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The Brain of the UKFF - The Grand Final

Glenryck Pilchards

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In my observations over the years reading the UKFF, a number of you appear to be a bunch of brainy bastards. So let’s put that to the test!


So how will it work? That’s simple -  we will be using www.sporcle.com which is one of the best quizzing websites on the internet with a wide range of different subjects and categories. I will select five quizzes a week and send a challenge to everyone’s Sporcle username.  From those five quizzes I will take an average percentage of how well you performed in all five. Whoever has the worst percentage at the end of the week will be eliminated from the competition.


Each of the weekly quizzes will be completely different subjects, one will definitely be wrestling, the other 4 will be something from the world of sport, TV, Film, Literature, Geography, History or Food and Drink or whatever! No same category will be used in the same week, So there will not be a football quiz and a cricket quiz for example. When you sign-up please state your favourite subjects. Don’t say something like Football, Drinking and Geography. Be a bit more detailed like Accrington Stanley, Real Ale produced in Lancashire and Biggest cities in South Africa (or something of that ilk) I will try and include everyone’s specialities over the next few weeks.


If you would like to participate please state the following:


UKFF username:

Sporcle username:

Your three favourite subjects:  


If you do take part please don’t cheat, if there are results which look ridiculous the next week I will ask that person to take the quiz under my invigilation (I will remote on to their computer) and if they don’t produce similar results they will be disqualified from the competition.


The closing dates for signups will be Sunday 14th June, and I will send invites for the first quizzes on Monday 15th June. You will have until the following Sunday to complete the quizzes. If you don’t complete them in time you will be eliminated from the tournament. The only exception to this rule if someone is going on holiday. If they let me know prior to going away they will be frozen out for up to two weeks. Feel free to discuss the quizzes but don’t post any spoilers (even in tags) to avois anyone cheating.


Any questions?

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I'm up for this, answering general knowledge questions is right up there with sleeping and self-fornication as a favourite past time of mine.


Are you wanting us to post our usernames etc in here or pm you?

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I'll sign up. Already got a Sporcle membership anyway.


UKFF Username: Carbomb

Sporcle Username: bensohawon

Favourite three subjects: Countries of the World, Capitals of the World, US state capitals

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