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Wanted: Wwe Season Sets/best ofs/feuds/comps

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Hello i am looking for wrestling season sets , bootlegs,custom sets comps best ofs.


All must be direct vhs to dvd good/very good quality , i do not want video files avis avi files mp4 or hdd drives.


I am looking for dvd discs only that play in dvd players no cases or artworks only discs in sleeves.



I am looking for :


Wwe smackdown 2001-2007


Wwe raw 2001-2007


Jushin Liger best of


Chris Benoit best of


Kurt Angle best of


Eddie Guerrero best of


Hayabusa best of


Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn Feud 6 discs rf video version


Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka Feud 3 discs rf video version


I think i am forgetting alot but i am after these and anything similar tv sets best ofs feuds comps.


Discs in sleeves only.


I live in England uk so keep that in mind when you set me a price and include postage.


If i do not reply i am not interested.

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