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UFC 187: Cormier vs Rumble


Who wins and how?  

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OK, this is a biggie. May 23rd...





Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson - Light Heavyweight Title

Chris Weidman vs Vitor Belfort - Middleweight Title

Donald Cerrone vs John Makdessi

Andrei Arlovski vs Travis Browne

Joseph Benavidez vs John Moraga



John Dodson vs Zach Makovsky

Dong Hyun Kim vs Josh Burkman

Uriah Hall vs Rafael Natal

Rose Namajunas vs Nina Ansaroff



Mike Pyle vs Colby Covington

Leo Kuntz vs Islam Makhachev

Justin Scoggins vs Josh Sampo


That's a bit alright, isn't it?


Now that is a fucking PPV! None of this 186 bollocks. I love it when there's three big fights like that at the top of a PPV. A big main and co-main is always nice but when there's that third big fight on there it really feels like something special. I can only recall two PPVs in UFC history that strong at the top - UFC 168 (Weidman vs Silva 2, Rousey vs Tate 2, Barnett vs Browne) and UFC 100 (Lesnar vs Mir 2, GSP vs Alves, Hendo vs Bisping). This is pretty much on that level for me in terms of being such a complete card.




Jones vs Rumble is a monster of a fight! They're both coming into this fight off arguably their most impressive career wins as well. Both just beat the opponents who were expected to give them their toughest test.


Jones pretty much dominated Daniel Cormier in their UFC 182 grudge match...




A fight that MMA media, fighters and fans alike were all split on going in, everyone was struggling to predict a winner, and although competitive early on, Jones pretty much bossed it. Even getting the better of most of the wrestling exchanges, which was unexpected.


Just a few weeks later, Rumble went into enemy territory to fight Alexander Gustafsson in his own backyard Stockholm, Sweden. A fight that was supposed to set up a big Jones vs Gustafsson rematch...




Rumble had other plans, raining down a shitstorm on Gus like he'd never seen and stopping him in the first round. Stunning about 40,000 Swedes in attendance. He took the guy who gave Jones hell for 25 minutes, and utterly obliterated him in his own hometown. There was no denying who the #1 contender was after that shit.


This really is an awesome fight. Jones is the man at 205. He's seen off a string of killers during his title reign. It really is ridiculous. But we were on about this fight on here a few months back and I remember thinking how mad it was that we were able to put forth a pretty strong argument for Rumble, a former welterweight, ending the reign of the best light heavyweight in MMA history. It's nuts but I genuinely do think Rumble has a real shot at this.


The x-factor, of course, is Rumble's frightening KO power. It's no secret. Everyone knows he's got more power than Jones.


Even Jones himself has admitted it;


"He has much more striking power than I do. That's pretty obvious. I haven't knocked out anything. Rampage said I can't bust a grape, and I think that is true. I have a great staff of people around me, really smart coaches. We're not naïve to our strengths and our weaknesses. We'll come up with an appropriate strategy to be successful."

Gustafsson, who's been twatted by them both numerous times, concurs;


"Oh, he hits harder than Jones, yeah. Rumble, when he connects, you feel it. That's what Jones has to be careful of, his power. When he comes with the pressure, he has really good pressure. He's really dangerous as a light heavyweight."


"It's a tough call. I think Jones will win the fight, because he has more leverage and he has a little bit more, he mixes things up, as everyone knows. So I think he will win this fight. But that said, Rumble is a great fighter, and a great person and he's heavy handed. So, you know, anything can happen in a fight. You have to keep your chin down and your hands up. I'm very excited for that fight."

As for Rumble, he has every intention of using that power;


"I'll definitely do my best to punch a hole through his soul."


"I'm going to go in there with guns blazing and just do what I do."

"Punch a hole through his soul". Christ. If I was Jones I'd need, I dunno, a snort of coke or something after reading that.


I'm absolutely giddy for this fight. This and Aldo vs McGregor are THE must-see fights of 2015 for me. I can't wait until we hear Buffer kill his vocal cords introducing them and then Mike Goldberg does his usual...












Fucking hell! I'm probably going to look like this watching it...




Jones vs Rumble promo;






Let's try this again, shall we? As of today, Weidman vs Belfort is the co-main event for this card. But this fight has fallen through three times now so don't get your hopes up.




Three bastard times! Drug test failures, suspensions, Belfort crying in front of the commission, injuries...we've had the lot.


Assuming it actually does happen this time, I think it'll be an exciting fight however long it lasts. Or more specifically, however long it takes Weidman to get bored of beating Belfort until he decides to close the show.


I really think Belfort is fucked here. Nothing to do with coming off TRT or the 18 month layoff (although those things obviously don't help). I just think Weidman is all wrong for him. I've always thought that, with or without TRT, Weidman demolishes him. Belfort has never done well against strong wrestlers who push the pace and pile on the pressure. I see basically a re-run of Couture vs Belfort 3, but worse.


Saying that, the first round could well be the most electrifying round in the history of the sport. You've got two of the fastest starters in MMA and they're going to collide. That's the danger zone for Weidman. If he can get through that first round or two, he should run away with it.


Weidman's not fucking about;


"He's trying to take my belt. He's been caught cheating and I'm not going to let a cheating juicehead take my belt."


"I'm going out there to completely dominate him. If I don’t completely go out there and smoke him and dominate him, it's a loss in my eyes. … He's a cheater. I want to completely destroy him."

Weidman vs Belfort promo;




Hopefully it actually happens this time. Probably the most cancelled fight ever.




That'd be enough really but there's more...




"If Sambo was easy it would be called Jiu Jitsu". Bold as brass.


Cerrone vs Nurmagomedov is also on the card. Easily could've served as a Fight Night main event. It's a great fight and an intriguing clash of styles and timing. Usually I'd pick Khabib to completely dominate this one but he's been out ages with injuries. You never can tell how someone will look coming back from that. And he's not getting eased back in either. He's got a Donald Cerrone who's in the best form of his career. I'd still favour Khabib but his layoff has actually added to my interest for this fight.


Khabib's been talking some mad shit as well. He's basically the Russian Ben Askren;


"Cowboy is fake. I don't think so he's really cowboy, I think he's fake. He all the time drink, drunk. I don't think so he's really cowboy. I'm really cowboy. I'm mountain guy. I'm training camp all my life, I'm wrestling with the bears. I'm really cowboy. He's drunk guy. I am Dagestan cowboy, 100-percent."


"I do what I want. I feel I am number-one now. I feel I am number-one. Twenty-six years old and I am young, I am hungry and I do what I want. When cage close, Cowboy, you need fly. And you fly 100-percent."


"I think I take this fight easy. Like dos Anjos, same fight. Maybe I second or third round I finish him. Maybe I give him kimura. This is my plan. If Cowboy listening, please, Cowboy need training different for kimura. He need different. This is no joke. After fight we talk about this."

Cerrone "need fly" then. Cowboy isn't a fan;


"He's really getting under my skin. He's doing a good job talking shit on Twitter and trying to get under me, and it's working. So I'm stocking that up and I'm going to come fucking unglued."


"I will give Khabib everything I got, I promise that. I will leave nothing in the fucking cage, The Henderson fight, I left a lot out there. But I plan on getting Khabib."



No stacked card would be complete without some heavyweights. Arlovski vs Browne fills that gap nicely. Bit of a weird fight in that these two were actually training partner until fairly recently.


Arlovski says himself that he didn't really want to fight Browne...


“I don’t like this fight. I don’t want to fight him, but it is what it is. If I want to move forward I just have to fight Travis Browne, and absolutely he’s my friend. We were teammates for a long time and deep inside I don’t like this fight.”


“He just left before his last fight. He left Albuquerque and he trains in California. It’s funny because he let me live in his house when I was in the camp before my Bigfoot fight."


“Yeah, he’s tough. He’s dangerous definitely, but it’s a business you know. It’s nothing personal, it’s business."

Regardless, it should be a bit of a bomb throwing exhibition and I'd be pretty fucking surprised if there's a round two. Just too much power between them. Always interesting when ex teammates fight.




Rounding out the PPV is Benavidez vs Moraga. This fight won't get much discussion on a jam-packed card like this but it should be a belter. Benavidez is, IMO, one of the top three flyweights on the planet (along with Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson) and I really rate Moraga as well. I've got high expectations for this one.


I'll rush through the prelims because this post has gone on longer than a Kim Winslow stoppage as it is.


Dodson vs Makovsky is a wicked little fight. Even on a show like this I wouldn't be shocked if this took FOTN. Looking at the 125 division currently, this is probably a #1 contenders fight as well, so a lot on the line here.


Stun Gun vs Burkman could go one or two ways. I could see Kim coming in cautious after the stoppage loss to Woodley and just trying to grind out a decision. Or maybe Kim continues his Korean Zombie Version 2 thing he was doing that won him the Erick Silva and John Hathaway fights. Either way it'll probably be good because Burkman just has that style that makes for fun scraps with almost anyone.


Uriah Hall is always good for some highlight reel stuff. As long as he can keep it on the feet he should have his way really.


Rose Namajunas returns, fresh off coming up short in the TUF finals against Carla Esparza. I'm hoping she can rebound in style here because she's one of the more exciting prospects in the sport for me at the minute. A fight between her and Paige VanZant could be fantastic in the nearish future. Don't really know much about Ansaroff though so not going to get ahead of myself. Especially in light of Calderwood getting smoked my unknown Maryna Moroz recently. Strawweight is such an unpredictable division.


Even the Fight Pass prelims look quite good for this. Mike Pyle is a longtime vet I've always enjoyed watching. Might have his work cut out against the dreaded TBA though. Justin Scoggins was a guy being touted as a hot prospect before a couple of losses derailed him. And if that's not enough, there's a bloke called Kuntz fighting. I might finally subscribe to Fight Pass just to hear Buffer shout that one into the microphone. Kuntz!


Crazy card. Best of the year so far easy for me.



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Honestly can't wait for this one. As already mentioned a stacked and interesting card for everyone involved.


Can't wait to see how much of a threat Johnson poses for Jones, seeing as he's a different style of fighter to that of his last few bouts, guy has some of the best strength in his punches around.


Also Cerone is one of those guys especially in the past few months that you can't do anything but love. Roll on 187!

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Oh fuck the fuck off. I'm a jinx. Someone else do the 189 thread, yeah. I'm not cursing that one.


Now we're relying on Weidman and Belfort to stay healthy/drug free/alive etc. Call these lads in...




This card's DOOMED.

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I've looked back over the opening post, I think I might've found the jinxy bit...


"Punch a hole through his soul". Christ. If I was Jones I'd need, I dunno, a snort of coke or something after reading that.

Why did I do it?




Jones you fucking tit.

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How reliable is FRB these days?

After a series of inaccurate claims, citing him as a reference was banned by Lamby a while back. ABQ PD have confirmed that Jones is not in custody. 


Edit: Lamby was on to something


UPDATE- I jumped the gun regarding the Jon Jones. Got caught up in the story. Not enough information for me to make the claims I did.


Double Edit: 


We CANNOT confirm that Jon Jones was involved in a H&R traffic accident from this morning. The investigation is ongoing.

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I've looked back over the opening post, I think I might've found the jinxy bit...


"Punch a hole through his soul". Christ. If I was Jones I'd need, I dunno, a snort of coke or something after reading that.

Why did I do it?


I had just posted a dock off post about Jones in the UFC 186 thread, which ended with me saying that beating Rumble would do his resume the world of good.


We are both jinxes!

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Haven't had much time to post lately as I'm in the middle of moving house and doing it up, but fwb truly is a cunt. He really has no problem spouting shit without any thought or consequence.


I only stumbled across it as Luke Thomas even retweeted his message highlighting how idiotic he is.


Seems Jones has been named as a suspect in a hit and run by alb police, but the report bizarrely read hes wanted for whats classed as a misdemeanour?


I wonder if Cormier is seeing how long it will take him to shed his popeye's chicken weight for a interim belt?


That said there's been no mention of the fight being cancelled yet.

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Maybe the thread title should be 'FrontRowCunt is a jumping the gun dickhead'.


What a twat. I've said this before but he always seems so desperate to be the one to 'break' the story that he doesn't get his shit in order before going public. You know, checking facts, making sure what he's putting out there is correct etc. Just minor things like that.


Wasn't it him who started the bizarre rumour that Ronda Rousey got Burt Watson the sack or something the other month? The guy's a full-on idiot.


Jones still might well be off the card depending on what happens now with the police, but this prick reporting that Jones is out before pretty much anything concrete was known just shows how unreliable he is. He got a bit of info, a little bit of factual info - the police ARE wanting to speak to Jones so clearly something is up, but he fucking went and decided to fill in the blanks himself. Dick.


I hope there's a way this fight can be saved. Helwani tweeted that all his sources who are closest to Jones haven't heard from him in about 24 hours though, so that's not looking so good.


For what it's worth, Rumble's manager has said they've heard nothing about the fight being off. Yet.

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