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If you can't say anything nice... (a challenge thread)


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A tribute to Post a Tribute to a Wrestler Nobody Likes.


In that thread, we've already seen people stick up for Ludvig Borga, X-Factor and Snitsky. What I thought would be fun is if people signed up to defend a wrestler or team generally seen as crap, boring or forgettable… but that the wrestler(s) they were defending were chosen by another UKFFer.


What you do is post to say you're interested in taking part. Once we've got a few people signed up, I'll PM everyone the user they've been matched with. You then pick a wrestler for that user to write a passionate defence of, and they've got to do it. Someone else will have picked a wrestler for you, and so on. 


The shitter the wrestler(s), the more creative you'll have to be, because you've got to be nice. You have to find any way possible to be positive. It might be easy, like if you get Heidenreich, because he was mint. Or you might find it a proper challenge, like if you get Savio Vega.


The end result is we get some entertaining little bios of people you've been forced to find nice things to say about, even if you think they were shit.


I'll put a list of people who are interested, and who they've been matched with etc, here.


- HarmonicGenerator finds the positives of Savio Vega

- Linus waxes lyrical about Strike Force

- Thunderplex

- IANdrewDiceClay's most wanted is Chris Harris

- PowerButchi has rose-tinted specs when it comes to Evad Sullivan

- air_raid figuratively beds Mark Henry

- FelatioLips

- The Reverend

- PSF would sign up for enhanced interrogation by Kurrgan

- PunkStep worships at the feet of the Harris Brothers

- gmoney

- Jon-Carr_92 sees only the good in Sin Cara

- Quentin pens an ode to Ted DiBiase Jr

- Glenryck Pilchards

- RIDDUM_N_STYLE's got the hots for Bertha Faye

- Liam O'Rourke puts forward the case for The Renegade

- Shy Dad

- Maverick has a saucer of milk for Teddy Hart

- WWFChilli wishes he could be Mr. Anderson

- Slapnut

- Bradyisgod22

- quotetheraven sings the praises of Horace Hogan

- tiger_rick extolls the virtues of Nathan Jones

- Yakashi

- DoinkBrah gives three cheers to the Spirit Squad

- DoctorWhosNext heaps compliments on Skinner

- King Coconut

- Ralphy has it bad for Oklahoma

- 4tehlulz

- Briefcase

- Callum1993

- MungoChutney bows down to Eugene

- Really Big Shoe marvels at the accomplishments of Rosey

- Shane O' Mac Version 2

- Fanny Pack




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