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WAW Summer training camp


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WAW Wrestling will be running their annual summer camp again this year 3-7 AUG Inclusive.
The camp consists of five days intense training from 10am-5pm each day.
each day there is a guest coach last year we had Doug Williams, Marty Jones, Jimmy Ocean and Roy Zebra kid Knight, plus input from the Knight family each day.
Students are taught every aspect of pro wrestling from in ring break falls technical wrestling,ring awareness, ring skills selling combined with promo classes, etiquette training all you will need to succeed in the world of pro wrestling.
There are people on hand to help you with gym training and diet help from experts.
The camp is held at WAW HQ in Norwich where there are two rings up permanently, weight training and cardio equipment Grapplers gym is a one stop shop for wrestling training.
WAW have the oldest academy in the UK and have two world champions Magnus TNA and Paige WWE as past students,
The price of this great week is 200 pounds which includes shared accomadation 
to book for this weekend you will be required to pay a deposit of 50 pounds which will be not be refunded if you cancel within 28 days of camp. if interested call 07880 977 512 or email waw1994@hotmail.co.uk.
This is how week will go monday induction day, tues Guest coach Marty Jones,legend of world of sport, weds, Guest coaches the Superflys tag team Jimmy Ocean/Rick Knight one of the longest reigning tag teams in UK History, Thurday guest coach Saraya Knight, trainer who coaches worldwide, Friday a must be there day, one of the uk greats Tony Sinclair.
The week will finish with each student receiving a framed certificate for completing the week. if you have not booked, why not? do it now.

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