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Wrestlers who left a good impression on you?


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DDP and RVD are the two who stand out for me. Dallas was so enthusiastic and energetic, it seemed like he really enjoyed spending time with the fans. RVD was so relaxed and tried to make the fans at ease.

Aries was also very relaxed when I've met him, cracking jokes

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Met Hogan In Manchester in the early 90's. Totally engaging, made me feel like I was the only person there and just radiated genuine warmth.

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Not a wrestler as such but can you remember Jim Dotson? He was the security guy during the Attitude Era.  Well during the Attitude Adjustment tour in 1999 he stood over the rail right at the end of the row where me and my mates sat and he chatted to us all night. He seemed such a cool guy.


On a side note he gave us the impression that he didn't like Waltman and Billy Gunn too much.

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For me 90% of wrestlers i've met have been great. But the following all stand out..


William Regal: Just a real class act and a gentlemen. Great sense of humor and genuinely seems to enjoy meeting people. I took an old WCW 8x10 from his early 90s run and he seemed genuinely taken back by me wanting a Lord Steven Regal auto lol. Have met him twice and both times were an absolute pleasure.


Godfather/Shango: Such a great guy. Met him at PCW and had a good chat. Spent the entire weekend calling me Brian because i reminded him of Brian "Crush" Adams. I interacted with him quite a bit that weekend, and was a real pleasure. Then when he was Shango for a photo op, he was emotionless and looked through me like i was a void or something. Which was great given he was totally working the gimmick.


Dragon Gate: All the Dragon Gate talents ive met on the past 2 tours have been great. Really humble, happy to be there, and engaging. BxB Hulk the first time was in his dark Hulk Mad Blankey phase, so was very emotionless. Looked at me puzzled when i extended my hand and slowly reached out to take it. This was kind of awesome given he was his gimmick. The next year he was in his glammy Hulk phase and was chatty and smiley.


Uhaa Nation: What can i say about the guy other than he is a such a great guy. I've met him numerous times and had plenty of conversations with the guy and he is just a really genuine and talented individual.  We went to that Hyper Japan convention after the last DG tour, and Uhaa had the day off and was there with his friends from DG who were working the show. Me and the Mrs were just sitting down for 5 chilling out, and he walks up to us for a natter. Really is a top bloke.

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Not a wrestler, but Jimmy Hart was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Time for everyone, he was a real pleasure to talk too.


William Regal was also a top bloke, despite the guy doing the photos doing a lot of noncing around trying to get arty shots. A real gent.

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Sheamus is probably the top one for me. Very friendly, really genuine, came across as a sincere, nice guy. D'Lo Brown, also very friendly and chatty with everyone. Shark Boy was great, happy to wander around the venue talking to people and getting photos. Adrian Neville was quite quiet and reserved but came across as genuinely pleased to be talking to fans at the same time. Robbie Brookside was great when I met him in Disneyland (of all places; we were walking into the park and as I was looking down the path I thought, 'that's Robbie Brookside!') - I don't reckon he expected to be recognised but he took the time to have a quick chat which he didn't have to do. On the WWE side, I had a good experience at an Edge signing, he was very happy to chat to anyone who'd bought his book, I think. And finally, I went along to a Batista signing and a little way down the queue was a kid with Down's Syndrome. Batista went out of his way to make that kid's day, took loads of time to talk to him, signed his stuff, took photos, you could see first hand from the kid's reaction the effect that meeting your heroes can have. Really good to see.

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I'll stand up for Mick Foley at this point. Met him after his most recent tour in Bath, he happily signed the book I brought in, was clearly exhausted and seemed genuinely touched when my wife told him that as a non-wrestling fan, she'd really enjoyed the show.


Michelle McCool lived up to her name too. Met her after a house show in Cardiff, she was the only one to come over and sign stuff, thanked everyone for coming to the show.

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Young Bucks, incredibly nice guys and seemed insistent on shaking hands. To be honest it sort of ruined the gimmick for me.

Rich Swann too, the guy has an infectious energy about him. You can't help but smile when you're around him.

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Right, here's a rundown of who I met while we made PC Fiction. (I apologise for how long or big this post becomes).


To preface this, for people that didn't know, from 2013 - mid 2014 we produced an internet comedy show for PCW called PC:Fiction, which was a spin off of our Science Fiction comedy vlog. The 'we' I refer to are myself, fellow UKFF poster Fozzy2K (he doesn't post much these days) and wrestlers Voodoo (who created the original show) and Professor Mike Holmes (the real hero of the show, who did nearly all the editing). Also worth thanking Ste Fludder for bringing us in and being a fan of the show and letting us work with his talent, and UKFF users Aaron and Chokeout (you sexy beast) for dealing us with in a cramped space full of male sexual tension.


Anyway here's who I met and got to work with, I'll pepper the videos throughout for anyone who hasn't seen them.


Episode 1 - The Young Bucks

First lads we worked with, nice enough guys, funny and pretty down to earth about everything. They understood the concept of the show being pretty young blokes, so no problems. All in all cool folks.



Episode 2 - Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Super Crazy

London & Kendrick: Awesome guys, Bill and fucking Ted basically. We got to work with these lads a number of times and they were always up for anything. London seemed to be way out there the whole weekend. Kendrick is like your best mate, told some fantastic stories and was just a pleasant guy. Glad he's getting work in NXT.

Super Crazy: Nice enough guy, we didn't really work with him for long, but we polite and sociable. He had his GHC tag belt on him too which was neat. Guys got a weird shaped body though, odd build on that lad.



Episode 3: Goldust and Ted DiBiase

Goldust: Guy deserves all the credit in the world. An amazing guy, really engaging and interesting fella. He had fun all weekend, proably down to him being in a good place in his life. It was kind of intimidating filming him in the tiny green screen room when he's a big legit 6'6 and in his full gimmick, gives off an aura.

DiBiasi: The first wrestler I completely marked for to work with. We asked him to film and he'd said he would get back to us, which I took for 'he's not filming with us'. It should be noted the show is not the easiest to explain or pitch (until wrestlers/Fludder showed other wrestlers, so we had people who knew what we did). DiBiase however, tracked us down, came into the room and reminded me about me asking to film him. He was great, did everything in one take, was funny and in full on Million Dollar Man mode. That laugh is even more amazing in person.


Don't film me #1: TOMMY DREAMER

Tommy seemed ok, but wasn't into filming anything for us, partly because it was hard for us to explain to him what Red Dwarf was, and when he didn't know, I wasn't taking my chances on asking him to stick a cut-out of the letter T on his forehead. He's a big lad.



Episode 4: Goldust, Steiners & Chris Masters

Chris Masters: Butch will back me up on this. Masters is a dude. He was booked so regularily he became something of a regular cast member to the show. We've had him doing everything. His pec dance to the Cadburys eyebrow advert, a He-Man parody, Storage Wars, you name it, he was up for it. Cool guy, helped us get a few people to do the show infact. Deserves all the plaudits he gets for his work. He's also fucking massive.


Don't film me #2 & 3: LITA and SHELTON BENJAMIN

Benjamin was a last minute appearence so we never asked him. Lita flat out refused to do anything, either she was having a bad day or she's a dick. I can't tell you really tbh. It did lead to an all nighter rewriting the intro to this episode. Shit.



Episode 5: Doug Williams

Doug became a running gag on our show after being in an Iron Man Match, we had him in cameo appearences as Iron Man. Top bloke, always up for a piss take, never an issue to deal with.



Episode 6: Davey Richards, LuFisto, Michael Elgin, Ultimo Dragon

Davey: We thought he might be a prick based on his rep. Far from it, hung around while we waiting to sort shots, wanted to know what looked best for us etc, seemed to give a damn, all in all, happy experience.

Elgin: Poor fucker, as you'll see the intro to this ep involved a lot of complex green screen work, so we had this poor sod sitting on his arse pretending to be flying down a zip-line and dancing at an invisible disco. He didn't have a clue, but did everything we asked, so cool for me.

LuFisto: She was sweet, very polite and funny, easy to work with and did some re-takes etc.

Ultimo: Ohhhh this lad, tried to completely kayfabe us that he knew zero english (we heard him speaking to his wife in very good english). Bit odd.


Don't film me #4: THE POPE

This was actually our decision, the guy is bit out there tbh, we chose to not approach him.



Episode 7: Jushin Liger, Bob Holly, D-Lo, Awesome Kong, Uhaa Nation, Kevin Owens & SoCal Val

Liger: It was awesome meeting this man, when we told him how Ultimo was with us, he laughed and said he would be easier to work with. Speaks great english, did everything we asked and was just a nice approachable bloke. I got to sit and have a chat with him while he looked a bit lonely waiting for his lift, riffed with him for 10 minutes, which was quite surreal just having a chinwag in a nightclub backroom with Jushin Liger. He also had an awesome red NJPW trackie.

Bob Holly: Thought he might be iffy. Further from the truth. Bob Holly is amazing. He's funny, up for a laugh, really quite humble and treats everyone with respect and long as you return the favor. My opinion completely changed on meeting him, signed my book as well. GOOD EGG.

D-Lo: D-Lo is D-Lo, I expected nothing less from him, like Bob Holly he's a cool guy up for doing anything.

Awesome Kong: Nice enough woman, easy to deal with.

Uhaa: I don't think anyone who has ever met Uhaa has any bad words to say, he's like Masters, a dude.

Kevin Owens: Quiet guy, but incredibly polite and when we cast him in the Power Rangers parody, he requested to be the blue ranger as his son's favorite color is blue, Neat lad.

SoCal Val: Absolute pro, she shot a stupid amount of footage with us and was always bubbly and happy. You could bottle her enthusiasm, she also completely destroyed me in a whiskey shot contest.



Episode 8: Masters, Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, The Godfather, AJ Styles

Maria & Bennett: I had never heard of Mike Bennett when I met him. He's a really nice man, was great to film with and completely got the show. Maria is completely stunning in person. Like, jaw dropping. She's also canny smart, very funny and was a right pro. Stayed around for retakes and then just stayed in the green screen room just to have a chat, which ended up in a convo about her going on about restoring cars and her rather worrying extensive knowledge of guns. Proper bloke lass, it was verbal porn for manly men. John Matrix would have lost his mind.

AJ Styles: He wasn't really talkative, but he filmed with us and had no problems or complaints. He was pretty professional and really I'd say he was just all business, a hard egg to crack.

The Godfather: THE BEST, without a doubt, the best person I got to meet making the show. A man so amazingly chilled out and cool it was ridiculous. Remembered our names when we talked etc, super smooth guy, was happy just to kick back and chill out with us. Never had a complaint and was patient. I can't type enough about how amazing he was. Love him, was a pleasure to go on the drinks with him too.



Chris Hero/Finn Balor - Devitt

Hero and Balor appeared in little bonus videos we did. Balor was a nice guy, we didn't get much time with him. Hero we spent ages with making a song parody of Bonnie Tyler's 'I need a Hero'. He was great, up for anything, seemed a really relaxed bloke.





Episode 9: Terry Funk, Rikishi, Petey Williams, AR Fox

I wasn't able to make this show, gutting really, apparently Terry Funk was brilliant though as you'll see in the video below. An amazing legend of a man.




Episode 10: Al Snow, Juvi, reDRagon, Mr. Anderson, The Hurricane

Al Snow: Good bloke, had a laugh, was really neat. Nothing bad to say.

Juvi: Completely nuts in a great way, he had a ball filming and was in general a really cool bloke. I get the feeling he's completely nuts though.

The Hurricane: Another bloke who was happy to take the time with complex shots and didn't complain. I had to help him with the timing of some shots involving a drum stick which meant having to stare the Hurricane straight in the face for a good minute. Interesting.




Please NEVER film me: VADER

We tried, god knows we tried with Vader, he was just never interested in filming with us, and we had two shows where we could have but alas it was not Vader time for us.


Also worth adding here the BritWres talent that we had constantly on the show. Kris Travis, Danny Hope (who was always good fun), Dave Rayne, Dave Mastiff (who was always a great laugh), Mad Man Manson (massive fan of the show and bailed us out on a number of occasions) and god knows how many other people we've roped in.


Anyway that's it, god it was fun, Wrestlers on good days are great, especially making our show and getting to spend time with them. Cool story bro.

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The Briscoes at ROH Unified were sat by the exit of the Olympia and were happy to shake hands and talk about their match.


Colt Cabana & Delirious were very welcoming and talked about how good their match would be at the 5th Anniversary Finale.


D'Lo Brown was awesome at the Infinite show in November, cannot speak any more highly of him and he made the night for us after the show. Happy to talk and pose for pictures.


The Dragon Gate wrestlers from the Nottingham and Beeston shows were fabulous as well even with the language barrier. Plus I'll treasure my DG towel they all signed for me.

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