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Greatest Villains in History


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Some people (the gays) will say Darth Vader but they are dead wrong. The greatest villian in history is the bearded, mulleted, Murka Tie wearing King of Kong himself BILLY MITCHELL!




He has it all. Super talent, coolness, and little minions to do his work for him and threaten if they don't deliver a tape. A tape which doesnt make him hypocritical at all. He makes the best hot sauce, has a trophy wife, and "Isn't God". 


So is anyone cooler a villain than Billy Mitchell?


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This guy needs more recognition. The awesome Dr. Szell off of Marathon Man. He belonged to the most famous heel faction in history and you know he'll have some tidy clobber in his wardrobe back in Chile.


A cold blooded and relentless torturer who has a go on Dustin Hoffmans teeth despite him being completely oblivious to what the fuck he's talking about when he repeats "Is it safe?" Over and over.


Honourable mentions go to Alan Rickmans Hans Gruber and his awesome portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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