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ARRIVAL.   They threw ina  free garklic bread too. This is the greatest thing I have ever eaten. Easily. Full now. Going to bed.


Ever see a foodstuff that looks so spectacularly dreadful you feel compelled to buy it? In Tesco the other day I picked up a "Breakfast wrap" from the frozen section. You get 2 in a packet. Accor

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Excellent range of Milka products too.

Ooh, I wasn't aware of this, this is important info. Milka chocolate is the best.
Aye, a whole range of chocolate you never knew existed and other things like biscuits too. The biscuits are like giant versions of the Cadburys Animal biscuits but only much nicer because they're big and Milka.

I got some Milka biscuits from Poundstretcher last year that were sort of like mini chocolate digestives. Very nice to snack on with a cuppa.
Another one for Milka here. My favourite big bars are the ones with Daim/Dime pieces, the chocolate pudding one, and the straight-up milk chocolate.


EDIT: Also, if you're feeling heart-attacky, they do those huge ones the size of a keyboard in Oreo n' cream, and triple choc (Triolade, they call it).

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Round here they also do the Scallop with a couple of cheese slices inside. So a big round chip, dipped in batter with scalding hot cheese oozing out of the middle.


That also takes me back to when I was a kid. We used to get a square of "Plastic" ham, put a square of "Plastic" cheese on top of it, roll it into a tube, dip it in batter, and deep fry it until it was golden. Eaten with salad in a forlorn hope of balancing out the sheer heart attackyness of the ham and cheese fritter. Also we used to have a lot of corned beef fritters, we'd probably call it tempura now because we have stumbled into a middle class cul-de-sac from our working class roots. I wouldn't have used the words "Cul-de-sac" back then either.

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