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On July 24th, a Cruel Summer will descend! 


Tickets just £8 from http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop


Doors at The Rose Club, Atherton Rd Hindley, WN2 3EU will open at 7pm, show will start 7:30. Here's a look at what's in store!





Heavyweight Title Match:

Craig Kollins v. Bubblegum ©


The One Man Riot, Craig Kollins has destroyed everything in his wake since debuting at Grand Pro. His devastating path of pain has lead him all the way to the main event where he has a shot at the biggest star, and the biggest prize in the promotion!


Kollins has brutally attacked Bubblegum immediately after his title victory 2 months ago where the two time Heavyweight Champ was hospitalised. Since then Bubblegum has staved off a follow up attack and saved Chris Ridgeway from suffering the same fate. There is real hate between these two men, who will leave with the title!?





Tag Team Title Dumpster Match:

The Bad Lads © v. Midnight Bin Collection w/ Chrissy from New York


This tag team rivalry has been quietly rumbling on for 2 years! Having reached boiling point 2 months ago, The Bad Lads shocked the wrestling world by dethroning the mega popular Jet Fashion and Bin Man. 


Last month, The Midnight Bin Collection not only won the right to a re-match by defeating The Bad Lads in an arm wrestling competition, but also won the right to decide what the stipulation of that match should be, a first time ever DUMPSTER MATCH was the resounding decision by the former champs!





Last month, North West Rookie Soner Dursun cost his mentor, Joey Hayes the chance to leave The Rose Club with the Heavyweight Title that has eluded him all his career by turning on the veteran. Why? And what happens to their team in the NWRL from here/


Find out what Soner, and Joey have to say on July 24th!




Must See / Must Win Singles Match:

Chris Ridgeway v. Jack Gallagher


Both Ridgway and Gallagher are in need of a straight win. The two have never faced each other before , and this has "can't miss" written all over it. Ridgeway, the much talked about and hyped one for the future, takes on the much talked about veteran of the squared circle, very much in his prime. Do not miss! Someone needs to win!!





North West Rookie League Tag Match:

Dave Rayne & "Magnificent" Matthew Brooks v. Dylan Roberts & Danxig


The North West Rookie League returns to its normal format as mentors Dave Rayne and Dylan Roberts lead their respective rookies, Matthew Brooks and Danxig into battle The end of the league is in sight, so this match is key to the outcome of who wins. See the next generation of stars in action!





North West Rookie League Tag Match:

The Circus v. Alex Jones-Casey and Damon Leigh


In the second NWRL installment at Cruel Summer comes featuring the much talked about Circus mentored by Melanie Price to take on politics student and anti violence protester, Ales Jones-Casey and his mentor, veteran DDL. 





Return Match:

Martin Kirby w/ Sheikh Muhammed R. Khan v. Sexy Kev


No re-homes in one of the mysterious Sheikh's mansions, Martin Kirby has been instructed to regain his self respect by The Sheikh. Sexy Kev helped Kirby out in a time of financial crisis by teaching him how to strip, however, Kirby's new associate does not agree and has said Kirby's path back to self respect goes through Sexy Kev.





Singles Match:

Tabu w/ Simon Valour v. Ashton Smith


After walking out of his scheduled match with Jack Gallagher last month, managed Simon Valour has insisted Tabu must fight at Cruel Summer, and must defeat the undefeated Ashton Smith if he ever wants to see his brother, Rio again. The whereabouts of Rio (who hasn't been seen all year) is not known, but Valour claims to know where he is. Will the streak continue, or will the Island Brothers be re-united.





3-Way British Title Match:

Nick Maguire v. El Ligero v. T-Bone © w/ Lana Austin


New British Champ, T-Bone puts the title on the line just 1 month after capturing it!

He will not only grant Ligero his re-match but also opens the door for a third man, the dangerous and mysterious, Nick Maguire to join the match, making make it a 3-Way British Title Match!

Maguire attacked Ligero immediately after he lost the title last month, leaving him, just as he did Sam Bailey the month before that, unconscious! What are his motives? Can he sneak out of the 3-way withthe title?

Find out July 24th!




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Setting off for this one shortly, the first of a now-rare triple-header of live shows for me this weekend with TIDAL in Leeds and PROGRESS in London to follow.


This looks a busy show, with NINE announced segments and plenty going on. I hope they don't have soooo much happening it all loses impact (obvious TNA reference not actually intended), but I really do like the way they are creating new stars that can genuinely draw interest and drive new storylines going forward.


Full thoughts no doubt to follow.

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Chris Ridgeway defeated Jack Gallagher via pinfall


North West Rookie League Tag Team Match

The Circus (Nicholas Cartier & Noah w/Melanie Price) def "Deadly" Damon Leigh & Alex Jones-Casey


Joey Hayes defeated Soner Dursun via DQ when Dylan Roberts & Danxig interfered.


North West Rookie League Tag Team Match

Dylan Roberts & Danxig w/AAA Tasker def Dave Rayne & Matthew Brooks


British Title 3 Way Match

T-Bone (champion) w/Lana Austin def El Ligero and Nick Maguire via pinfall to retain.

T-Bone pinned Ligero after Maguire hit Ligero with a weapon.


Tag Team Trophy Dumpster Match

The Midnight Bin Collection w/Crissy def The Bad Lads (champions) to WIN the Title.


Ashton Smith def Tabu w/Simon Valour via pinfall.

*After the match, Valour admonished Tabu and then Rio returned to aid his brother. However, Rio shockingly turned on Tabu and left with Simon Valour.


Martin Kirby w/ Sheik Mohammed Khan def Sexy Kev via pinfall.

*Sheik's bodyguard interfered prior to the finish of the match


Heavyweight Title Match

Bubblegum (champion) def Craig Kollins via pinfall to retain.

* After the match, RJM returned and attacked Bubblegum

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