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Elite British Wrestling - Wrath Upon Dearne 3, 28/08/2015

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Elite British Wrestling Championship Match: "The Mean Machine" Mark Sanders vs "Solid" John Green ©
If asked to name an exciting fan favourite who has racked up a string of exciting victories over one challenging opponent after another in Elite British Wresting over the past year, it would be a toss up between choosing either the current EBW Heavyweight Champion "Solid" John Green, or the rejuvenated veteran "The Mean Machine" Mark Sanders. Both men have given everything that they possess in the ring in order to achieve those victories, and perhaps it was inevitable that given the winning streak of each, they would sooner or later meet in the ring.
Mark Sanders comes into this match having only mere days ago added the name of Rampage Brown to those of "The Warrior" Paul Malen, Antonio "The Promise" Thomas, "The Hardcore House of Pain" Stixx, "The Righteous" Joseph Connors and "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. "The Mean Machine" has never had more momentum or been as focussed as he is right now, and as a former EBW Heavyweight Champion himself, regaining the belt may be something that has never seemed as natural or attainable as it is right now.
By way of contrast, John Green finds himself coming off the back of what could only be described as an epic battle against one of Sanders own foes in the shape of Chris Masters. Although Green proved that he could go toe-to-toe with the former WWE Superstar and tested him in every way possible, the match ended with the fabled Masterlock being applied to the current EBW Champion, and after an agonizing battle against the overwhelming pain of the hold, Green was forced to do the most unnatural thing possible for him and pass out.
There is no question that John Green will be looking to bounce back from defeat and claim an important victory over Mark Sanders, but at the same time "The Mean Machine" is guaranteed to have no qualms about giving his all in pursuit of the EBW Heavyweight Championship.



Singles Match: "The Demolition Man" Mikey Van Riot vs "The Hardcore House of Pain" Stixx
This match promises to be a meeting of two men who have something very different to prove in front of the Elite British Wrestling fans, but only one of them will have the chance to get their point across at Wrath Upon Dearne 3, as the other will doubtless be in no condition to speak for himself once the bell rings to end the carnage.
"The Demolition Man" Mikey Van Riot wants to prove to those watching and the rest of the EBW roster that he is firmly back from the injury that threatened to derail his career and that he is also more than ever a force to be reckoned with. What better way to do this than by defeating a monster of a man with a reputation the length and breadth of the country the likes of Stixx?
But you can guarantee that allowing Van Riot to achieve that goal is the last thing on the mind of "The Hardcore House of Pain". Stixx was on the losing end of his EBW debut, falling to the unstoppable streak of "The Mean Machine" Mark Sanders earlier in the year. Stixx will be looking to stamp his authority all over this match, and what better way to do so than to spend it stamping all over a former EBW Heavyweight Champion?



Elite British Wrestling Tag Team Championship Three Way Match: Joey D & "The Phenomenal" Caleb Crow © vs The Hot Blooded Males vs Sudden Impact
Any suggestion that the team of Joey D and "The Phenomenal" Caleb Crow were a flash in the pan as Elite British Wrestling Tag Team Champions was put to rest after their two successful defences of the belts at Tram Lines 2015. Bolstered by these victories, the champions must now make use of that momentum to face the challenge of two rival teams, each one desperately hungry to win the belts for themselves.
"Domtastic" Dom Black and "Ryvacious" Ryan Lee have had a trying time of late, their expectations of quickly regaining the belts quashed by the new champions and a recent defeat to the returning Team Ego tandem of Kris Travis and Martin Kirby. But you can be sure that behind the scenes, "The Don One" Nick Mason has spent every moment of the day harnessing the resentment and frustration of the former champions in order to ensure that they are more brutal and ruthless than ever when it comes to this chance to once more claim the gold.
Mark Hero and Teddy T, on the other hand, are still champing at the bit to earn their first taste of championship glory, having been outwitted and downright cheated out of so many victories whilst The Hot Blooded Males wore the belts. Will Sudden Impact leapfrog the former champions and claim the titles from the current holders, against whom they are largely unproven?
The only thing that's certain is that only one team can emerge from this match with the belts around their waists and their hands raised in victory.



Elite British Wrestling Catch Championship Match: Kris Travis vs "The Iceman" Sam Goodison ©
A year in professional wrestling is an exceptionally long time, and in that span of three hundred and sixty five days, the fortunes of both men involved in this match have been dramatic and very different indeed.
At Wrath Upon Dearne 2, "The Iceman" Sam Goodison walked away with his hands on the Elite British Wrestling Catch Championship, winning the belt from then champion Kris Travis. Since then, Goodison has become synonymous with arrogance, disrespect and blatant cheating to keep his hands on the title, ensuring a year-long reign that saw him triumph repeatedly using the most nefarious of methods at his disposal.
In that same year, Kris Travis embarked upon a gruelling battle against cancer which took him away from the ring and threatened his very life. But he endured and beat the disease in order to make a triumphant comeback, looking confident and showing a renewed hunger for competition in professional wrestling.
Now the time has come for the rematch, and the question has to be asked: can Travis reclaim the Catch Championship from the very man who took it away from him one year ago in the exact same place?
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Singles Match: "Fearless" Shaun Cross vs Sam "The Killer" Kenny
In this match, "Fearless" Shaun Cross finds himself in the unfamiliar position of being the veteran taking on a relative newcomer and rookie in the form of Sam "The Killer" Kenny.
Cross makes his return to the singles ranks after much success with his tag team partner, Tommy Nova. But anyone who has studied Cross's career thus far will know that he hardly needs a partner in his corner to prove a formidable and unpredictable opponent.
Sam Kenny, on the other hand, makes his debut in singles competition, having competed in tag team matches and invitational rumbles where he proved to be able to make up for his relative inexperience with sheer vicious determination and a genuine delight in inflicting pain upon anyone who happened to be unlucky enough to get in his way.
Will the upstart be taken to task?
Or will a veteran of the ring find himself humbled by the next big thing in EBW?



Singles Match: Tommy Nova vs David Deville
Whether it's in singles matches, rumbles or tagging with his partner "Fearless" Shaun Cross, Tommy Nova has been the talk of Elite British Wrestling for the past few months. Fans and wrestlers alike have marvelled at his meteoric rise through the ranks, drawing favourable comparisons with ring legends such as Rob Van Dam on account of his combination of extreme aerial skills and martial arts background.
But all of that may come to a screeching, grinding and very painful stop as he finds himself pitted against one of the most potent and deadly veterans currently on the UK wrestling scene, the man known as David Deville.
Deville will be making his EBW debut at Wrath Upon Dearne 3, but his resume precedes him in the form of heavyweight championship reigns in FWA, XWA and LDN, all companies where he proved to be a dominating force.
Might David Deville prove to be the man who extinguishes Tommy Nova's star?
Or will Nova consume his challenge like a meteor burning up on re-entry?



Elite Battle Royal: 15 Stars of EBW Collide, But There Can be Only One Winner
Fifteen of the best names on the Elite British Wrestling roster will enter the ring for this specially sanctioned Battle Royal rules match. Elimination can occur only when a competitor is thrown over the ropes and both of their feet touch the arena floor. The match will continue until there remains only one wrestler left in the ring, who at that time will be declared the winner.
Expect this to be an intense and furious affair, as the wrestlers involved all vie for the position of being the last person in the ring, tossing their opponents out to the unforgiving ground in order to achieve that goal. Victory in this match will ensure that the winner is elevated within the closely contested rankings of EBW and comes to the attention of the Championship Committee, making them a potential candidate for a shot at gold on a future event.
Competing alongside established talents in this match will be the newest members of the EBW roster, including Jack Cave, Sam "The Killer" Kenny, Jason Jacobs, Esther and Alan Kay.
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Six Man Tag Team Match: "Dirtbag" Dave Stewart & Mystery Partners vs C.H.A.P.S. & "The Original" Jacob Page
The rumblings at the court of King Dangerous continue, as the man contractually obligated to serve as the king of Elite British Wrestling's jester, "Dirtbag" Dave Stewart makes his stand against the injustices and humiliation heaped upon him by both the king himself and his various followers and lackys.
Dispatched to bring the errant jester to heel and teach him his proper place, the C.H.A.P.S. (Cambridge Honours Advanced Pugilism Society) team of "The Gentleman Brawler" Charles Cornelius StJohn III and Rear Admiral Thaddeus Isembard Bancroft will join forces with the man-mountain of EBW, "The Original" Jacob Page, determined to stamp their authority on Stewart and in doing so earn the gratitude of King Dangerous.
At the time of writing, Stewart's own partners in this match were unknown, King Dangerous's camp suggesting that this is because no one would dare to oppose their king's declaration of destruction against Dirtbag. But the wily and unpredictable Dave Stewart has proven able to call upon the aid of those who stand for all that King Dangerous does not in the past, and so many expect valiant white knights to flank Dirtbag in his hour of direst need.
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