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UFC 186: Some fights are happening...maybe


Who wins and how?  

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Next up in the PPV calendar is this lot on April 25th;





Demetrious Johnson vs Kyoji Horiguchi - Flyweight Title

Rampage Jackson vs Fabio Maldonado

Michael Bisping vs CB Dollaway

John Makdessi vs Shane Campbell

Yves Jabouin vs Thomas Almeida



Patrick Cote vs Joe Riggs

Sarah Kaufman vs Alexis Davis

Chad Laprise vs Bryan Barberena

Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs David Michaud



Nordine Taleb vs Chris Clements

Jessica Rakoczy vs Valerie Letourneau

Randa Markos vs Aisling Daly


I don't like it as much as 185, but it's still a good card in my opinion. With a few big names sprinkled throughout and some potentially fantastic undercard fights.




The main event is a second attempt at doing Dillashaw vs Barao 2. A rematch that was supposed to happen at UFC 177 last August. It was set to go right up until the day before the fight. Then Barao, struggling with the weight cut, passed out backstage and didn't regain consciousness until he was in the hospital apparently. Pretty scary.


So Dillashaw faced UFC newcomer Joe Soto that night and won fairly comfortably with a fifth round stoppage. Barao didn't return until December, submitting Mitch Gagnon.


And here we are. Hopefully Barao has no issues with the weight this time, although I'd rather see him just go up to 145 to be honest.


Should be a good one. Hopefully Barao comes in fired up and we get a more competitive fight than their first one. As impressive and mind blowing as Dillashaw's win last time was, a part of me still thinks Barao may have underestimated him a bit (we all did, didn't we) and the element of surprise may have played a part in just how one sided it was.


I'm still thinking Dillashaw wins, but I think it'll be a closer one.




Johnson vs Horiguchi is the one you're all waiting for though, isn't it? Nah seriously, I'm fine with this. The only thing I don't really like is that it's coming a bit too soon for Horiguchi. He could really have done with another year or so, I think. But a combination of Mighty Mouse pretty much clearing out the division and other potential contenders falling off (Creepy losing, Pickett not looking great at 125, Lineker's inability to lay off the Haribos during weight cutting, etc), there really weren't many options. Horiguchi is good, I really like him actually, but I just don't think he's ready for this. We'll see though. I think it'll be entertaining regardless.


Look who's back...




Everyone's favourite whinger Rampage returns against Fabio Maldonado. This should be a crowd pleaser. Rampage spent the last couple of years of his last UFC stint moaning about being matched with 'boring ass wrestlers'. He criticised Joe Silva's matchmaking - "Joe Silva can't match shoes" - and just generally sulked about not being given what he saw as exciting fights.


Well, he can't moan about this fight. Maldonado is exactly the type of opponent he was supposedly wanting. Maldonado is as one dimensional a fighter as there is in modern MMA. He's a real throwback to the SEG era of fighters with just one discipline. He's basically just a boxer. But he's great to watch. Tough as fuck, lacks the one shot power but his body punching is, IMO, the very best in MMA easy. He's got that down.


I love this fight. Really, Rampage should win. It's a fight that he's being given every chance to shine in. It's right up his street. But you never know, Rampage isn't the force he once was and Maldonado is always game. Should be a fun one.


Bisping vs Dollaway isn't a fight I'm hugely into but it'll probably be good. Dollaway has had some exciting fights over the last couple of years, and Bisping's high volume style should match up well with him. I wouldn't write Dollaway's chances off here, but I'd expect Bisping to come out on top.


Jabouin vs Almeida won't get much fanfare going in but it's possibly the sleeper on the card for me. Jabouin is an exciting fighter with a flashy striking attack, likes the spinning shit. Almeida is only 23 years old, 18-0 with 17 finishes. He hasn't beat anyone very good but he's off to a promising start to say the least.


Prelims have a few fights I'm liking the look of.


Cote vs Riggs is a proper old school fight. This could've happened in 2004. Not much to say really, I like both guys. I think Cote is looking the better of the two on recent form though.


Kaufman vs Davis is a rematch of an excellent fight in Strikeforce. These two actually fought on the undercard of the first Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate fight. Understandably, Rousey vs Tate got all the attention but Kaufman vs Davis was the highlight of the undercard. They went three rounds and just beat the shit out of each other.


Here's the first fight;




The question for me going into this is how will Davis look coming back off that 16 second assault she suffered against Rousey last July? That kind of loss could've ruined her mentally.


Trujillo vs Makdessi is another fight that I love the sound of. Both brilliant strikers but totally contrasting styles. Trujillo is the aggressive, brute force power puncher. Makdessi is the unorthodox, precision striker, not as powerful but very accurate and he'll throw in some wacky offence like spinning backfists and stuff. I think Trujillo's power will ultimately be too much but it's a potential show stealer whatever happens.


Not really that into the rest. It's probably the weakest PPV so far this year but I still like this one. As you can see, there's plenty of good stuff in there. There's not really that one really sexy fight like the other PPVs have had so far this year, and it's not quite as deep a card as 185 was, but there's enough about this card that I'm looking forward to it.

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What's going on regarding Rampage and Bellator? I thought they were going after Jackson and the UFC for breaching his contract with them. I'd have thought the first thing they'd go for is an injunction to prevent him fighting at all until it was settled.

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Ah yeah, this show's a big one for me. I think Barao will be a man possessed in this rematch, I feel like he underestimated TJ in the first one, just like everyone else did (don't try and deny it). Mighty Mouse is fighting, meh. He's very talented, but the division is shallow. We need the likes of Cejudo, Pettis and a returning Dodson in the title scene to liven flyweight up. I think Horiguchi has had some fun fights, but it's difficult to remember specifically without Googling what he's done, which leads me to believe he's not at the Mighty Mouse level.


I don't care how much he complains, Rampage will always get a pass from me for delivering the first real honest-to-god powerbomb in a MMA fight. Plus he has a badass chain. I can't hate the guy. Maldonado has the right attitude too- get in the fire and deliver for the fans. I mean, not right for his chances of winning, but for my entertainment value, it's golden. Should be wild, and sloppy. But fun. Big fan of both.


Bisping vs. Dollaway- two wankers that really don't have a lot to offer nowadays. One of the worst side-effects of the Anderson PED scandal is that we're unlikely to see him smash The C(o)unt now.


Past that, Thomas Almeida and Abel Trujillo are crazy bastards. Almeida especially I see doing great things.

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I must admit to being a bit confused by the situation - I thought he had fights still left on his contract.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to this event. I've no dislike for Dillashaw, but I was absolutely stunned by his performance in beating Barao. Plus, Barao's become one of my favourites, so I'd like to see him take back the BW belt, preferably after a belter of a match, which it should be. I remember that article about him having a phenomenal fight IQ, so here's hoping he's made the necessary adjustments for the improvement in Dillashaw's game. Ideally, I'd like him to re-take the belt, then vacate it and go up to FW, but he'd probably have a rubber match to go through before doing that. And, of course, whoever wins probably has to deal with Cruz afterwards. And poor old Assuncao will get left out again.

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Here’s the latest as of yesterday;




Bellator and Jackson are going to court on April 2nd. Jackson’s claim is that Bellator breached the contract by not giving him the numbers for Bellator 120, which was where he fought Lawal. Bellator’s claim is that they provided the numbers verbally, though not on paper because of fear Jackson’s side would somehow release the report and details of their relationship would go public. They also claim that Jackson didn’t give them the chance to match the offer. The first claim from Bellator probably won’t stand because they never, as per the details of the contract, gave Jackson the number on paper, with documentation that proves the number they’re claiming. Verbally giving him the number is useless because they can’t prove the number that way. The second claim, however, if Bellator are telling the truth, could be where they might win this because if Jackson didn’t give them the right to match the offer, and he was contractually bound to, then he’s in trouble. If the judge decides they both violated the contract, which is what, on these details, looks like what happened, then it could end up with the judge ordering them to go into mediation of some kind to come up with a settlement. If that happens, then it’s also likely that the judge will block Jackson from fighting in the UFC until this matter is settled because from a legal standpoint, the status of his old contract has yet to be decided and until it is, Jackson cannot enter into a new contract and therefore cannot sign for, and fight for, the UFC

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I think Jackson will win it because even though the 'match offer' clause was in his contract, the contract in effect became null and void once Bellator didn't keep to their end of the deal.

That all rests on two things. One; how much effort Jackson made in giving Bellator the chance to give him the numbers on paper. If Jackson kept trying to get the numbers on paper and Bellator refused, then he might be OK. If he didn't, then he could be in trouble. Two; what the judge sees as the obligation of one side if the other violates the contract. If he takes the view that once one side violated it, the contract becomes null and void, then Jackson is free and clear. But if the judge decides that Jackson still had to honour the contract, that he still had to give Bellator the right to match the UFC offer, then Jackson, or at least his chance to fight in the UFC, is in trouble because that likely means the judge deciding that Bellator and Jackson have to come to a settlement on the contract, and if that happens, Jackson isn't fighting in the UFC until that settlement is reached.

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I personally think that Rampage would have a better chance of winning this case if he had waited more than 20 minutes before signing up again with the UFC. I mean, he's basically being advertised for an event before the court case even takes place. That's a fucking brave (or boneheaded, depending on how you look at it) move.

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it's crazy how the perception of the main event is compared to the feelings going into the first fight last year. I don't think anyone gave Dillashaw much of a hope last time, Barao was amongst the p4p chat and looked unstoppable at 135lb. Now a lot of people can't see anything past Dillashaw having a repeat performance, just goes to show how quickly the sport can change. Just 10 months ago Dillashaw was seen as an improving prospect who was in well in over his head against Barao, now look at him.

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So this card's gone a bit crap, hasn't it? Dillashaw vs Barao 2 off again, the original Rory vs Lombard fight going tits up. Still some decent fights on there but it's the weakest PPV lineup of the year so far for sure.


Trying to find a positive, Trujillo vs Makdessi has been promoted to the main card.


Randa Markos vs Aisling Daly has added as well. I was hoping we'd get that Markos vs Esparza grudge match next but this is a good little fight as well.


I still want to know why Rampage and Bisping fell out. Hopefully someone will ask one or both of them on fight week.

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Trying to find a positive, Trujillo vs Makdessi has been promoted to the main card.

And...it's off. Trujillo has broken his arm.


Some fucker called Shane Campbell (11-2) will now fight Makdessi.


Dillashaw vs Barao 2, Rampage vs Maldonado and Trujillo vs Makdessi were the three fights that I was most looking forward to on this card. Two down, one to go. I'm now fully expecting Rampage's hearing to go badly and he'll be yanked from the card and stuck in Bellator purgatory. It's just the way this card is going.

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