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TIL that people stuck in their ways, can still surprise you. My dad is a good bloke, and comfortable with his life. A big old North Yorkshire man and creature of comfort, who doesn’t wish harm on

.....that my wife and I are expecting our first child. We are over the moon!

Who upset the honkey? 

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8 minutes ago, bAzTNM#1 said:

When was that. Decade ago? In UKFF Chat?

Probably when I used to drink and smashed out my skull.

I enjoyed it. It had a cinematic quality about it. Someone asked who the paidos were and it was an inventive way of telling them

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Posted (edited)

There was only like 30 paidos at the time.

Me reading 30 names out now would be quite sad. All the big, hard tubing down my throat has caused a damage (i know this will pop up in another thread).

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19 minutes ago, jazzygeofferz said:

He was the first James Bond. 

Strictly speaking, that was Barry Nelson. Was on a TV show, I believe.

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34 minutes ago, gmoney said:


I think you'll find it was Raphael Ravenscroft.

Actually, it was Mark Knopfler but after the first scene it was changed to Tina Turner. 

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, bAzTNM#1 said:

I dont want my Twitter account public. Very stalkerish. I wish to close my account on here. I've alerted mods. Nutter. Who is this Bazinho idiot? Ive always wondering who has been leaving comments about my baby nephews. It better not be you.

I don't want to rain on your parade, but you made it public here yourself in the social media thread with an invite to follow.


On 6/27/2017 at 7:03 AM, bAzTNM#1 said:

Follow old bAzTNM here: https://twitter.com/bAzTNM

You can't have a pop at anyone for posting it. And then to accuse him of leaving comments about a child with no proof and then go on to make a veiled threat is a bit naughty to be honest. 


There's no reason to leave Baz. You're part of the furniture here, but calm down. No need for the paranoia. 

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