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For Sale: Lots of WWE Mattel Elite Figures


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Hello all. Trying to free up some space so am selling my WWE Elite figures. Here is a list, they are are in pretty good nick. only used for display. Every figure comes with what it came with at retail. if you want pictures don't hesitate to ask. Would obviously love to sell it as a lot and not just individual figures but if you are interested in any let me know or make me an offer on them. If not they'll probably be up on ebay soon enough.




Dolph Ziggler Series (Shirt and Vest) (Series 19)

Ryback Series (Series 21)

Edge Flashback (Shades) (Series 13)

Kofi Kingston (Series 17)

AJ Lee (Series 21)

Alberto Del Rio (Series 14)

Rey Mysterio Halloween (Series 24)

John Cena (Series 17)

Road Dogg Flashback (Series 26)

Christian (best of PPV)

CM Punk (Series 16)

Randy Orton (Series 21)

Sin Cara Gold (Series 15)

Evan Bourne (Series 15)

Fandango (Series 27)

Heath Slater (Series 16)

Big E Langston (Series 26)

Rey Mysterio (Series 13)

Rob Van Dam (Series 27)

Vader (with masks) (Series 31)

Dean Ambrose (Series 25)

Roman Reigns (Series 26)

Seth Rollins (Series 25)

Christian Flashback (Series 20)

Diesel Flashback (Series 16)

British Bulldog Flashback

Jack Swagger (Series 26)

King Sheamus (Series 13)

The Undertaker (wrestlemania exclusive)

Big Show (Series 10)

Cody Rhodes (Series 13)

Cesaro (Series 23)

The Miz (Series 11) with US belt

The Rock (Series 22)

Triple H (Best of PPV)

Daniel Bryan (Series 19)

Damien Sandow (Series 22)

CM Punk (Series 6)

Kane (Series 10)

Trish Stratus (Series 24)

Billy Gunn Flashback (Series 27)

Mankind (Series 17)

American Bad Ass Undertaker (Series 18)

DX Triple H (Series 23)

Ultima Warrior Flashback (Series 26)

Brian Pillman Legends

Shawn Michaels Flashback (Series 19)

Rich Rude Legends

Bruno Sammartino Flashback (Series 25)

Jerry Lawler Flashback (Series 18)

Yokozuna Flashback (Series 15)

Honkey Tonk Man Flashback (Series 21)

Jake Roberts with Damien Legends




1 IC White

1 United States


1 WWE World Heavyweight

1 WWE current

1 IC old not shiny

2 Tag Team Title Raw

2 Tag Team Title Smackdown

1 Euro

2 WWE Tag Team Championship

1 Blue/1 Red MITB Briefcase


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