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update 11/08/2015 - new arrivals


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2-8-02(2 discs)
A Feud Renewed
An IWA Odyssey (2 discs)
Anything Goes 2005(2 discs)
April Bloodshowers 1997
April Bloodshowers 1998(2 discs)
April Bloodshowers 2001(2 discs)
April Bloodshowers 2002
April Bloodshowers 2003
April Bloodshowers 2004
April Bloodshowers 2005(2 discs)
April Bloodshowers 2006(2 discs)
April Bloodshowers 2007: The Final Chapter (2 discs)
April Bloodshowers 2009(2 discs)
April Bloodshowers 2010
Bad Blood Rising 2007(2 discs)
Barbed Wire, Boards and Blood 2001
Barbed Wire and Bulbs
Beginning of the End 2007(2 discs)
Big Ass Xmas Bash (2 discs)
Bloodfeast 1996
Bloodfeast 1998
Bloodfeast 2001(2 discs)
Bloodfeast 2002(2 discs)
Christmas Carnage 2000(2 discs)
Christmas Carnage 2001(2 discs)
Debut in Dayton (2 discs)
Dedication (2 discs)
Derby Madness 2001
Egos, Bruises, and Bulbs
Eddie Gilbert Memorial 1997(2 discs)
Eddie Gilbert Memorial 1998(2 discs)
11th Anniversary (2 discs)
Extreme Heaven 2001(2 discs)
Extreme Heaven 2007(2 discs)
Extreme Measures 1997
Eyes Wide Open (2 discs)
Fans Night Out
500th Show (2 discs)
5th Anniversary
Gory Days 1(2 discs)
Gory Days 2(2 discs)
Gory Days 3(2 discs)
Gory Days 4
Hardcore Hell and Back 2001(2 discs)
Hardcore Hell and Back 2006(2 discs)
Hardcore Hell and Back 2007(2 discs)
Heroes Hurt and Wax
House of Hardcore 1st Anniversary (2 discs)
House of Hardcore 2nd Anniversary (3 discs)
HURT 2006(2 discs)
It’s a Kentucky Thing
Kings of the Crimson Mask 2008
Kings of the Crimson Mask 2009
Kings of the Crimson Mask 2010
March Massacre 2006(2 discs)
March Massacre 2007(2 discs)
Morris Mayhem 3-2-02
Nightmare on Highway 62(2 discs)
No Blood No Guts No Glory 1998
No Blood No Guts No Glory 2001(2 discs)
No Blood No Guts No Glory 2002
No Excuses 1997
No Retreat No Surrender 1-21-2006(2 discs)
Payback Pain and Agony 2004
Payback Pain and Agony 2007(2 discs)
Phenomenal Invasion 2(2 discs)
Point Proven 2007(2 discs)
Prelude to Death 2004
Prelude to Death 2007(2 discs)
A Rotten Farewell (3 discs)
6th Anniversary (2 discs)
7th Anniversary (2 discs)
Simply the Best 5(3 discs)
Something to prove (3 discs)
Spring Heat 3-1-02
Spirit of 76(2 discs)
Start of Something Big
St Patty Loves a Good Fight (2 discs)
Sunday Bloody Sunday 2007(2 discs)
Survive This
The Edge of Insanity 1-20-2006(2 discs)
The Night the Lights went out in Charlestown (2 discs)
The Night the Lights went out in Louisville
There goes the Neighborhood (2 discs)
300th Show (3 discs)
12th Anniversary
Wanted Dead or Alive #2
Were No Joke
Winter Wars 1996
Xtreme Carnage 2005(2 discs)


Praise the Violence (3 discs)
UN FN Sanctioned 2005(2)
UN FN Sanctioned 2006(2)


Drake Younger Compelation (2 discs)
Gilbert vs Cactus (2 discs)
Madman Pondo Skull Talk Vol 1
Madman Pondo Skull Talk Vol 2


A Need to Bleed 2005
A Need to Bleed 2006(2 discs)
A Need to Bleed 2007(2 discs)
A Need to Bleed 2009
A Need to Bleed 2012
Acts of Madness
All-out Assault
Are you Ready
Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter
Extreme Dreams 2012
JC Memorial Memorial
Legacy of Brutality
No More Childs Play
Prisoners of Pain
Property Damage Guaranteed (2 discs)
Psychopathic Tendencies (2 discs)
Scarrcade 2009
Skate or Die 2007
Skate or Die 2(2 discs)
Snow in the Summertime
Stars with Scars
Stiff Competition 2007
St Patty’s Day Massacre
The Evil that Men do (2 discs)
Vote or Die
You’ve got a lot of……….


Risking it All 2007(2 discs)
Southern Discomfort (2 discs)
South of the Border 2007(2 discs)
South Will Rise Again (2 discs)
Xtreme Warfare (2 discs)


i have more titles that are not on ukff classifieds so if want more details pvt me. or just send me your email and ill add you to mailing list.


i have over 220 people on mailing list and being added each and every week.


any questions please ask

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any questions please ask

Can you summarize chaos theory whilst simultaneously riding a unicycle?


If you offer free 'sample' DVDs on here, or for that matter anywhere else, you will have 200+ people on your mailing list. It's not an achievement & though you're probably not Michael Coles, you may as well be, son.

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