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ARRIVAL.   They threw ina  free garklic bread too. This is the greatest thing I have ever eaten. Easily. Full now. Going to bed.


Ever see a foodstuff that looks so spectacularly dreadful you feel compelled to buy it? In Tesco the other day I picked up a "Breakfast wrap" from the frozen section. You get 2 in a packet. Accor

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3 minutes ago, Otto Dem Wanz said:

Going away later this month, there's a Wendy's close to my hotel - looking forward to trying it for the first time!

Any recommendations as to what order? Was thinking the Jim Cornette Special (Triple cheeseburger, extra cheese, extra mayo) but not sure I'm that much of a dirty bastard.

Also Jollibee.

Baconator. Get a Baconator. You know that episode of the Simpsons where Homer tests how greasy things are by wiping them against surfaces? You could cut through a breeze-block with a Baconator. 

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