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What's me best look? Davey Boy


The best Davey Boy  

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Davey Boy hit the British national scene as "Young David" before heading for Canada and Stampede. He did quite well over there, I suppose. The look wasn't great though. He was just a skinny kid from London, erm Leeds, I mean Manchester, or is it Wigan?




Canada was good for him. Must have been that cold air and clean living that helped him develop his body. When he started to work around the world, he was in good shape. He obviously left his razor at home though. Fortunately the pic in the bottom right is clipped otherwqise we'd have a NSFW situation with a Japanese fella blowing Dynamite.




By the time he hit the WWF as one half of the British Bulldogs, his frame carried a tad more meat. The hair was undefined though. Sometimes short, often longer, Rarely as beautifully blow dried as below. Fuck knows what they'd done to that dog. Safe to say he wasn't the only one with a needle in his arse though.




The Bulldogs left the WWF and only one returned sporting a look he'd have for the next 4 years. Probably the best dreadlocks on a white man in the history of world and a physique that was close to busting. He had some success with this look whether he wanted to or not.




When the WWF sacked him for injecting after they'd changed their minds on whether they condoned it - he disappeared off the face of the earth. He was invisible. Well he was main eventing in WCW but it's the same thing. At SummerSlam 1994 a chubby lass wearing Diedrie Barlow's glasses and Tarzan's jumper turned up at ringside. She looked a bit like Davey.




The glasses disappeared but the wavy mop stuck around as goodie Davey tagged with Bret Hart against Owen & Anvil every night for about 17 years.




Davey dropped some weight and fed up of pissing about tagging with Lex Luger - turned heel on his hair. He had a decent enough run in main events with Bret Hart and HBK and then settled into one of the best tag teams of the 90's with Owen Hart.




Leaving the WWF for WCW crippled his career quite literally. He resurfaced in the WWF after Owen Hart's death, wrestled in Jeans, chucked bins, got slammed in shit and wondered where his title shot was. proving what a good actor he is, here's a still of him portraying a slightly confused coke-head who's out on bail.



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I liked glasses Davey Boy. His catchphrase should have been "that's you, that is." I was just watching this era of him, and his physique was as good as it ever was and he moved like Owen Hart. He was doing handstands and speeding off the ropes. 1994 Davey Boy had a size and speed about him. I liked his 1995 Allied Powers jacket as well.

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As a kid, his daft plats were mint, not so much looking back. I was never a fan of the springer spaniel bonce warmer either.


It had to be his short hair when bossing it with owen and yoko. Cutting his hair helped him to develop a personality.

Although he looked solid and was fast and powerful when hammering the warlord every night for 2 years, he much more suited the shorter locks.

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Voted Dreadlock Bulldog and I'm not surprised it's currently winning. That's probably the era of Bulldog most on here will remember most fondly.


Heel, short haired Bulldog of 1995-97 was probably his best actual look though. And maybe his best years in ring.


Jeans Bulldog was a sad state. I think the jeans/boots/cut-off shirt look was actually fitting for the thug character he was portraying at the time, but I associate that look with memories of him just being a total mess in the ring and looking a shell of himself. He seemed to fuck up at least once a match, sometimes it was a minor miracle he didn't end up as the next Droz. Like when he botched taking that back bodydrop at Survivor Series 99 and nearly landed on the top of his head.


Another low point was when I tuned in to WCW Nitro one week in 1998 and was surprised to see Bulldog on there (wasn't on the internet back then, so had no idea he'd jumped). He was in a throwaway nothing match with (I think) Alex Wright and he looked bloated as fuck. Here's Davey around that time;






Look at that head. That's a lot of face.


It's amazing to think this was only a year or so after he was looking awesome during the Hart Foundation WWF run of 1997.


To end on a more positive note. Here's a couple of other Bulldog looks;


Bumbag Bulldog;




And here's Davey wearing one of Pat Butcher's old blouses;




He was bizarre alright!

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