald had been tricked into ringing the bell and that her actual challenger was Molly Spartan. Spartan then speared Austin for the victory to become the NEW FutureShock Wrestling Women's Champion.
Cyanide, Henry T. Grodd and Noah defeated The Uprising and Delicious Danny Hope when Grodd pinned Hope after he and Noah hit an elevated DDT. After the bell Cyanide returned to assault Hope only to have Chris Egan (Now a member of the ring crew...) come to his aid. Cyanide laid his former manager out with literally the biggest choke bomb we've ever seen.
FutureShock Adrenaline Champion Wolfgang defeated Chris Ridgeway with a pop-up powerslam. Ridgeway had feigned an injury during the bout to try to gain an advantage.
FutureShock Champion Ashton Smith defeated 2017 Legacy Tournament Winner Joey Hayes by pinfall in an epic match that earned both men a standing ovation. The mood was cut short when Cyanide emerged and both men were blindsided and assaulted by Noah and Henry T. Grodd.
Tyson T-Bone defeated a spirited John McGregor by pinfall but needed to hit both a top rope elbow and a piledriver to keep him down. Afterwards Chris Ridgeway joined T-Bone in the ring and they stole McGregors's tag team championship belt! A new alliance has emerged and The Sexy Gents appear to have their work cut out for them.
Sam Bailey decided to 'help' with the raffle but was caught off guard by the appearance of Soner Dursun in the crowd. Security tried to escort Dursun out but he broke through and made a dash for Bailey who, ever the hero, bailed from the ring. Security eventually escorted Dursun off the premises.
In the main event WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne successfully defended his title against Zack Gibson, the man that claimed that the UK title was made for him. Both men went back and forth, even using each other's patented finishers in an effort to keep their opponents down.
Underground 25 will be available soon alongside all of FutureShock's shows from 2017, 2016 and before at futureshockinfinite.com.
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Announced for FutureShock Uproar 99 on Sunday 18th March...


Our champion is a fighting champion. We've seen him go to war with Tyson T-Bone, seen him go the very limit with Joey Hayes.

Fearless, determined and driven. Ashton Smith is a champion through and through, refusing to back down one iota from any challenge.

Cyanide, the colossus of FutureShock, has been on a rampage of late. With Noah and Henry T. Grodd by his side he's been doing whatever he wants to whomever he wants. That includes setting his jackals on both Ashton and Joey at Underground 25.

Ashton has called the monster out. No waiting for trouble to find him, he's going to look trouble in the face.

Ashton Smith v Cyanide in a non-title match on March 18th at Uproar 99 in Stockport. Will he gain a measure of payback or is he in for a long night... Or a short, painful one?

Tickets on sale now from futureshockwrestling.com.

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