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Since I didn't see a thread about the hottest wrestling promotion in the South West today, I thought I'd start one up. And what a show to plug! 


They usually do shows on a regular basis, and have shows coming up with Chris Hero, Chris Saban and Robbie E in the next few months.


On Sunday 19th July, they present Heroes and Legends at the Torbay Leisure Centre in Paignton! Amongst the regulars such as Darren Saviour, Ultimo Tiger, that lovable underdog John Harding and Chris Andrews, will be none other than WWE Hall Of Famer "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, one of the most unsung heroes of wrestling Chris Masters, Ken Anderson (eurgh), former ROH champ Roderick Stong and the best babyface in TNA, Rockstar Spud (replacing Carlito).


In the main event, there is a big eight man tag involving Roderick Strong and Jim Duggan. Words I never thought I would type.


Recently, PWP have been putting on some quality shows filled with imports I actually want to see, but sadly they seldom do shows in Plymouth (I don't count Saltash as Plymouth). But I am tempted to book a room in a Premier Inn to watch this.


Anybody else going, or into Pro Wrestling Pride?


Here is their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pridepromotion?fref=ts


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I'm going to be there!


Quite looking forward to the show, although I believe that Chris Masters isn't wrestling, rather doing a Masterlock Challenge with some random.


Seems strange to have one of the better workers on the Indy scene and with a decent amount of name value not wrestling.

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I'm going to be there!

Quite looking forward to the show, although I believe that Chris Masters isn't wrestling, rather doing a Masterlock Challenge with some random.

Seems strange to have one of the better workers on the Indy scene and with a decent amount of name value not wrestling.

Yeah. If it was some heel that leads to a match. That'd work. The guy's over here so often. He can probably apply for duel citizenship soon enough.
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I attended this show last night and thought I would add my thoughts here.


Great venue with tiered seating on one side plus two balconies. I would estimate attendance between 750 and 900. A fantastic number by any standards and a superb number for the SouthWest, it's a real testament to the promotion that PWP put in for this show and others.


Unfortunately, the PA system that might be fine in more compact venues was inadequate in a large leisure centre. I'm fairly certain that this was down to the acoustics of the building in fairness, however I missed a few names so can't post a full report.


Opening match was a 6 man tag team match which was perfectly fine to start the show off with.


Next up was a three way between Rockstar Spud, Keizer and Ultimo Tiger. Great Little match. Spud is still awesome. Great reaction for him, Really hope to see him back in PWP sometime soon.


Next up was the Masterlock Challenge. One of the participants in the opening match took up the challenge and was destroyed.


Chris Andrews then answered the challenge which moved into a one on one match.


Super match with Andrews getting the win and masters putting him over huge after.




Jim Duggan was out next for an 8 man tag also featuring Roderick Strong. (Random as fuck) unfortunately not that many people knew who Roddy was. Duggan was massively over. Great to see him in person, works smartly considering his age. What made this match was the smiles on people's faces with Duggan up there. A true childhood hero and bona fide legend.


Jobber March followed. Was average at best.


The main event of Grizzly vs Mr Anderson in two out if three falls was next. Decent back and forth match with Anderson winning the PWP title after hitting a mic check.


Good shiw overall.


Now the crapfest that was the meet and greet after the show.


In the weeks leading up to the show PWP had advertised tgat tickets were only available in advance. Come the night they were milking the crowd for £15 each for tickets, causing horrendous queues after the show in sweltering conditions.


Masters and Anderson had to rush down the queue quickly as they had to leave to get a flight.


Met Spud, Strong and Duggan as well which was cool. Spud is and always has been an absolute class act. Proper gent and amazing with the kids in attendance. Strong was great too. However I can hand on heart say that I have never met a man as approachable and nice as Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Due to the queues he was there until nearly midnight signing everything and taking pictures and telling stories. A true class act.


Hopefully next time PWP will limit meet and greet tickets.

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Might as well put this in this thread since it's PWP related and all...


Last weekend, the company did a double shot, and one of those shows were in Plymouth! And here is the entire show in full on YouTube!



Or alternatively, if you just want to read what some bell-end thought of the show, read my review


EDIT: I posted the Sportsnight theme by accident. WHOOPS

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Sorry I don't keep this thread updated, due to being a busy man :(
Pride have a few shows coming up if you're in the Devon and Somerset area and wanting to check out some wrasslin!


JANUARY 24th at Taunton!


Featuring NJPW star Kenny Omega, former WWF wrestler Tatanka, ROH guy Donavon Dijak, Robbie E from TNA, plus regulars such as Sammi Sahim, Chris Andrews, Big Grizzly and the like.


FEBURARY 7th at Plymouth (I'll be there)


Featuring BILLY GUNN~! TAJIRI~! SPUD~! Robbie E, and the regulars. Big Grizzly faces Sammi Sahim for the Pride Heavyweight title in the main event. Holy shit I am going to watch Billy Gunn wrestle in a hotel!


FEBURARY 21st in Exeter


Featuring Tommy Dreamer and Robbie E (Who must love Pride so much). 


For the rest of the schedule, which includes Ricochet and Juventud Guerrera on their future shows, click on the link below.




So pumped to see Billy Gunn!



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So I attended PWP's latest show last night at the Plymouth Holiday Inn Ballroom.

I'm going to give honest thoughts on what I did and didn't like.

Firstly PWP should be congratulated on the fantastic job that they regularly do in promoting shows. Last night was a legit sell out of around 500 extremely loud fans.

The Holiday Inn Ballroom is a great venue for a wrestling show and I really hope that PWP return soon.

Onto the show:

Firstly, I absolutely hated the fact that they introduced the referees at the start of the show. It's just a personal preference, but I'm of the opinion that referees are peripheral characters and as such should be ignored rather than acknowledged in this manner as it serves no real purpose. 

First up was a 6 man tag team match with Darren Saviour, Chris Andrews and Adam Da Silva Vs Lomaxx, Gideon and The UK Dominator. They were accompanied by a female performer whose name I didn't catch. She served no real purpose and in my view had no business being at ringside and looked a little lost at times with regards what to do next.

Satisfactory opener whilst not outstanding really got the crowd into it, finished with Lomaxx, Gideon and The UK Dominator going over after the distraction from the female accomplice.


Next up was The Man Named Keizer Vs Rockstar Spud in a No DQ match.


Now I'll admit I'm a bit of a mark for Spud, having followed him from the very start of his career right up until now. This however wasn't the best match that he's ever had and he will certainly have far, far better in the future, in Spud's defence, he was most certainly under the weather and put on the best showing he could under the circumstances and with an opponent that wasn't even close to being in his league.

I haven’t been a fan of Keizer since I first saw him, ring work is scrappy at best and the gimmick and general all round look is somewhat lacking. He does however possess a certain charisma about him that makes him instantly unlikeable. The crowd were massively into this match, which helped.


Spud got the win after putting Keizer through a table.


Next up Scotty Essex Vs Tajiri Vs Ultimo Tiger © for the PWP Catch Championship.


Ultimo Tiger has to be one of the most underrated wrestlers on the UK scene. In the last year, I’ve watched him have absolute stormers against Koji Kanemoto and Kenny Omega to name a small selection.


Scotty Essex is superb! Nothing else needs to be said!


Tajiri, well although he moves a little slower these days, the kicks are still phenomenal and everything he does still looks as crisp as it always did.


Fun little match, ending with Scotty Essex rolling up Tajiri quickly, getting the three and becoming the new PWP Catch Champion.


Afterwards, Tajiri and Ultimo Tiger double teamed Essex, ending with Tajiri covering his face with the Green Mist.


Plymouth star Eddie Ryan took on CY Gregory next in what was by far the most technically competent match of the evening. Gregory worked the knee for most of the contest which nicely built heat for Ryan's comeback and eventual win.


Next up was the Main Event of the Evening for the PWP Heavyweight Championship as Big Grizzly © took on Bad Ass Billy Gunn.


Grizz has the look of someone who is going to destroy you. I can only compare him to a slimmer Dave Mastiff in terms of look.


Billy Gunn was without a doubt THE most popular man ever seen in Plymouth. Massive ovation for him and throughout his incredibly entertaining speech and match.


Back and forth the action went until Grizz knocked down the referee only for Gunn to hit the Fame - Asser, but with no official to count the 123 it was of little consequence.


Grizz quickly hit his finisher to retain the title and continue his march on.


Following the result Sammy Sahine (Who was supposed to wrestle Grizz for the title, but was injured) ran in to save Gunn from a post match beatdown and challenge Grizz to a title bout on February 21st.



All in all a very good show yet again from PWP.


Unfortunately, there was the Meet and Greet, where yet again PWP let them down.


They were running two separate Meet and Greets. One with Billy Gunn and one with the rest of the talent appearing on the show. There were several announcements at the end of the show telling people were to go, however after that there was little to no interaction with any staff members. 


Honestly, if PWP continue to run Meet and Greets, please, get your act together and sort this mess out! 


Luckily I managed to be at the front of the queue and got through with no problems whatsoever, which compared to the Jim Duggan experience, was preferable.


PWP have upcoming shows throughout February and March, which I’ve listed below if anyone is interested.


Feb 21st - Exeter feat. Tommy Dreamer

Feb 26th - Burnham on Sea feat. Rhyno

Feb 27th - Launceston feat. Rhyno

Feb 28th - Falmouth feat. Rhyno

Mar 6th - Bideford feat. Juventud Guerrera

Mar 7th - Newton Abbot feat. Juventud Guerrera

Mar 13th - Tavistock feat. Ricochet and Juventud Guerrera.


You ca find out more on PWP by visiting their website at http://www.prowrestlingpride.com/




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I shall be attending the upcoming Pride show on Sunday featuring Raven and Grado (TheLostScot) in Plymouth. So pumped to see one of my teenage heroes Raven. He'll probably half arse it and not take any bumps, but fuck it! 


Full Card

https://www.facebook.com/pridepromotion/photos/a.198946766907392.49904.182002985268437/831281540340575/?type=3(I'm not posting the massive fuck off image)


Kazma Sakamoto was supposed to be on the show, but Pride decided last minute they didn't want him. Shame.

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