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Hi Guys


before i start posting i would just like to introduce myself.


I got into it because a few others in the playground were into it (about 88/89 and) and since we didn't have sky i had to get my 'fix' through WWF magazine, and looking at the new 'vids' that were appearing in the local woolworths.


My first videos were:


WM 3

Hulkamania Forever

British Bulldogs


and i was a fan from then on really. 


I didn't get to see any of the weekly stuff until around 93. My mate (there's always a rich one who had sky) used to record some episodes for me and i had some abortive attempts to stay up and catch the 'silly Am o'clock' WCW stuff on Channel 4 when about 11.


Later on my Mum (whom i didn't live with)  took me to some All-Star Shows where i got to see the likes of


Giant Haystacks

Pat Roach

Dave Finlay

Tony St.Clair

Dynamite Kid

John Smith

Skull Murphy

Mongolian Mauler

Big Daddy

Two Tonne American Avalanche


In fact i remember going to a show where the British Bulldog was advertised and everyone was moaning when a (very shrunken) Tom Billington appeared. I was thrilled  as i'd watched that BullDogs tape so many times and preferred him but everyone was gutted with a "wheres Davey Boy" (back then alot of kids only knew Davey)


I caught my first Wrestling PPV 'live' in 1993 when my Mum ordered it on SKY and i remember being mesmerised by the (then) intensity of Razor Vs Bret and and also recall that year she ordered WM 9 (was thrilled Hogan won at the end) and King of the Ring.  


After that my interested waned around 94, before i picked it up again briefly in 1998 (thanks to seeing a giant pic of Goldberg in a games shop and thinking "Jesse Ventura looks amazing"  before i really got back into it in 2001 and the whole return of Hogan thing and i followed it intently until around 07, and then have only briefly re-dabbled since.


I'm kinda playing catch-up now, although i will be honest and say that i'm more a nostalgia fan than the current crop.


Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read and i look forward to posting on here.

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