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wrestling dvds 24/07/2015


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£1 a disk min order 10 disks


Face Off Vol. 18 Trading Places w/ Gabe Sapolsky & Adam Pearce 1 disc
Wake Up Time To Die!! w/ Rip Rogers 1 disc
Diva Diaries w/ Lufisto 1 disc
Bill Mercer Shoot Interview 1 disc
Drew Galloway Shoot Interview 1 disc
In The Ring w/ Tully Blanchard 1 disc
Young Bucks Shoot Interview 1 disc
Rey Mysterio Shoot Interview 2015 1 disc
Breaking Kayfabe w/ Terry Brunk/Sabu 1 disc
WWE Timeline 2008 Blue w/ Brian Myers/Curt Hawkins 1 disc
Barbie Blank Shoot Interview 1 disc
Alberto Shoot Interview 1 disc
YouShoot w/ Alberto El Patron 1 disc
In The Ring w/ The Wolves 1 disc
Best Friends w/ Teddy Hart 1 disc
So Cal Val Shoot Interview 2015 1 disc


more titles available just pm for details. also if just want to be added onto my mailing list (that has over 200 people on) again just send pm

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sorry about that my inbox was full so im guessing thats why you could not send me a message. i have had a few people pm me about the list so i have cleared it out and made room. everyone that send me a message with your email address' on i have sent you a list of titles.

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