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Convention/Signing Appearences/Evenings With Thread

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It looks like this has been missed off but Revolution Pro Wrestling are also doing An Evening With Rikishi & Too Cool:



Date: Friday, 17th October 2014

Venue: Walkabout Temple, Temple Station, Temple Place, London, WC2R 2PH

Doors:7:00 pm


£40 for a VIP ticket which includes ONE photograph with Rikishi & Too Cool together and ONE item signed.

Additional autographs can be purchased at £10 per item (limited to 5 additional autographs per person)


Standard Q&A tickets are available for £25 each.

Jesus, this sounds awful.


A evening with Too Cool and Rikishi? Some people need to stop trying to jump on the bandwagon and let those who do it well and bring decent guest over to continue to do so. What stories are they going to share? Rikishi may have some interesting stuff from a semi decent career but the other two no way.


I will give it a miss. Eros and PSI are the only ones who seem to be able to do it properly and get decent acts

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Apparently these clowns have cancelled the NOD Q&A, after Too Cool problems I knew they Wood ;)


Another failed attempt. At least the NWO tour as bad as it was, were pretty big names. Too Cool, Mason Ryan and NOD for a Q&A, what bottom feeders!


I don't see how knocking the talent aids your point? Plus your argument is a little flawed.. While Mason Ryan may not have reached the heights of stardom he may have hoped, i'm sure there are some in Wales who would like to meet the guy. Too Cool were hugely over at their peak and were around for a number of years during the Attitude Era boom period (and as Butchi mentioned above, Brian Christopher probably has hundreds of Memphis stories). Rikishi will have more stories than most to share. And Godfather, D-Lo, and Ron Simmons.. I'm not even gonna bother explaining why they'd make for a decent evening..


"At least the NWO tour as bad as it was, were pretty big names"... Did you really say this? As somebody who got stung by that tour, i don't see how the level of the talent really comes in to the issue at all. It was run by conmen who screwed over a lot of people.


As for the promoters, Exposure Entertainment.. Nothing i can say that hasn't been said about similar promoters in the past. It's just sad these sorts of happenings potentially damage the reputation fo the likes of PSI and Eros to the uninformed casual fan who doesn't know the past history of both brands. That being they are fully dependable, honest promoters who run great events that always deliver as advertised.

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Its simple, the talent knocking, comes to do with it failing. Its nothing against the acts themselves (I liked Rikishi), but you bring over substandard talent, it will struggle to sell. struggling to sell, you struggle to pay your costs. That is what has happened here, with Rikishi kicking off about not getting money. 

To do these shows you would have to pay a fee, flights (I be surprised if Rikishi, is getting in an economy seat) and accommodation, in this case x 3. Then the venue hire, merchandise etc. 

The Q&A is the part of these shows I enjoy most, I am not a autograph hunter, I dont mind a picture, but the Q&A is what appeals to me. I know I wouldn't alone in not rushing out to go see a Q&A with mid card talent at best, bar Ron Simmons. 

It is no coincidence that the only two who can seem to do these events successful and regularly (PSI & Eros) are bringing over top level guys of HOF stature (HBK, Bret, JR, Jericho, Foley and Piper). People want to pay money to see, meet and listen to these guys. 

I am glad you agree with me on that, because that is what angers me that people like this guy try to jump on the bandwagon. Looking at his pics, he seems to be a regularly event goer and has decided to give it a crack. It angers me because for every failed event like this, it leaves people skeptical of going, if that happens and the good ones numbers fall they will disappear. I enjoy these events a lot and happy to pay some decent money for them. Guys like this give the good ones a bad name.

As for the NWO, i went too, got stung also. What was the best part? The Q&A, which for me made up for it and why? Because it was a event with genuine HOF talent with interesting careers.

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Don't knows whether it's appropriate to post this here, but Rikishi has warned against the Exposure Entertainment promoter https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=786951781362389&substory_index=0&id=189895671068006

Posting here as it may impact on future shows advertised by the same promoter.

Brian Christopher blasted the promoter as well on Sundays panel at London Film and Comic Con this past weekend calling him a con artist etc..

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David Hart Smith Jr, SoCal Val & Steve Lynskey added to Cardiff Film and Comic Con 8th and 9th November.


SoCal Val and Rockstar Spud added to Collectormania Milton Keynes 15th & 16th November.


Ron Simmons and Godfather have been cancelled from Collectormania Milton Keynes.

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Someone apparently connected to the promotion has commented on Facebook asking how Rikishi could do this since he's been fully paid.


Unlikely the wrestlers are trying to hustle the promoter as they wouldn't get more money after the event would they.


I was amazed the first time this guy appeared, had Vader and Rikishi doing a Q&A in an old man's pub.


PSI and Eros clearly know what they're doing - everyone else seems to have a flawed outlook on basic economics.

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