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Year 2002 WWE


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Just watching some random stuff from the year 2002 my god what a mad year Rick feuding with Vince over the ownership of the WWE Hulk hall and Nash. The emergence of Brock Michael's return and subsequent feud with triple H invite through millions of ideas at the wall saw what stuck. We just seem to be no competition they had a free reign to experiment with any ideas the return of Eric Bischoff the The brand extension .bring back people like Mr perfect Golding and the godfather in the royal rumble.it made entertaining television you never truly knew who was going to show up from week to week and the chuck and Billy wedding!

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The emergence of Brock Michael's return and subsequent feud with triple H invite through millions of ideas at the wall saw what stuck.





That book was amazing though, I found it moving house.

Is there a story behind that getting kncoked out as a solo effort? Or did they do other years that I missed?

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Was thinking about this earlier because the tattooist fella posted in the Random thoughts thread. On reflection 2002 was a decent year. SummerSlam and Survivor Series were particularly great.


However the conceived wisdom at the time wasn't that dissimilar to now (and every year since really). Ratings had dropped, the WCW audience had disappeared completely and the invasion had been a bust. Vince had got desperate enough to bring the nWo back, went after Steiner and would go after Goldberg soon after. Their was a real sense that a bubble had burst and a lot of desperate moves made to get the momentum back. It would get really bad in 2003 but it started here.


Austin left, The Rock was moving on, Triple H was the devil, Undertaker and Kane were dull as fuck. It was a panicky time.


Funny how nothing has really changed since.

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2002 had arguably the greatest tag match ever, Edge and Mysterio against Angle and Benoit. I wasn't much into the rest of the "Smackdown Six" matches, I felt they went downhill after that. I was a much bigger fan of Matt Hardy V1, still one of my favourite gimmicks. His run with Undertaker and Brock Lesnar was great, and I've hated shitty Albert ever since he got the nod to do a big PPV match instead of Matt.


I was living in various squats and shared houses that year and WiFi wasn't really a thing yet so I didn't watch much Raw in 2002.  I kept up with wrestling through Powerslam, the odd trip to an Internet cafe and mates taping PPVs for me. I saw a few Smackdowns and weekend recap shows at my sister's house but even that was rare because I actually had a life at the time. I missed most of the stuff with Flair turning on Austin and the confusing nWo death. But I remember enjoying the bits I did see a lot. Booker T and Goldust were tremendous fun. I remember Fin being really negative about Bubba Dudley's singles routine, but I liked what I saw of it.


Cena's debut was one of the greatest I'd ever seen, and I was convinced he was brilliant and the next big star. A month later he was nothing, which lasted until he became a shit white rapper and I hated him until about 2007.


I suppose Raw in that 02/03 period suffered mainly from Triple H being in his worst form ever while also convincing himself that he could carry limited wrestlers and not-quite-main-eventers to epic matches of stardom. It suffered from the attitude era boom being dead and trying desperately to recapture it as well.


Some of my other favourite images/moments from the year:











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