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I think it's a little more benevolent than how they treated the territories - they're not taking the top guys, running opposite them and muscling them out of TV coverage, they're giving them a pat on

Thanks, I'm going to the show on Sunday next, got Silver seats. Lionheart vs. KLR should be superb.

The last 2 F&Ls did have some A List imports which was aiming them at a more casual fanbase who wouldn't normally watch it. They had Kurt Angle, Finn Balor as a guest replacing Mick Foley, Rey Mys

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Red Lightning resigned as GM last night.


Hoping this leads to a ring return.


They have definitely hinted in his "statement" that something big coming.


As for the show on Sunday, absolutely perfect. Womens match was phenomenal, the raw emotion in that building during the main event was something unparalelled in modern wrestling.

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The version of 'Like A Prayer' Grado uses isn't even the Madonna one, is it? It's just a sound-alike cover.


Still could have rights issues, I guess.


I think it’s a remix. Pretty sure it’s this track: https://open.spotify.com/track/6uugGKtIdNxU2tJ2zr1SM1

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Think the swearing by the announcer should also be turned down or eliminated. Not offended by it at all but can make it sound quite amateur.


Seemingly in the minority but I just find Billy Kirkwood intensely annoying which makes watching ICW stuff a bit of a chore.

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I like Billy Kirkwood. He perfectly suits the product, he's enthusiastic and actually enhances the product.


ICW promotes themselves at the over 18's market for which Billy Kirkwood is perfect for.


You can't have a commentator that doesn't suit the product.


He's also a superb hype man at the live shows, he gets the crowd into the show right from the start and I feel his intros at the start are far better that the Joey Styles introductions on which they are clearly based.


On the subject of commentators, I thought the colour commentary of William Grange was fucking atrocious.


I'd like to see ICW use someone similar to Andy Coyne/Nick London who used to commentate on the old FWA shows back in the early 2000's.


I think having someone who is extremely articulate and knowledgeable would subtly balance the overall feel of the shows.

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Forget what?


Anyway, ICW are reporting their biggest ever first day ticket sales with Mark Dallas reporting that if this was at the 1800 capacity Barras it would be close to sold out.  My math is shite but I reckon that's around 15% of tickets gone and apparently VIP are down to the last 50, which considering there was 500 of them for Sunday's show is really good going.

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