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Hot and Not - November 2014


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So who or what is hot right now and who or what is really not. List as many as you like on either side. Give reasons.




Dario Cueto - The authority of Lucha Underground. The new best non-wrestler in wrestling.


Prince Puma/Richochet - How incredible is this guy? WWE passed on him. Seriously. He's eveything they don't have with Rey Misterio finished. fans would fucking adore this guy.


Catrina - Formally Maxine in WWE. Absolutley stunning looking and with an incredible gimmick of licking people's faces. If the Bushwackers gave you a hard-on, Catrina will finish you off.


Ryback - Great return as the babyface arse-kicker he was two years ago. Thy've rushed him into competitive matches but in fairness, the positioning of him as an object of desire for both Team Authority and Team Cena.


Triple H - In the form of his life. That little dance to "another one bites the dust" this week was the highlight of Raw.


Steph's tits - Do they grow by the week? Are these elasticated dresses she's wearing inflatable? Who knows but they're mesmerising.


Randy Orton - The RKO fad has passed a little but he became popular enough to produce a decent turn. Cooling because of the rotten timing of his movie filming.


Tyson Kidd - Hot is an exageration but the guy is on TV and winning matches. For him that's pretty much THE SUN.


BritWres - With the very good talent currently being displayed on a widely available channel in a great slot on Sunday nights, can promotions capitalise on a some great publicity?




Brock Lesnar - I keep forgetting he's the World champ. I'm all in favour of him as champion. But for crying out loud involve him on every show. A vignette, a pre-record, a Heyman interview, hell, even a classic match.


Dean Ambrose - Two months ago, an appearance from Ambrose made grown men cream in their pants. Now he's in a pretty confusing feud with Bray Wyatt and his Dad is a jailbird. I think.


John Cena - I'm a huge Cena mark. I don't think I've ever been less interested in what he's up to. As for him facing Brock again, who gives a shit? Cena vs. rusev is the only thing on the horizon that might make him interesting right now.


Erick Rowan - I might be jumping the gun on this one but the poor bastard has gone from being a constantly improving half of one of the best tag teams in WWE to a weirdo in a clean boiler suit looking for Renee.


Vince McMahon - Absolutely senile. Someone lock him up. After he's done a shoot interview.


GWF - There's a vacancy opening up for a second national promotion. I thought Jarrett might do something big. A mainly Jap show with JR commentating isn't really it.

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There's also Bellatrix & WAW on Saturday nights on MyChannel, though I have no idea how many people get that channel. I've enjoyed the shows.



Continuing on from Prince Puma/Ricochet. THAT match with Johnny Mundo from the 1st episode of Lucha Underground was creamworthy.

Finn Balor - although his name is awful, he looked immense in the debut and debut match on NXT recently. And his music is awesome.




The promo's at the start of TNA's Knockout pay-per-view, apart from when EC3 went to Maxine/Katrina/whatever said "Have we met before?".

WWE 2K15 on Xbox 360/PS3 - it looks a bit shit, and all the reviews says it's a bit shit.

Said already, but Global Force Wrestling not actually having a show, and just presenting someone else's show. Have a damn show already!

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Been a big fan of Ricochet for a while now - anyone know if he's good at the talking stuff too? If he can deliver a promo, then the groundwork is there for him to be a massive star down the road. He's only just 26 as well.


From the few brief times i've seen him talk he isn't great but he's alot more comfortable on the mic than he used to be.  He's definitely charismatic but i'm not sure he can convey it on the mic. 

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Ryback - It's just like the Ryback pre April 2013 has travelled to November 2014 via a time machine and everything that happened in that time gap to dilute the character has ceased to be. The majority of the fan base seem to be ready to except the big guy as a big deal. Hopefully the momentum he has right now is not killed off AGAIN. 


TNA British Boot Camp 2 - I loved the fact that the first Boot Camp gave Rockstar Spud a well deserved launch pad but I wasn't a big fan of many aspects of the show itself, it seemed to be a little too OTT for my tastes. So going into the second Boot Camp season my expectations weren't high. It turns out that I absolutely love this show. It feels much more grounded (by wrestling standards at least) in it's presentation and it's done wonders for the reputations of many of the UK workers represented on it, whether they've advanced to the finals or not.  


and speaking of Boot Camp


Dave Mastiff - It also makes me happy to see Dave Mastiff coming across so well. He's a true presence and he genuinely can do things in a Wrestling ring that you won't see other men of his build even attempt to do, never mind doing them and making them look so good. He's worked very hard for well over 10 years now and I wish him nothing but continued success. 


ICW - There is a great feeling about them right now and it feels like it's only going to get better. They seem to be doing everything right and getting the right kind of attention from the right kind of people, plus any wrestling promotion that gets JIMMY CORKHILL involved in an angle deserves all the success in the World!


Tyson Kidd - I never thought i'd say this but Tyson Kidd has become a highlight of any WWE show he's currently on. I've always rated his ring work but on NXT he's built up a great heel character and interaction with Natalya that has now transferred over to the main shows. I don't think he'll ever be more than a mid card act and this little push he's getting right now may be long forgotten a few months down the line...but right now i'm enjoying it. He also has his cats on his ring attire!


Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt - I love everything about these two as individuals, the fact that they are now feuding is even better. It's early days in the feud but so far so good. 





Erick Rowan - I could be jumping the gun on this and my gut feeling may end up being totally off, but I feel that Rowan is on the path to becoming a comedy character. It may be cool for a few months and give him some TV time, but what then? I can see Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper remaining in high level positions while Rowan becomes an afterthought if he's not careful. It'll be interesting to look back on this 6 months to a year from now and see if my gut feeling is correct.


Zack Ryder - I remember being at the Survivor Series in 2011 and inside MSG before the show it seemed like EVERYBODY was chanting for Zack Ryder. In that small moment of time he was as over as anyone.  In the promo the Rock gave after the PPV went off the air he had to address a Ryder chant. 


Now he's injured and nobody really seems to care. I never thought the guy would be a long time main event act but back in November 2011 I thought he was headed for a lengthy upper mid card run...but his Ryder Revolution actually peaked that night in MSG.

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