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UK Wrestling DVDS for sale *ALL MUST GO*


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Just moved home. These all need to go, I dont have enough space. Whats not sold is going to be binned. So grab yourself a load of bargains. Im open to offers (not stupid).



Mark Haskins in Japan

FWA Academy: Jody Fleish Shoot Interview

IPW:UK Martin Stone Shoot Interview

IPW: UK: A Taste Of IPW

PW 101: A Perfect Twist of Fate

RQW Rebrith

RQW No Pain, No Gain

IPW:UK Vs FWA Final Frontiers

IWW Lucan Sarsfield

IWW Supershow 2004

IWW Whiplash TV Episodes 1-4

GPW 5th Anniversary Show

IWP The Gathering

FWA Academy: Supercard 3

FWA Academy Steve Lynski Shoot Interview

FWA Academy UK Pitbulls Shoot Interview

FWA Academy Jonny Storm Shoot Interview

IPW:UK Caged Warfare

IPW:UK Hotwired

IPW:UK Pac vs Danielson

FWA: Academy Havant 6.1

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