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Warning! Ebay user caolancantwell Avoid at all costs


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Just warning fellow fans and ebay users that i have recently had trouble with ebay user coalancantwell.

The user placed bids on a number of my wrestling DVDs this week and then ask to cancel these bids straight away stating that the same items had been found cheaper elsewhere which is not a valid reason to cancel bids according to ebays policies.

After contacting the seller to inform them that this was the case they refused to pay if the auction ended with them being the winning bidder.

Ebay were informed and they instructed me to proceed with an unpaid item(s) claim if the buyer did not pay after three days of the auction(s) ending.

The auctions ended with this bidder ending up winning all of the auction listings they had placed bids on and then i had an email from the buyer asking me to "send me an amended invoice with discounted postage and i will pay",No please or thank you just demands which really got up nose.

I sent the buyer an amended invoice with discounted postage anyway along with a sarcastic reply to the demands and then received a rather snotty reply stating that i was trying to rip them off,baring in mind that by calculating the differences between the two amounts they would be getting one DVD including postage FREE OF CHARGE.

Buyer paid eventually once i had promised to contact ebay after the normal three days no payment period had expired.


Apologies for going on a bit but i would'nt want anyone to deal with this buyer and have the same trouble i did.


Rant over



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If it's Alan Cantwell who's the Ebay hero, he's also a Dr who said AIDS is a man-made disease which was invented for biological warfare. So if you keep on moaning about him "Steve" he'll give you the AIDS.

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And a valid warning for anyone who uses the forums and/or EBay for selling wrestling merchandise.


Its useful to know who and how people are trying to shaft you. I've had two this year including one loony trying to stop people buying from me as I didn't leave feedback as so as he paid.

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