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Re-draft WWE


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Apparently the NFL draft is coming up soon, so Rolling Stone decided to do a 'if WWE did another draft, who would we pick?' article.


I know it's extremely unlikely to ever happen again, but if it did, who would you pick to be on Raw and who for SmackDown?


They went with 20 picks for Raw and 20 for SmackDown in the article, but to avoid listmania I'd suggest 10 for Raw and 10 for SmackDown, like Vince and Flair did back in 2002. Though, to be honest, do as many as you like. Give reasons where you can!


Using the same rules as Rolling Stone - everyone on the main roster, part-timers included, as well as NXT, and tag teams count as one pick. I'll also add the rule that the WWE Champion, Tag Team Champions and Divas Champion appear on both brands, so the only titles you have to split up are the IC and US.



I'd go with:


Appearing on both shows:

Seth Rollins and J&J Security

The New Day

Nikki Bella (and Brie, I suppose)



1. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman - he's part time but he's the draw as far as I'm concerned, he's got to be on the flagship.

2. John Cena - US Title and biggest full-time star.

3. Roman Reigns - keeping him where Cena and Lesnar are, despite the 'live crowd' factor. Also because...

4. Dean Ambrose - I need all the Shield guys on the same brand for the eventual reformation to take down Lesnar Avengers-style.

5. Neville - he's doing really well on there so far, so I say go with it.

6. Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella - bringing these guys up from NXT because I want their spiel on Raw.

7. Sasha Banks - bringing her up from NXT too. She's the Boss.

8. Kevin Owens - to be resident bastard when Brock's not there.

9. Bad News Barrett - heading up the upper midcard.

10. The Usos & Naomi - for further tag division bolstering.



1. Bray Wyatt - being a focal point of SmackDown could help him considerably.

2. Randy Orton - it needs at least one big name, plus him and Cena are on different brands which is always good. Though I'm not opposed to a cross-brand Orton-Lesnar.

3. Rusev & Lana - ditto Rusev-Lesnar, but he'd be a bigger star in the smaller pond. I know I should make the brands equal but I'm resigned to SmackDown having smaller names, but better content. That's the way it usually went in the early 2000s.

4. Paige - ladies for the blue brand.

5. Lucha Dragons - aside from Neville, I want SmackDown to have most of the high fliers. Neville might stand out more that way.

6. Sami Zayn - bringing him up, in a Mysterio-esque underdog role.

7. Finn Balor - I think he'd do better in the SmackDown environment, plus he could have some great matches with...

8. Daniel Bryan - and his Intercontinental Title.

9. Charlotte - more for the Divas division here.

10. Ryback - you could build him up bigger here than you could on Raw where he's got Reigns, Cena et al to compete with.



Whenever I used to do these in my head/scrap paper years and years ago, I'd always favour SmackDown, and I've tried not to do that here… but I'd probably pick SmackDown over Raw anyway.


So how would you draft WWE today?

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Just a game, son. Just a game.


I'll do this properly I think, when I'm not on my phone BUT I'd definitely have Bryan as my lead Babyface on Smackdown.


He's super over but clearly not in their 'bigger picture' plans. He's perfect to carry Smackdown, as it used to be, on his back and not get lost in the shuffle or complicate matters on Raw.

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He's not really though, is he? He's allergic to WrestleMania title wins. I'd have him as my top man on Smackdown as well, but with the knowledge that I might have to turn to Ziggler or Ambrose or someone next time his head nearly falls off.


My basic philosophy with the two shows would be that Raw has to have a much bigger roster, and not let everyone get loads and loads of empty TV time. Smackdown I'd be okay with doing that a bit more, but not to the same extent that the shows do it now. Still thinking on the roster for who would best fit that plan.

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I would like to see a system where during the draft pick (if this was to be done yearly) that one draft on each show must include an NXT star or team. That would be a cool and exciting way to see fresh talent brought into the WWE. 


I would keep the tag teams on both shows, have the US/IC titles on each show and keep the world for both shows. Then the IC/US titles would almost serve as TV titles much like Cena is doing now with his open challenge. 


The only issue would be challengers to the main title as it would be silly having someone on smack down appearing on raw and obviously Raw is where the draw is at. 

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