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Fantasy Wrestling Promotion


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Here's the scenario:


Ted Turner calls you. He says "<insert username here>, I'm back in the rasslin business!". Ted's bought TNA and renamed it Worldwide Championship Wrestling (Dubya-dubya-see-dubya). He's chucking money at it and you're his new booker. You can go out and pick up anyone you want in the world. Contracts don't matter, Ted'll pay the transfer fee. Ted wants a list. Your top five babyfaces, five heels and, if you've got time, five tag teams. All he insists on is that they still work full-time and that you give him some reasons and don't just send a boring list ;).


You can be as creative as you like about the fantasy promotion.

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WWCW is a horrendous name to be fair


I'd just buy everyone from NXT except Bull Dempsey, just have a World title and a Tag title, the tag titles would never have a storyline, just decent matches to pad the show out


I'd have endless work rate matches for the main strap and book the shows in all the smart/knobhead cities so you get a hot crowd every week on TV


Finally I'd hire Rebel off TNA and Scarlett Bordeaux for the obvious reasons, oh and I'd never put myself on TV until we require a heel authority figure and I'll do it with nervous unintelligible promos delivered in a thick Preston accent while Rebel & Scarlett pout and rub my shoulders etc.

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1.John Cena - The biggest draw in wrestling, why wouldn't you? That said, his act needs a lot of tweeking so while I have him as a babyface, that could include a heel turn (outing myself as a spacker here I know.)


2. Daniel Bryan - The most popular act in wrestling.


3. Sami Zayn - The best babyface in wrestling.


4. AJ Styles - His work over the last year says it all. Maybe the best in ring worker in the world.


5. Jeff Hardy - Almost cheated and snuck him in with Matt in tag teams but he was the most popular babyface on the planet at one point and I still think he has mileage as a singles draw.




1. Brock Lesnar - Come on now.


2. Seth Rollins - Consistently improving. Could be a top guy for years.


3. Kevin Owens - I considered Bobby Roode and even Austin Aries from here on, but going with a younger, less exposed new heel.


4. Adam Cole - As above.


5. Ethan Carter - As above (Shut up, he's fucking great.)


Tag Teams.


1-3 Young Bucks, ReDragon, Briscoe Brothers - Have to start at ROH, the one thing they do really well is tag teams.


4 - Usos - The only WWE team worth considering


5 - Bobby Roode and Austin Aries - Swerve, I was getting them in here somehow and they were a genuinely great Tag Team act a couple of years back. MY PROMOTION, MY RULES.


Honourable mentions - If The Rock and Cm Punk were available under the rules, I'd drop anyone on my list for the two of them.


I'd also like to have fit Okada, Nakamura and Tanahashi in here somewhere to make myself look more cultured, but splitting this thing into heels and faces and assuming you're booking a western promotion, I don't know how they fit in a Top 5.

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Sami Zayn - who doesn't love Sami? He's got that pure babyface quality to him, and can work with anybody you want him to.


Prince Puma - he's an innovator of offense, although I might drop the Prince bit. He's your superhero for the kids.


Johnny Mundo - every promotion needs that Hollywood star, whether he genuinely is one or not.


Samoa Joe - I want a bad ass asskicker, who I can use to kick the faces off of people my fans don't like.


Dean Ambrose - he's the everyman, and would definitely be shown trecking through the wilderness, from show to show.



Kevin Owens - the other side of the coin to Samoa Joe. He's going to be kicking the face off of people my fans love.


Shunsuke Nakamura - because charisma. And great matches.


Kenny Omega - I can't say he's really underrated anymore now he's signed with NJPW, but hes one of the best kept secrets in major wrestling. So charismatic, such a dick.


Bray Wyatt - I like a bit of mystery, and I like an athletic fat guy. When he's off he can be so meh but when he's on he's great.


Rusev (& Lana) - you have to be able to work that patriotic angle in professional wrestling. And Rusev is improving in leaps and bounds. Plus, Lana.


Tag Teams:

Enzo & Big Cass - because you can't teach that.


Joey Ryan & Candice LaRae - I think you can see what kind of tag division I'm going for. These two are awesome.


Time Splitters - bringing the workrate, and also the young punkness.


Angelico & Jack Evans - because the ladies love pretty boys. Especially pretty boys who can flip, flop, fly.


Luke Harper & Erick Rowan - these two will work like monsters, especially with the majority of the rest of the division being smaller guys.

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1. Brock Lesnar, pretty much as he is now.

2. Seth Rollins, currently a awesome heel but like Savage, HBK and The Rock before him i think as much as hes a great heel he is an even more awesome face. High flying, loved by every demographic of the audience.

3. Daniel Bryan, plucky underdog face to get the heels over (sorry D-Bry, your me hell of a hand guy, my 2004 Y2J)

4. Sami Zayn, lovable, lovable, lovable face

5. Ryback, my challange- to make Ryback a bloody superstar. Id fail misarably but id have fun trying.




1. Roman Reigns, early part of 2013 Shield Reigns who i would get over as THE heel by giving Bryan a proper pasting (sounds familiar? Hmmmm)

2. Bray Wyatt, i would give him more Undertaker like powers and do my take on a Taker/Kane 97/98 storyline with Bo Dallas.

3. Dean Ambrose, maniacal heel akin to an updated version of 96 Mankind.

4. Dolph Ziggler, everyone hates him anyway and hes a good lad in the ring.

5. Samoa Joe, Nation of Violence Joe, Jobber Heel.

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1-3: I'd work my top line around a cool as fuck stable who kick arses and take names and make the inevitable babyface overcoming the odds match a massive draw. Three man stables can work really well so I'd go with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Not very original, I know, but these three have chemistry, they have history and they work so well together. It'd be madness not to poach them.


4. Rusev - What would go down better in those Southern states than a big, angry Russian heel? 


5. Luke Harper - Tough spot to fill this one. Needed to be another guy athletic, good looking babyfaces can bounce off and he's one of the best around I think. I wouldn't change his gimmick too much but I would smarten him up a bit. I'd nick Waylon Mercy's gear.




I'm not going for John Cena. Reason being that I see John Cena as the WWE franchise. The thought of him in another promotion just doesn't seem right. It'd be like seeing Undertaker or Sting on opposite sides in 1998. It's as natural as shagging your sister. In the bum.


1. Sami Zayn - Cannot pick up this guy. He's an utterly likeable babyface whose work illicits great sympathy. His comebacks are great and he'd be brilliant working opposite a heel stable. Plus he doesn't look like he drinks own brand cider and sleeps on park benches!


2. Speaking of whom - Daniel Bryan. He'd need to sort out that fucking beard and I'm unsure if he's just too similar to Zayn but he can work his arse off and he connects with people. 


3. Bobby Roode - Fantastic all-rounder who deserves a crack at a major promotion. Great work, good talker, built, handsome. What's not to love?


4. Gunner - Who better to oppose an angry Russian than a US marine. It's criminal that a promotion as mickey mouse as TNA can't make better use of a guy like this. Great physique, good look, good age, tight ring work. Fucking easy to make a star.


5. Brian Cage - A huge bastard who people could get behind as he murdered jobbers. Plus his name gives Fin Martin ammunition. Roid Rage in a Cage.




1. Mundo & Puma - Cheating a bit, I know, but these two work well together despite being quite different. They look great, their moves appeal to everyone and they can step up as singles dudes.


2. EC3 & Dolph Ziggler - Dunno what i'd call them or what they'd be called but these two would make an ace heel tag team and they both have an aura of arrogance. Actually, I might give them Rick Martel's model gimmick. 


3. The Usos - I like these two. They've got plenty about them, their back story is good, their family history is useful and they work great.


4. Brodus Clay & Dave Mastiff - The world needs more big tag teams. These two are the natural Disasters but with less flab and more muscle. They'd work as guns for hire and take inspiration from Big Bubba in the 80's.

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Great topic this.




John Cena - Most well known active, full time wrestler. Would instantly get eyes on the product.

Daniel Bryan - Can have a great match against anyone.

Brian Cage - Beast, huge upside.

Dean Ambrose - A potentially great anti-hero. Can work a few different styles.

Sami Zayn - Perfect babyface, long term insurance for Bryan.




Seth Rollins - Has demonstrated the ability to make the absolute most of any opportunity he is provided.

CM Punk - Some mainstream appeal. Would be interesting in having him involved in the creative side.

Shinsuke Nakamura - Like Ambrose has that anti-hero quality but in my promotion he would be a dangerous, sadistic heel.

Rusev - Big Russian heel. Easy to book, good wrestler. Powerful but not overpowered.

Prince Devitt - Stable leader, can go in the ring.


Tag Teams


The Usos - Best Team in WWE. Can be relied upon to get a decent match out of opponents with lots of different styles.

ReDragon - My current favourite tag team. Work in RoH and NJPW has been excellent.

American Wolves - Look and wrestle like a proper team.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson ‚Äď Big Man Team. Muscle for Devitt ala bullet club.

Enzo and Big Cass - The most entertaining team on the mic. Cass has huge upside as a singles star as well.

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- WWCW would have a one-hour weekly show and a two-hour special every eight weeks. These would air on CNN in the States and they'd be available online worldwide. They'd be free to watch in standard definition or £0.99 to watch in HD and with no ads. For every $25 you spent on our merch you'd get a month's free HD online content.

- We'd do bite-sized videos like interviews and stuff aimed at people watching them on their phones and tablets, hyping up the weeklies and super shows.

- The one-hour shows would be taped in blocks of two every second Saturday from the same building. Our bi-monthly specials would be shot in bigger buildings and aired live.

- There'd be a big emphasis on the quality of sound on our shows. Decent entrance and theme musics and crowd acoustics (smarky chants would be discouraged).

- We'd use a drone cam that would fly around the buildings getting shots of the crowd and different angles of the ring.

- Renee Young would be the presenter and we'd have Heyman and JR on commentary.




1) Brock Lesnar - The centerpiece of WWCW. Wrestles on super show specials only.


2) CM Punk - Most of the weeklies would be focused around promos, angles, storylines and character development. CM Punk would be the king of the weeklies. He'd hold our secondary belt like RVD did in ECW.


3) Kalisto - Push the fuck out of him as the next Rey Mysterio. His feud with a heel Prince Puma would be this generation's Mysterio - Psychosis.


4) Grado - So much charisma. He'd be ace on a one-hour show. He'd have to spend some time down in the WCCW Power Plant getting toned up first.


5) Sami Zayn - Most naturally likable face to come along in years.




1) Johnny Nitro - Mundo is ace. But he needs to be called Nitro again. And WHY is he a face with that look? Would you let him near your wife? Top heel in WWCW.


2) Rusev w/Lana - He just gets it. He'd have an awesome feud with Sami Zayn.


3) Bobby Roode - Unfortunately he'll go down as one of the greatest to never properly make it. There's no way WWCW would pass up on him.


4) John Cena - A heel John Cena vs face Brock Lesnar would have an amazing dynamic.


5) Kevin Owens - He'll be what Samoa Joe should have been 5-10 years go.


Tag Teams/Stables


1) The X Express - Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels


2) The Nu Live Krew - BG James, Kipp James, Enzo Amore


3) The Untouchables - Randy Orton, Cage, Dolph Ziggler


4) World Domination - Bully Ray, The Miz, Alex Shelley, Mizdow


5) The Pie 'N' Ears - Brodus Clay and Adrian Neville

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John Cena: If you've got cart blanche, it'd be mental not to, wouldn't it? Then you can do the thing WWE never did and turn him heel, sparking a brief boom before eventually killing your company.


Daniel Bryan: Man of the moment. Can do pretty much anything you ask of him other than a decent promo. 


Sami Zayn: Likable as any wrestler ever. He's there to fill Daniel Bryan's shoes when Bryan's head falls off.


Alexa Bliss: She's adorable. Could be the best babyface diva ever.


Dean Ambrose: The four other top faces are all a bit goody two shoes. Ambrose adds a bit of edge to my blue-eye ranks, for the rebellious teens.




Roman Reigns: Bad-ass motherfucker who'd destroy your lower card guys and pull off great big matches with masters like Cena and Bryan. Always primed for the eventual face turn if needed.


Seth Rollins: Phenomenal talent, keeps getting better and better. Puts in the work every night and not afraid to be a chickenshit heel, but still plays it tough and credible when he needs to.


Luke Harper: Big scary bastard. I'd avoid wasting him as "here's your mystery opponent RIGHT NOW" cannon fodder and keep him heavily protected. Obsessed with Alexa Bliss.


The Miz: Perpetually underrated and always good at drawing heat, I'd probably build my midcard around him vs Zayn.


Bad News Barrett: Great talker, very good wrestler, I'd be happy enough to put him anywhere on the card and expect solid results.


Tag Teams

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne: It was a great shame their run was cut short. There's always a spot for a high flying babyface duo, and Air Boom are about as good as they get.


Ryback and Ziggler: Da Big Guy and Da Lil' Guy. Cracking chemistry.


Brad Maddox and Cesaro: Cesaro's useless as a singles wrestler, and Maddox needs a heater. I'd give them a shot as a heel team.


Rusev and Sheamus: Big foreign bruiser team. Both brilliant wrestlers, I could see them putting together great stuff and really making it mean something when a face team beats them.


Prime Time Players: Fun babyface tag team that can work heel too, they'd stay together as the anchors of the division when Zigback and the bruisers inevitably split up early on because I clearly used the tag team category to bring a bunch of singles wrestlers in.


Authority figure

Paul Heyman: There's nobody else for this role who could do a better job of selling a match. Give Heyman your PPV main event that's happening in four weeks, and he'll come up with a pitch for it that's going to do more for it than any angles you come up with.



CM Punk, William Regal and Michael Cole: Punk's always fun on commentary, Regal's great to listen to but not really good enough for a two-man team, and Cole would hold it all together and keep it on point.


Backstage Interviewer

Renee Young: The loveliest thing in wrestling, and nostalgia aside, by far the best ever interviewer.

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1. CM Punk because obvious reasons

2. Dean Ambrose

3. Prince Puma

4. Ryback

5. AJ Styles



1. Bray Wyatt

2. Bobby Roode

3. Seth Rollins

4. Russev

5. Austin Aries


Didn't do tag teams because I'd end up cheating and picking Hardys, 3D and Beer Money (all with the intention of only using one of them.)


I didn't pick Brock because I was already being cheeky asking for Punk. I also didn't pick Cena in order to make WWE rely on him even more, hopefully enticing away the crowd that don't like him. Why start a new promotion based around a guy who is pure-WWE? If you want to be called WWE-lite, then hire Cena while WWE get their ass into gear, creating amazing television in order to replace him.


Being honest though I'd have been happy just having Ambrose and Aries, then gone the the way of Lucha Undergroud presenting an entirely fresh roster with one or two big names.

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Pitcos's show looks great. I'm on board with everything but the Kofi/Bourne team. In a few year's Kofi's nipples will be on his shoulders if that chest keeps getting weirder - he's off-putting to look at, plus there are better flyers than Bourne with less miles on the clock.


Otherwise it's a great roster, particularly the announcers and of course Rene.


If they hadn't already started on the Gold/Stardust split up, I'd have but Alexa Bliss with them in a new Marlena type role and then make the team break up over her. She's money. Sexy money.

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