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Bootleg Wrestling DVDS For Sale (Shoots/Best Ofs/Comps/PPV/Japan/WWF/W


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I only ship to people within the united kingdom
£1.50 per disc plus £1 shipping
no cases no artwork 
discs come in sleeves
contact me at mrwrestlingtrader@gmail.com
I can also sell to you via upload £1 per disc i also have video files if you want them £1 each.


Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero - The Complete ECW Feud - Made by 2G (4 Discs) Video Quality Very Good
Complete Original WWF Piper's Pit Collection (1 Disc) Fair To Good Video Quality     Snapshots: http://postimg.org/gallery/2l7q5ib1q/
Best Of Megumi Kudo Queen Of The Death Matches (6 Discs) Fair To Very Good Video Quality  Snapshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/14k803n8u/
Best Of Bret Hart In Japan (2 Discs) Good Video Quality   Snapshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/rwyoadf2/
Ric Flair In Portland (1 Disc) Fair to Good Video Quality     Snapshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/f03p5kdq/
WCW King Of Cable Tournement (1 Disc) Good Video Quality
The Great Muta Japanese Invasion (1 Disc) Good To Very Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/l9s6j4ku/
Best of Arn Anderson (3 Discs) Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/34wddpqwe/
Magnum TA vs Ric Flair (2 Discs) Good/Very Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/1kzrnfgby/
Best Of The Barb Wire Matches (4 Discs) Good Video Quality
Raven vs Tommy Dreamer Complete ECW Feud (6 Discs) Very Good Video Quality
Best Of Crash The Terminator (Bill DeMott) (1 Disc) Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/22szmpl66/
Best Of The Hardy Boys In Omega (2 Discs) Poor/Fair Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/313u8ib8u/
History Of The Ecw World Title (6 Discs) Very Good Video Quality
Gaijin Legends of the 90s (5 Discs) http://postimg.org/gallery/2zr6udsa6/
The Best Of The Thrillseekers (1 Disc)
AAA When Worlds Collide (2 Discs) Video Quality Good   Snapshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/duplxvfy/
Ecw Wrestlepalooza 1998 Original Live TV Broadcast (1 Disc) Video Quality Very Good http://postimg.org/gallery/mtgru35a/
WWF Over The Edge 1999 (Including WWF Heat Preshow) (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality
WCW Collision In Korea (1 Disc) Good Video Quality
Super J Cup 1995 (3 Discs) Very Good Video Quality 
Ecw House Party 1998 *Original Music* ecw home video vhs to dvd (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/r6hcryzy/
Ecw One Night Stand 2005 *Original Music* Original PPV Broadcast (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality
Wrestlemania 17 Live Broadcast PPV Version (2 Discs) Very Good Video Quality
Wcw Millenium Final 2000 (2 Discs) http://postimg.org/gallery/s0uoypgu/
WWF Survivor Series 1998 Live Ppv Version (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/1c5v8hv1q/
Wwf King Of The Ring 1997 Live Ppv Version With Free For All Preshow (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/1cyrhj5ny/
Wwf A Cold Day In Hell Live Ppv (1 Disc)
Wwf Royal Rumble 2002 Live Ppv (1 Disc)
Wwf Wrestlemania 9 Live Ppv (1 Disc)
Wwf Wrestlemania 10 Live Ppv (1 Disc)
Wwf Unforgiven 1998 Live Ppv (1 Disc)
FMW 5/5/1994 5th Anniversary Show Kawasaki Stadium (1 Disc) Good Video Quality
FMW Yokohama Deathmatch (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/xicadcdq/
FMW 4th Anniversary 1993 (1 Disc)  Good Video Quality
FMW Total Carnage (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/yehyka26/
FMW Tour Of Mexico And USA 1992 (1 Disc)  Good Video Quality
Smokey Mountain Wrestling Fanweek 1995 (1 Disc) Video Quality  Good http://postimg.org/gallery/xlp6k0ha/
Smokey Mountain Wrestling Q&A With Jim Cornette 1994 (2 Discs) Video Quality  Good http://postimg.org/gallery/2ry34x6jy/
WWF House Show 1996 MSG Incident Curtain Call (1 Disc) Good Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/33i5ld33i/
WWF Excess 3/16/02 (Guest: Chris Benoit) (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality    Snapshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/1vi1qj8fi/
Ecw Hardcore TV 6/4/1996 6/11/1996 (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality   Snapshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/jf1wmd0u/
Ecw Hardcore TV 6/18/1996 6/25/1996 (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality  Snapshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/2yk92wgha/
Ecw Hardcore TV 7/2/1996 7/9/1996 (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality  Snapshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/2wa0qx8j2/
Yokozuna Memorial Show 2001 (1 Disc) Very Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/wpg7adta/
Mick Foley The Loved One 1985 (1 Disc) Poor Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/zm6wlnqm/
WWE Power Series HHH (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/sl40yr8u/
Wcw Nwo Takeover 1997 Tour (2 Discs) http://postimg.org/gallery/2v7llmxri/
Wcw house show april 11 1997 montreal (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/2u5il48dq/
Wwe Fit Series Stephanie Mcmahon (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/u4a9ekby/
Ecw Fancam House Show May 22 1998 (2 Discs) Very Good Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/134kk1e9a/
Chris Benoit's Death Media Coverage (6 Discs) Excellent Video Quality http://postimg.org/gallery/2qe1h9s32/
War 1994 09 24 South To North (1 Disc)
War 1994 07 17 2nd Anniversary Show (1 Disc)
War 1994 03 02 Revolution Rumble 1994 (1 Disc)
War 1993 12 15 Tenryu's 30th Fighting Road (1 Disc)
War 1993 05 24 War vs NJPW Osaka Dream (1 Disc)
**Shoot Interview Masters**
All excellent video quality these are clones of the official dvds.
Billy Gunn RF Video Shoot Interview (2 Discs) http://postimg.org/gallery/pkljmory/
Charlie Haas RF Video Shoot Interview (1 Disc)  http://postimg.org/gallery/2vi45r2su/
Jackie Gayda RF Video Shoot Interview (1 Disc)  http://postimg.org/gallery/1d9oxhf5a/
Ricky Steamboat RF Video Shoot Interview (1 Disc)  http://postimg.org/gallery/2n3u1jhf2/
Sabu RF Video Shoot Interview Vol 1 (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/j7czwwku/
Roddy Piper Highspots Shoot Interview (2 Discs) http://postimg.org/gallery/21jx2jsoe/
Kayfabe Commentaries Guest Booker Gary Hart (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/frbovv8u/
Ring Of Honor Straight Shootin' Bruno Sammartino (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/df97erji/
The Life And Times Of Abdullah The Butcher (Shoot Interview Only) (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/20nfzjrla/
*Please note this is the shoot interview only this does not include the second disc this means no extras*
Blue Meanie and Jasmin St Claire RF VIdeo Shoot Interview 2000 (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/27bm565bi/
Best Friends With Teddy Hart (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/2bwl01eni/
Highspots Roundtable Ric Flair And Roddy Piper (1 Disc) http://postimg.org/gallery/38iu7zdda/
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