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Just launched two new online stores

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I've just launched two new online stores and would be really grateful if you could share them on your Facebook or Twitter pages. Any mentions of the sites and new eyes on them are a huge, huge help.


The first is a gift store with all items priced under a tenner. I'll be adding new products every week but to start with it's a collection of retro gifts. If any of you UKFF'ers wanna order anything then use the discount code "BOSSMAN4RUMBLE" to get 15% off.


The site is http://www.giftsforatenner.com



The second sells camping kits which are designed for people going to music festivals. The kits come in carry boxes and contain a tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, inflatable pillow, and rain poncho. If any UKFF'ers are going to a festival this summer and wanna order a kit then use code 'SUPLEXCITY' for 10% off.




If you hear any of your mates mentioning that they're going to a music festival or are looking for a gift, then pointing them in this direction would be totally appreciated!  :thumbsup:


Thanks, Steak.

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Wow, those are some great ideas. Will definitely pimp the festival one to my mates on FB - got enough who go to them.

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