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Nigel McGuinness' new kickstart promotion


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Anyone seen this? He's asking for $370,000. That's quite lofty for an experimental vanity project. That's over 3 times that of Jeff Katz WRP thing, which we never saw. The concept itself is very suspect as well. You look at Lucha Underground, and that thing has Robert Rodriquez and Mark Burnett behind it, and that costs far more than $370,000 per episode. Lucha Underground has the best production and some top visionaries behind it and that has extremely limited appeal. Few people watch it. Its not some kickstarter thing. I respect anyone for having a different take on wrestling, but this "Breaking Bad and MMA" influence is very vague and pretty snobby I reckon. Even the biggest pro graps fan who takes it super seriously likes a bit of ha-ha in there. I think McGuinness is overthinking what the general fanbase wants. People want to see good wrestling and good characters. You dont need to reinvent the wheel.


Here you go.


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Someone posted it in another thread, might have been minor news items? The best part is Nigel saying it's not a pie in the sky idea despite it being exactly that. It's like there's a group of wrestlers who sit around all day dreaming up some idea to save them from having to get real jobs. I'm surprised Kickstarter isn't full of them yet. Breaking Bad meets pro wrestling meets MMA. If the rumours are right and Lucha Underground are struggling to get $500 a pop for ad spaces on their show then how in the world would this pipe dream recoup that money?


Completely reinvent the genre? I've been hearing that for the past 15 years. 

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I'm not entirely sure what the end result is supposed to be with this?

Is it just going to be 6 episodes streamed online to the investors?

Or are they planning to sell it to a network?

If that is the case and for some reason someone chose the $5,000 executive producer title, would that carry over to an actual credit on a network and you would have to get paid from it?

Or is it just a shit thing to make you feel good and actually means nothing? (Pretty sure I know the answer, but just checking.)


Having never really heard about the guy or anyone else in the video (besides Colt from the Punk podcast), it just seems so amateurish. I can't imagine someone being undecided watching the video and then seeing a bit part actor or no name stand up and thinking they give the video credibility, thus having to invest.


One thing I noticed was the cast - 38! Surely that number isn't right? For 6 episodes. I can't even think of a tv show that has 38 cast members on it. Has a wrestling promotion besides wwe even got 38 wrestlers?

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