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Shoot Interviews to clear

Magnum Milano

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I'm clearing out a load of my Shoot Interview DVD collection.  All are DVD-Rs and clones unless stated.  Price is 60p a disc plus postage.  Only one of each and I'm not making copies, if anyone is interested in anything shoot me a pm.  Thanks.


1PW Q &A

2 Cold Scorpio (Straight Shootin', ROH)

Adult Underground w/ Deanna (RF)

Al Perez (VHS conversion)

Amy Lee

Ballard Brothers (Wrestlewarehouse.com, 2 discs)

Becky Bayless

Behind Closed Doors w/ Don Muraco (RF)

Behind Closed Doors w/ Jake Roberts (RF)

Behind Closed Doors w/ Kevin Sullivan (RF)

Behind Closed Doors w/ Raven vol. 2 (RF)

Behind Closed Doors w/ Steve Corino (RF)

Beverly Brothers (RF)

Billy Jack Haynes (RF, 2 discs)

Blackjack Mulligan (Highspots, 2 discs)

Blue Meanie (Straight Shootin', ROH)

Bob Roop (4 discs)

Brisco Brothers (Jack & Jerry, Legends Fanfest)

Bull Pain

CCW A Tribute to Starcade Q&A

Chaz 'Mosh' Warrington (RF)

Chris Hero (RF)

Christian Cage (Straight Shootin', ROH)

Christopher Daniels (Straight Shootin, ROH)

Colt Cabana & CM Punk (Straight Shootin', ROH)

Colt Cabana's European Vacation (2 discs)

Crash Holly (VHS conversion, RF)

Dana Dameson (VHS conversion, RF)

Daniel Puder

Dick Slater

ECWA Super 8 2006 Q &A

Erik Watts (Highspots, 2 discs)

Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young (RF)

Foxxy Dreams (DOI)

Gabe Sapolsky's Book of ROH Secrets (Kayfabe Commentaries)

George South

George Steele (RF)

Godwinns (RF)

Guest Booker: Gabe Sapolsky (Kayfabe Commentareies)

Guest Booker: Greg Gagne (Kayfabe Commentaries)

Guest Booker: JJ Dillion (Kayfabe Commentaries)

Guest Booker: Kevin Sullivan (Kayfabe Commentaries)

Guest Booker: Luke Williams (Kayfabe Commentaries)

Guest Booker: Raven (Kayfabe Commentaries)

In the Office w/ Rene Goulet (Kayfabe Commentaries)

In Bed w/ Sinn & Stacey Carter (2 discs)

Jerry Lynn (RF)

Jerry Lynn (SMV)

Jim Neidhart (VHS conversion, RF, 2 discs)

Jimmy Yang (Straight Shootin', ROH)

Joey Matthews (RF)

Kayfabe Commentaries presents Blood - The Hennig Family

Kevin Sullivan and the Death of WCW (Kayfabe Commentaries)

Kevin Von Erich (RF)

Kimberly Page

Koko B. Ware

Kristi Myst (RF, 2 discs)

Legends of the Ring 3 Q & A

Lenny Lane

Lodi (Highspots, 2 discs)

Magnum T.A. & Nikita Koloff

Manny Fernandez (RF)

Mark Lewin (RF)

Masked Superstar Q & A (Capitol Legends)

Michael Modest

Midnight Express (Stane Lane & Bobby Eaton)

Mike Rotundo (Straight Shootin', ROH)

Missing Link (DVD to DVD recorder, Highspots)

Moondog Rex (RF)

Mountain Fiji (RF)

Mr Fuji (VHS conversion, RF)

Mr Fuji (Straight Shootin', ROH)

My Side of the Story: Greg Valentine & Tito Santana (Kayfabe Commentaries)

Nick Dinsmore (RF)

Nova (Mike Bucci)

NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest 2007: Ted Dibiase

NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest 2010: Mr Wrestling II Q &A

On the Road w/ Jake Roberts (2 discs, RF)

Original Midnight Express (Condrey & Rose) (RF)

Pat Tanaka (VHS conversion, Smartmark, 2 discs)

Patriotic Pro Wrestling Q & A (Valentine, Beefcake & Piper, RF)

Paul Ellering (Straight Shootin', ROH)

Paul Ellering (RF)

Powers of Pain (VHS conversion, RF)

Raven (Secrets of the Ring, ROH)

Raven & Sandman vol. 1 (Striaght Shootin', ROH) 
Raven & Sandman vol. 2 (Striaght Shootin', ROH)

Ricky Morton (2 discs, RF)

Ron Bass (Highspots)

Scott Casey (RF)

Scott Hall (2 discs, RF)

Scotty Riggs (2 discs)

Sean Waltman (2 discs)

Sheepherders (RF)

Slick (RF)

Steve Corino (Straight Shootin', ROH)

Steve Smith (WCCW Bodyguard)

Steve Williams

Summer Rains (Ringdivas)

Sunny (NoKayfaben.com)

Talia & Monsta Mack (2 discs)

Terry Funk 2003 (RF)

Terry Funk Ring Roasts Disc 2 only

Terry Gordy

The Great Debate 2008 (Race & Sammartino)

Tim Horner

Tom Brandi (RF)

Tommy RIch (RF)

Tonga Kid (RF)

Tully Blanchard (VHS conversion, RF)

Val Venis

Venus (Ringdivas)

Wrestler's Rescue Interview set

Xavier (DOI, 2 discs)

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I was wondering if I may but the Straight Shootin' with CM Punk and Colt Cabana DVD. I live within the United States of America. I am willing to pay for postage. I was looking all over for this curtain dvd. If you still have it, i will gladly buy it soon. Please reply or e-mail me at katiefrazier4@gmail.com. Thanks

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The couple of people who ordered discs over the weekend, their packages are being posted out at lunchtime today.


The list is fully update now, everything that has been sold has been removed whilst I've added a bunch of new stuff that I've decided to part with. 


Any interest on what remains just send me a pm.



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