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ARRIVAL.   They threw ina  free garklic bread too. This is the greatest thing I have ever eaten. Easily. Full now. Going to bed.

Ever see a foodstuff that looks so spectacularly dreadful you feel compelled to buy it? In Tesco the other day I picked up a "Breakfast wrap" from the frozen section. You get 2 in a packet. Accor


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Deep fried Turkish delight is pretty special, and if we are talking special then a toasted After Eight mint sandwich is so wrong it's right.

Hmmmm, the missus is away for the weekend and I have the kitchen to myself. I could be diabetic by Monday.
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 a toasted After Eight mint sandwich is so wrong it's right.


now this sounds worth investigating.


when i was at college our local chippy would batter anything for 30p (so said the hand scribbled sign in the window).  the nearest corner shop did a roaring trade in chocolate bars for about a week until the novelty wore off. the only one we did was a curly wurly which i can only really describe as interesting. the thinness of the chocolate and the holes in it made it feel less like eating a heart attack than i imagine a mars bar would but it's not something i've ever felt the urge to revisit

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Favourite Breville recipe is spaghetti hoops, cheese and ham.



I've battered a scotch egg before. Egg, meat, bread crumbs, batter. If I get the consistency right, the next step is injecting it with melted cheese. Right now, I keep clogging up the syringe.


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You'd get nowhere asking for all these battered things in Oxford, the most adventurous it gets is probably a battered sausage.


following Oxford City in the Conference North i've seen some right odd things eaten up North, the worst of which was at Gainsborough Trinity where i encountered a bloke eating mushy peas (again scaresly seen down here) with mint sauce, to make matters worse he heard us talking about him and interupted a pre-match minutes silence to bellow "if you havent had mint sausage on your mushies then you havent lived lads"

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Cheddar with food colouring in it, beans and Bernard Matthews turkey ham.


Beans in the toastie? I do love a toasted sandwich.

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