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The 2015 UKFF UK50 - STAGE TWO!


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A great many thanks to all of those who took some time to put together and submit their nominations during Stage One of the Eleventh Annual UKFF UK50. For full details of that Stage, as well as an introduction the the project and its rules, aims and principles, CLICK HERE.

I can tell you that 144 individual wrestlers received at least one nomination during Stage One.

As a result of the nominations received, the 47 wrestlers have earned a direct place into this year's final UK50. They are (in alphabetical order):

Ashton Smith


Charlie Garrett
Chris Brookes
CJ Banks
Damien O'Connor
Danny Hope
Dave Mastiff
Dave Mercy
Dave Rayne
Doug Williams
Eddie Dennis
El Ligero
Flash Morgan Webster
Jack Gallagher
Jack Jester
Jim Hunter
Jimmy Havoc
Joe Coffey
Joel Redman
Joey Hayes
Joseph Conners
Kay Lee Ray
Kenny Williams
Lee Hunter
Mark Andrews
Mark Haskins
Martin Kirby
Marty Scurll
Mike Bird
Mikey Whiplash
Nathan Cruz
Noam Dar
Paul Robinson
Pete Dunne
Rampage Brown
Robbie X
Roy Knight
Sha Samuels
Tyler Bate
Wild Boar
Will Ospreay
Zack Gibson
Zak Knight


This means that Charlie Garrett, Chris Brookes, Damien O'Connor, Dave Mercy, Kenny Williams and Mike Bird are all confirmed as achieving their first ever ranking within the UKFF UK50 this year.

It also means that Cyanide, Damien Dunne, Dean Allmark, Jim Diehard, Liam Thomson and Mad Man Manson have all definitely dropped out of the UKFF UK50 in 2015.

A further 7 wrestlers all received a tied number of nominations for the last 3 remaining spots in the final 50. Details will follow below on how we will sort out who gets the 3 places.

Wrestlers who fell just short of making the cut this year included Big Grizzly, BT Gunn, Cyanide, Damon Leigh, Dean Allmark, Flex Buffington, Joe Hendry, Jonny Storm, Liam Lazarus, Pastor William Eaver, Pollyanna and Trent Seven.



As explained above, 7 wrestlers received an equal number of nominations in regard to the last 3 remaining spots in the 2015 UKFF UK50. As has become customary, STAGE TWO sees them all go head-to-head in a battle for votes.

The 7 wrestlers in question are:

James Davis
James Mason
Josh Bodom
Kid Fite
Martin Stone
Rob Lynch
Xander Cooper

Over the 11 years that this project has been running, it has become standard for Stage Two to take different forms each year. Sometimes I've asked you to privately message me an ordered list of your preferences for the last places. Some years I've asked you to vote in a forum poll for who you want in. Some years I've asked you to vote for who you don't want in. Some years I've split the field into pools with winners from each advancing. Some years I asked you to mark multiple selections of your preferences from the entire field. This year, the final 3 spaces will be decided by open votes in this thread, together with reasons for your choices.

If you want to see your chosen wrestlers make the cut, you're going to have to speak up for them.

With an aim to promote discussion, debate and general comparison, to take part in Stage Two you need to:

- From the list of 7 wrestlers above, select up to 3 that you would most like to fill the remaining spaces in this year's UK50. Your selections do not have to be ordered and all carry equal value.

- Post your selections in this thread.

- Here's the important bit: with each vote for a named wrestler, you must include a sentence or so outlining your reasons why you believe that wrestler should be included in the UK50. Give examples of great matches (include YouTube links, if you wish)

- Your post in this thread should take the following form:


    VOTE ONE: Wrestler #1
    REASON: Because they is well good, innit.

    VOTE TWO: Wrestler #2
    REASON: etc etc etc

    VOTE THREE: Wrestler #3
    REASON: Yadda yadda


- The voting period will close at 23:59 on Thursday 30 July 2015. At that point, I will count up the number of votes each wrestler has received. The 3 with the most will go though to the final 50. If there is a tie, well, I'll think of something.


Remember, the criteria upon which you are making your judgements:

Upon what criteria are the rankings based?
All the way through the process, nominations and votes should be made based on British wrestlers' in-ring performances you have seen on shows that took place between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2013. The key points around which the rankings, nominations and votes are based include:
- whose in-ring performances are the most gripping, convincing and enthralling?
- who is consistently involved in great matches?
- who is able to tell the best "story" through their performance?
- whose performance is able to capture the crowd's interest and make them emotionally invested in the match?
- who actually makes pro wrestling enjoyable to watch with their performances?

So, then, it's over to you. I'll moderate the thread to make sure it's going as I intended or prompt discussion if needed.



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Vote : Xander Cooper


Reason : I haven't seen enough of any of the others during the voting period to truthfully vote any of them in. However Xander has been a good performer in the "smug cunt" role every time I've seen him in FutureShock, and the possibility of Dave Rayne unseating him or retiring has sold me a ticket to the 22nd August show, so that makes him worth me taking two minutes to toss him a vote.

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Bodom is more than deserving of a place in the top 50, so that's one vote. Mason probably is, but I haven't seen him, so that rules him out. The London Riots are great, don't think I could rank one over the other though. For that reason they beat Stone out, making my vote:


1). Josh Bodom

2). James Davis

3). Rob Lynch


Should have read the tossing format:


    VOTE ONE: Josh Bodom
    REASON: Very believable, and getting better each time I see him wrestle. Added a character to go with his good technical skills.


    VOTE TWO: James Davis

    VOTE THREE: Rob Lynch

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VOTE ONE: James Davis
REASON:  Formed arguably the top tag team in the UK during the voting period having won Tag Titles in multiple companies including SWE, FPW, IPW UK,and NGW.   Was a participant in one of the best matches in the UK where he teamed with Rob Lynch, Jimmy Havoc and Paul Robinson against Will Ospreay, Noam Dar, Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews.  Face turn went down a treat with the Progress faitful and the Riots have adjusted suitably.  Had great matches in Southside including against The Sumerian Death Squad and The UK Hooligans.


VOTE TWO: Rob Lynch
REASON:   See James Davis answer

VOTE THREE: Josh Bodom
REASON: Only saw Bodom wrestle for RevPro this year where he excelled as a member of the Revolutionists.  Wasn't afraid to look the fool and bump for Rikishi and Too Cool in a really fun match.  Started the voting period as RevPro Cruiserweight Champion which he lost to Will Ospreay in a good three way with Rich Swann.  Not afraid to draw the jeers from the audience displaying a great knack for playing the heel.  Bodom never forgets to antagonise the audience during his matches 

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Vote : Xander Cooper


Reason : I haven't seen enough of any of the others during the voting period to truthfully vote any of them in. However Xander has been a good performer in the "smug cunt" role every time I've seen him in FutureShock, and the possibility of Dave Rayne unseating him or retiring has sold me a ticket to the 22nd August show, so that makes him worth me taking two minutes to toss him a vote.


Xander Cooper, great heel, great wrestler, has everything. smug doesnt cover it, can go and is awesome. Properly worth it on the list



Kid Fite, Hard as nails great wrestler who always steps up to the mark when matters.



The rest can go and whistle Dixie!

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WHERE IS JACKIE POLO?!? One of the most over guys in one of the biggest promotions, charisma coming out his ears, part of a cracking tag team and stable with a good look and involved in some belting matches. Shame on the rest of you. 


Vote One: Martin Stone

Reasoning: Intense, believable and generally gives off the aura of being a hard bastard. Had some quality matches in ICW teaming with Sha Samuels.



Vote Two: Kid Fite

Reasoning: Solid all rounder who has been in the ring with some of the best the country has to offer this year without looking out of place.

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Vote 1: Xander Cooper - Consistently one of the highlights of futureshock shows, most recently vs t bone and soner durson. Plays a great heel.


Vote 2: Rob lynch - Part of the great 8 man tag at progress, new face role at progress looks promising.


Vote 3: James Davis - see Rob lynch

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Vote 1 - James Davis : as one half of what I think is the best UK tag team; I feel no more explanation is needed. A great in ring talent.


Vote 2 - Rob Lynch : see above. Also, his weight loss is very impressive and I think he is looking in amazing shape.

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Vote 1 - Kid Fite

Reason - Every time I see him I'm impressed. Hugely improved from a few years ago.


Vote 2 - Martin Stone

Reason - Probably the best big man in the UK. Works a believable style and is the Bollocks.


Vote 3 - James Mason

Reason - Other than the above named Wrestlers, is the only one I've seen live before. Although not this year.

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Josh Bodom - Very believable heel. Very young and full of promise yet he is better now than some UK wrestlers will ever be. He has a unique skill set and bumps all over the place. When ever i see him wrestle I feel as if he genuinely hates his opponent and the crowd he is wrestling in front of. Great image too. Vote Bodom!

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Vote 1 - James Davis

The London Riots are the top tag team in the country for a reason, badass heels that are great brawlers. As faces in PROGRESS they are over as hell as popular faces.


Vote 2 - Rob Lynch

As above.


Vote 3 - James Mason

To make someone very very happy.

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BT Gunn and Wolfgang would have placed high for me but they're not in the 50, neither Polo which is a shame as his match with Lionheart was on my favourite matches I've been in attendance for as a fan, let alone just this year.


Vote one - Kid Fite


Fite had some good showings as a fiery babyface in ICW towards the end of 2014. His match with Jack Gallagher in Liverpool was a solid fan pleaser and was my first time seeing Fite perform away from the Fite club team. In December, Fite delivered in Drew Galloway's first ICW title defence, at first he was an opponent I wasn't too sure on as a believable challenger but he held up his end in an outside brawl and inside the ring. Since 2014, Fite has been featured in ICW's 55, good work as always from Fite as part of a team and he looks to be having fun alongside Sha and co.


Vote two - Martin Stone


I was enjoying his work with Sha towards the end of 2014 in ICW and I'd have liked to see it go further before he moved back to the states. Always a believable, entertaining performer to watch.

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Vote 1: Josh Bodom

Reason: Guy is full of character, along with solid wrestling skills.


Vote 2: Kid Fite

Reason: Technically sound! the quality of his work hasn't changed at all in recent years.


Vote 3: James Mason

Reason: Great skills, great persona, makes the little things a match mean so much more.

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