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PAID Promotions All or Nothing - Sat June 20

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PAID Promotions All Or Nothing, Saturday June 20 2015, Winter Gardens, Morecambe, Lancashire





MAIN EVENT - 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins v 'Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx

Title vs Streak, No Countout, No DQ, No Excuses




Back in February at PAID Promotions Love and War, Craig Kollins and Stixx were in the midst of a hard-hitting battle for the PAID Promotions Championship when Johnny Phere made his big return, delivered a Ram Slam to both men, and caused a disqualification. So absolutely nothing was settled.


With Greg Lambert still the majority shareholder of PAID Promotions, and Stixx being the leader of Alpha Omega whose mission is to take Morecambe Wrestling away from Lambert and bring it back to the fans, you would have thought that Stixx's chances of a rematch with Kollins were pretty slim.


But then came the events of War on the Shore, when Lambert made it clear that a match between his former charges, and the men he considers "like sons to him", Johnny Phere and Craig Kollins, simply isn't an option, despite the fact that both Phere and Kollins desperately want the match. Instead, 'The Truth' announced that Kollins would face Stixx one more time at All or Nothing, Title vs Streak, No Countout, No DQ, No Excuses.


Kollins is coming off the biggest victory of his young career, a spotlessly clean pinfall win over British wrestling legend Doug Williams at War on the Shore, on the night Williams became the first inductee into the Morecambe Wrestling Hall of Fame. The youngest ever champion of the Morecambe Wrestling era has now held the belt for more than a year and made five successful defences. His confidence is sky high and if anyone can end the fabled Stixx Streak, Stixx's undefeated run in Morecambe which now stretches for seven years and four months, it's 'The One Man Riot'. Lambert is clearly gambling that Kollins is the man to beat Stixx, end the Streak and stop the Alpha Omega movement dead in its tracks.


But Stixx has vowed that on June 20, he will finally succeed in point two of his three-point plan. Point one was to have Lambert thrown out of the Winter Gardens and driven into exile, which Stixx achieved back in December at Fightmare Before Christmas. Point two is to win the PAID Promotions Title, the symbol of power in Morecambe Wrestling. And once he achieves this goal, Stixx has promised that point three will be to remove Lambert from power once and for all.


So the main event on June 20 truly is All or Nothing for Stixx and Kollins. Who will take it all and who will leave with nothing? The only way to find out is to buy a ticket for the hottest seaside show of the summer!



LOSER LEAVES MORECAMBE - El Ligero vs Chris Ridgeway III




Another huge clash between representatives of PAID Promotions and Alpha Omega with massive ramifications for the future will take place at All Or Nothing when El Ligero (Alpha Omega) faces Chris Ridgeway (PAID Promotions) in a Loser Leaves Morecambe match. Ligero and the upstart Ridgeway have already duelled one-on-one twice before, with The Mexican Sensation winning both times. The defeats have severely affected 'The Priority's state of mind and he has become obsessed with beating the greatest UK-based masked wrestler of the modern era, so much so that he made this challenge. Should Ridgeway lose again on June 20, he will never be allowed to compete in Morecambe again. But should Ridgeway somehow be able to finally achieve his obsessive goal, then Ligero's 10-year career in the Morecambe rings will be over.


Watch this video to see how low Ridgeway will stoop in his quest to beat Ligero as he attacks hapless interviewer Evil Lewis following his defeat to his masked nemesis at War on the Shore.



And watch this video, paid for and produced by Chris Ridgeway, which he says is his farewell to El Ligero ahead of their Loser Leaves Morecambe match.



And watch this video to see El Ligero v Chris Ridgeway II from War on the Shore in full.




SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH: Johnny Phere vs A mystery member of The Referendum




At War on the Shore, Craig Kollins called out his mentor Johnny Phere and demanded a fight. But instead of a war with Kollins, 'The Psychotic Warrior' seems to have entered one with The Referendum. After security kept Kollins and Phere apart, 'The One Man Riot' cheap shotted the founder of PAID Promotions with his ASBO elbow. Then Laird Grayson led his Scottish super-stable to the ring and capitalised on the opportunity to make Johnny the latest, and most high profile, victim of their Saltire flag burial. 


Phere did get a measure of revenge on Grayson and his patriotic cronies later in the evening, saving Doug Williams from a similar fate. The furious Laird has responded by challenging Phere to face any member of The Referendum on June 20 - and this means any Scottish wrestler, because as anyone who has been following PAID Promotions over the past year will know, Grayson appears to have a limitless supply of Scottish wrestling talent at his beck and call.


Watch this video to see Laird Grayson lay down the challenge to Johnny Phere.



Watch this video to see The Referendum bury the Eric Morecambe Statue under the Saltire.



And watch this video to see The Referendum's disrespectful comments about Doug Williams.




MIXED TAG: Sexy Kev and Lana Austin vs The Referendum - Bobby Roberts and Viper




At All or Nothing, Sexy Kev and Lana Austin continue their war against the undefeated Referendum as they battle Laird Grayson's enforcer Bobby Roberts and the beautiful but dangerous Viper in a mixed tag team match.


But what of Sexy Kev's 'tag team partnership' with Mr Big Shaun Vasey? Well, things aren't exactly going according to plan for the Sexy One.


Watch this hilarious video to see what happened after War on the Shore when Kev was left all on his own against The Referendum.



SIX MAN TAG: Ryan Smile, Damian Dunne and Solar vs James Drake, Cyanide and Bubblegum




Watch this video to see James Drake as the special guest on The Horse's Mouth with Stallion




SINGLES MATCH: Joey Hayes vs Barricade




Doors 6pm

VIP tickets SOLD OUT

Remaining adult, child and family tickets available from www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk or on the door

Tickets cheaper when bought online in advance


Watch this video to see Doug Williams be inducted into the Morecambe Wrestling Hall of Fame at War on the Shore



Watch this video to see 'The Global Hero' Joe Hendry call out Stixx via satellite for the second time in as many months.


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Main Event - Title vs Streak, No DQ, No Countout, No Excuses


'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins (champion) vs 'Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx (challenger)


Loser Leaves Morecambe


El Ligero vs 'The Priority' Chris Ridgeway


Special challenge match


'Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere vs a representative of The Referendum chosen by Laird Grayson


Tag team match


Bubblegum and Cyanide vs Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne


Mixed tag team match


Sexy Kev and Lana Austin vs Bobby Roberts and Viper from The Referendum


Singles match - Alpha Omega vs PAID Promotions


Joey Hayes vs Barricade


Singles match


James Drake vs Solar


Doors open at 6pm. Adult, family and child tickets still available on the door. VIP front row sold out.

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Results from PAID Promotions All or Nothing on Saturday June 20 at Morecambe Winter Gardens in front of PAID's record crowd:


James Drake pinned Solar


Bobby Roberts and Viper from The Referendum defeated Sexy Kev and Lana Austin. After the match The Referendum looked set to bury Kev under the Scottish flag but Mr Big Shaun Vasey came out. The Scots backed off from the Giant for Hire who helped Kev to his feet...only to blast The Sexy One with a choke slam!


Joey Hayes pinned Barricade


Stixx then came out to rally the fans ahead of his title match and vow to rid Morecambe wrestling of any trace of Greg Lambert's influence through an Alpha Omega Wrestling takeover. Then Joe Hendry appeared on the big screen to inform Stixx that Lambert had put him in charge of tonight's show and he should watch his back. Prophetic words as Hendry then appeared from behind Stixx...in person...with a steel chair, proceeding to smash 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' with the weapon. El Ligero ran out to make the save, only to be blindsided by Chris Ridgeway. Hendry then blasted Stixx with another chair shot and passed the chair to Ridgeway who did the same to Ligero in what was clearly an orchestrated plot to weaken both Alpha Omega stars.


Chris Ridgeway then shockingly defeated El Ligero in a gripping and emotional Loser Leaves Morecambe match after he ripped off the Mexican's mask...unmasking Ligero for the first time in his career. As Ligero desperately covered his face, Ridgeway booted him in the head and rolled him up for the three count.

After the match, many fans were in tears as they gave Ligero a standing ovation. His mask back in place, the devastated Mexican Sensation placed his Mexican flag on the Morecambe canvas, kissed it, and left the Winter Gardens for the final time.


Laird Grayson beat Johnny Phere by countout. The leader of The Referendum was destroyed by Phere during the match but beat the count back into the ring after 'The Psychotic Warrior' was distracted by Craig Kollins.


Bubblegum and Cyanide defeated Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne after Bubblegum stole the pin from Cyanide. Afterwards Bubblegum demanded that Cyanide raise his hand and the Toxic Terror was reluctant. Smile and Dunne then laid out 'The Rascal'. On leaving the ring, the furious Bubblegum decked a ringside cameraman.


Finally, 'The Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx pinned 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins to win the PAID Promotions Heavyweight Championship in an epic No Disqualification, No Countout match which saw interference from Joe Hendry and Johnny Phere.


After the match, battle lines were drawn for the next show on Saturday August 15 at the Winter Gardens - Vendetta. Team Alpha Omega, Stixx and Joey Hayes, will take on Team PAID Promotions in a match where everything is on the line...Stixx's title, the Stixx Streak, and the name of the company. Joe Hendry shocked everybody by revealing the team to represent PAID Promotions would be the rivals Craig Kollins and Johnny Phere.

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