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GPW: "A Night To Remember" June 19th, Rose Club Hindley Wigan

Mr. Noble

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Last month we sold out to a wild and crazy audience with one of our best shows in the last 12 years and are now the hottest ticket in town!


To follow on from last months developments, we bring you the annual Dom Travis memorial show, "A Night To Remember". A night where we pay tribute to The Champ, and where a donation will be made to MIND from ticket sales, in memory of Dom and to celebrate the life and career of Dom, we have one hell of a night in store! 






Tickets: £8 online at grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop or £9.50 on the door. With every ticket sold we will donate money to MIND.


Venue: The Rose Club, Atherton Rd, Hindley Wigan WN2 3EU.


Time: Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm


Date: Friday June 19th


Matches: See below for the stories behind the matches!






GPW Heavyweight Title Match:

Joey Hayes v. Bubblegum ©


Last month, The Rose Club's favorite son lifted the Heavyweight title for a second time in most unexpected fashion. His moment was taken away from him after a brutal attack by Craig Kollins. However, the newly crowned champion has vowed to defend the title at the first time of asking as he puts the title on the line against career rival, close friend and No.1 Contender, Joey Hayes.


You could make an argument for both of these men being the most important performer for Grand Pro over the last 12 years. Many would say it is the man who lifted the first ever CC8 Tournament trophy and has climbed atop the GPW mountain once before. Whereas many others would argue the man born out of the GPW training system, who has held all titles except the Heavyweight one is the most important name associated with the company.


One thing is for sure, the GPW audience will be split like never before as they cheer both these two major UK names on as one man will leave with the title.





Mystery Benefactor £100k Battle Royal:


A mystery benefactor has pledged £100k to whoever can win a special 15 man Battle Royal on June 19th.


The contest will include all North West Rookie League rookies, who have been entered by their relevant pro's along with Ashton Smith, Sexy Kev, Nick Maguire, Martin Kirby and Dom Travis' brother, Nate! 


Who is behind the £100k? But more importantly, who will win it?





Cyanide In Action:


Former Heavyweight Champion, Cyanide is on the rampage and confirmed his attendance for June 19th!





GPW British Title Match:

El Ligero © v. T-Bone w/ Lana


The British Champ, El Ligero returns! The masked luchador will defend his British Title against No.1 Contender T-Bone. 


These two have already clashed once of the coveted title, where Ligero retained, however, Bone with the assistance of Lana at his side has scratched, clawed and had some of his very best matches to get back in a position to challenge Ligero again. This match will raise the roof. Be there to see it!





Singles Match:

Jack Gallagher v. Tabu w/ Simon R. Valour


Former British Champ, Jack Gallagher takes on former tag champ, Tabu. Don't miss this fantastic clash of styles match!

These two were partners last month, this month they go one on one. After problems making the team work these two supreme competitors lock horns in what promises to be a hard hitting singles match that will have people talking for some time!




Arm Wrestling Match:

The Bad Lads v. Midnight Bin Collection


The new Tag Team Champions, Drill and Micky Barnes, The Bad Lads have denied former Champs, Jet Fashion and Ste Bin Man a re-match for the titles, but have granted them an arm wrestling match on June 19th.


Barnes and Drill claim to be undefeated across 16 different council estates and 23 pubs. Can The Midnight Bin Collection gain some momentum back by defeating the Bad Lads at their own game?





Singles Match:

"One Man Riot" Craig Kollins v. Chris Ridgeway


These two competitors are really carving a reputation for themselves across the UK at the moment, and on June 19th they go one on one in what promises to be a classic in the making.


Kollins, took a determined step forward in cementing his growing reputation last month when he hospitalised not only referee Phil Robinson, but Heavyweight Champ, Bubblegum just minutes after he won the title. Kollins used a devastating submission type maneuver that caused both men to foam at the mouth and Bubblegum vomit in the ring.


Fan favorite, Ridgeway hasn't taken such brutal steps to be noticed but both men really need a win here, who will leave with their hand raised?




This is an incredible looking show with everything on from Title matches, to Arm Wrestling Matches, to Battle Royals to hard hitting singles matches, Buy your tickets now to the hottest show in town! 

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Show opened with Nate Travis thanking the fans for attending and promising to win the Battle Royal later in the night. Nate's participation in said Battle Royal was soon put in jeopardy when he was hit from behind with a chair by Cyanide. Cyanide continued to assault Travis with a Chokebomb and 2 splashes before referees were able to stop him.


Match One: Craig Kollins vs. Chris Ridgeway

"The One Man Riot" looked like he was trying to send a message through Ridgeway to Grand Pro Heavyweight Champion, Bubblegum in this contest. Both men impressed by Kollins dominated within an array of vicious strikes and devastating suplexes before applying his modified Sleeperhold for the win. However, Kollins failed to release the hold after the referee ended the match forcing the referee to reverse the decision and award Ridgeway the victory. This act only seemed to further enrage Kollins who continued to attack Ridgeway until Bubblegum made the save.


Winner: Chris Ridgeway by disqualification (reverse decision)



Match Two British Title Match: T-Bone w/Lana Austin vs. British Champion El Ligero (champion)

El Ligero stepped into the ring next to defend the coveted British Title against number one contender T-Bone. These two last faced off at "GPW Final Fight" where Ligero picked up the win in a close fought contest but things worked out differently here. Ligero battled admirably, gaining several nearfalls throughout the bout whilst damaging T-Bone with some awe inspiring offence. The difference maker here proved to be Lana Austin whose timely intervention enabled T-Bone to gain the advantage. Her interference almost backfired at one stage when Ligero avoided being hit by T-Bone whilst being restrained by Lana causing T-Bone to knock his associate off the apron. Ligero looked to capitalise on this change in circumstance only for T-Bone to kick out. T-Bone then caught Ligero offguard with a vertical suplex into a Tombstone Piledriver to win the match and title by pinfall. Ligero's record setting reign as British Champion ends at 441 days.


Winner and NEW British Champion: T-Bone  


Match Three: Arm Wrestling Challenge

The Bad Lads and The Midnight Bin Collection entered the ring next with somewhat of a change of a pace via an Arm Wrestling Challenge. We learned that the contest would feature 2/3 falls and that the winning team would be allowed to pick the stipulation for the Tag Team Trophy Match at "GPW Cruel Summer". The Bad Lads announced they would pick a Chain Match before the bout began.


Ste "Bin" Mann won Fall One by defeating Drill

Mickey Barnes won Fall Two by defeating Jet Fashion

Ste "Bin" Mann won Fall Three by defeating Mickey Barnes via disqualification after Drill used a chain to knock out "Bin" Mann, Jet Fashion and Crissy.


The Bad Lads having lost the match but not the fight. Ste "Bin" Mann announced that at "GPW Cruel Summer", the Midnight Bin Collection would be challenging The Bad Lads for the Tag Team Trophy in a "DUMPSTER MATCH".


Winners: The Midnight Bin Collection


Match Four: Tabu w/ Simon R. Valour vs. Jack Gallagher.

This match never officially got underway after a disagreemen between Valour and his charge Tabu. Tabu then left ringside. Before Jack Gallagher could head to the back, he was challenged instead by Ashton Smith and Gallagher accepted.


New Match: Ashton Smith vs. Jack Gallagher

Ashton Smith was the crowd favourite in this well received wrestling clinic. After a brief foray outside the ring involving the ringside barriers, the match ended up in the ring and became a more mat based affair. The crowd continue to support Ashton who rallied against Gallagher's punishing submission based offence. Gallagher looked to have victory within his grasp almost getting Ashton to submit using a Boston Crab only for Ashton to turn the tables on his opponent by reversing the Boston Crab into a cradle and picking up the win by pin fall.


Winner: Ashton Smith


Match Five: £100,000 Battle Royal

It was announced before the match began that due to being taken to a nearby medical facility, Nate Travis would not be able to compete in this match. Cyanide had apparently demanded to take Nate's place but his application had been refused. Nevertheless, this bout was still well received by the fans. This match was also notable for being the first time that all six NWRL rookies were in the ring with each other at the same time. Matthew Brooks (Dave Rayne's rookie) entered the bout to the most fanfare by being granted his own entrance time and singing his way to the ring. However, his stay in the bout would be shortlived as he would quickly be eliminated by his contemporaries immediately after the bell rang. Eliminations came thick and fast following this until we were left with Maguire, Jimmy Jackson and Martin Kirby. Kirby's participation in the bout was limited seemingly to him hanging onto the bottom rope for dear life and being ignored by his fellow wrestlers. This genius tactic paid off dividends as Jackson and Maguire failed to register his presence when they eliminated each other at the end of the bout. This left Kirby as the winner and the recipient of the cheque for £100, 000 to be delivered by a "mystery benefactor".


Winner: Martin Kirby


After the bout, The Sheik made his first appearance in a Grand Pro ring offering Kirby a choice. He could either take the money or be waited on hand and foot at one of The Sheik's many mansions. Kirby opted for the mansion and was last scene leaving the arena in a limousine.



Before the main event began, Jiggy Walker made a surprise appearance to announce that he and the roster all agreed that Johnnie Brannigan should be the first inductee into the GPW Hall Of Fame. Brannigan accepted the honour to a huge ovation and announced he would soon be emigrating to the USA. Who will run GPW in the future was not revealed. Stay tuned to @grandpro and Grand Pro Wrestling on Facebook for further details.


Match Six: Heavyweight Title Match-Joey Hayes vs. Heavyweight Champion, Bubblegum

I think it's more than fair to say that Hayes versus Bubblegum concluded the night's wrestling action on a high note. The fans loyalties were split in this one and resulted in chants like "Joey Gum" and "Bubble Hayes". This one was a tough one to call as these two know each other so well and anticipated each others moves long before they happened resulting in them both inventing new offence on the spot. One highlight from Bubblegum saw him dropkick Hayes outside the ring by diving through the ropes, simply remarkable! Hayes retaliated later in the bout, by driving Bubblegum to the mat with a sit out power bomb. Bubblegum put his shoulder up of the pin attempt at two only for Hayes to apply the Cross FHayes to Bubblegum immediately after. It was at this point that the bout became controversial as Danxig (Dylan Robert's rookie) appeared at ringside to distract Hayes. Evening the odds was Joey's rookie, Soner Durson who promised to prevent Danxig from interfering. Hayes and Bubblegum continued their match only for Soner to enter the ring and attack his own pro! The two were soon joined by Craig Kollins, making the fight three on one until Bubblegum and Hayes joined forces to clear the ring.


When the dust settled, Hayes and Bubblegum challenged Kollins, Durson and Danxig to a match there and then. The trio looked to agree and headed to ringside only for Danxig and Kollins to abandon Durson and leave him to fall prey to a Teenage Kick by Joey and a Double Stomp from Bubblegum. With their enemies plans thwarted, Bubblegum and Hayes took a moment to celebrate each other's successes and agree to face each other in a rematch in the future.


Winner: No Contest, Bubblegum retains the Heavyweight Title.



Next show: Grand Pro: "Cruel Summer" at The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan on July 24th featuring The Midnight Bin Collection versus The Bads Lads for the Tag Team Trophy in a First Time Ever, DUMPSTER Match!

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