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Dixon 2: The Bret Hart of Acting

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It is the sequel to the hottest book of 2014, and is now officially the hottest book of 2015! It's Dixon 2: The Bret Hart of Acting! See the best in British action and slapstick comedy as our hero Gary Dixon goes through four crazy as hell years including
*How he found love with a normal woman then screwed it all up
*His short lived grindcore band with his cousin Vic
*Performing a sex act over an actress who recently passed away, and the shame he felt
*His rivalry with a man who works as a tribute act to a popular kids TV show and how it exploded into something huge
*How he flirted with a Page 3 model via Twitter and begged for sexy pics
*His many Reload Magazine articles
*His disastrous appearance on one of the top UK panel shows when he had one too many curries and Pringles
*His wild brawl in a Children's Hospital whilst dressed like Hulk Hogan
*Returning to Ibiza 11 years after getting his head kicked in by girls, and ending up in danger
*His experiences of 2011 London Riots, and how he saved someone
*His body dysmorphia issues, and how he experienced roid rage at a nativity play
*Applying for the Executive Producer role on Beverston Way, and pitching three insane storyline ideas on how to save the show
*When he and Vic attended the funeral of a family friend and it ended in chaos
*His last days at Beverston Way, and how his exit REALLY came about
*Being a reluctant guest speaker for a Meninist vs Feminist debate
*How he met a gorgeous glamour model, but would have rather watched Garth Marenghi's Darkplace than making love to her, then she got pregnant months later
*His appearance for 'The Cobra' Robin Jones's Surrey Pro Wrestling:UK show
*How he landed the role of Tristan Casper in Soccer Star Wives, and how an injunction was made after researching for the role
*When he urinated himself on top of a horse high on acid at the Soccer Star Wives wrap up party
*Appearing with his Dad on a TV show for Reload Magazine and suffering a breakdown
*The wedding of his housemates Rob Lynn and Claire West, and how much wild drama happened during it
*His role in the student film Love Stings, where a man falls in love with a bee
*The competition Win A Date With Gary Dixon, and ending up in typical Gary Dixon fashion
*How he injured a boy band member at a football tournament, and how his fans were willing to murder Gary
*His Secondary School reunion, and when he brought in an Eastern European hooker to pretend to be his girlfriend, who then stole his mates car, and what Gary did to win it back
*When Chan Night was cut short, and the lads made their own Chan film which ended up in a wild brawl at Tesco with two of Gary's arch enemies
*And what next for Gary Dixon?

All this and more on the best book of 2015 that isn't So Excited, So Scared: The Saved By The Bell Retrospective, Dixon 2: The Bret Hart of Acting!


At a cheap price of £2.99, its hours upon hours of hot action! Again, it may not be to everyone's taste due to the juvenile and puerile humour and all, but if you want a bit of escapism, then get yourself Dixon 2 today~!


If you don't have a Kindle, fear not, you can download the Kindle app on your tablet or phone for absolutely free!


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