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Review a Royal Rumble Thread - V2.0


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Thought I'd start this early to give everyone a chance to take part. Basically looking for volunteers to watch and review as many of the 27 Royal Rumble matches as possible. Add your name below to take part. Rumbles will be allocated randomly by me but if you have easier access to a particular year because you own the DVD/VHS/XVid/Mpeg/Network then feel free to plead your case.


There are only three rules:


a) You must review the Rumble you are allocated

b) You must be entertaining

c) You must own a stop watch


There will be a prize for the person who writes the best received article. That prize may or may not be entry #30 in the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble.

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If no one minds, I would love to give one of these a go. Having seen these threads before it seems fun, plus I've not really seen many Rumbles so that would be a plus.


(I will do my best to make it entertaining, I probably should given the fact my few contributions have been posts about race, the poor and betting. So remember that and grade on a curve for me.)

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