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I don't think length of thread necessarily = level of outrage.


If I started a thread titled "Pol Pot - was he a bit of a bad egg?", it'd probably be a pretty short discussion.

Give it a pop, because he was a right sod.

Nah he was just being ironic.

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Or was he?


This just popped up on my Facebook, felt kind of related:




Who is spokesperson for this lovely  lot:




"Through a program comprising online videos and in-person classes, the company has built a business model which preys on lonely desperate men, offering them the promise of female sexual attention through force when it doesn’t exist by will. The instruction and promotion of abuse and the total violation of consent is this company’s stock in trade." (Guardian)[/size]

That's the same guy we already discussed on page 5/6 of the thread. You were part of the discussion!


That said, I didn't know he was part of / spokesperson for Real Social Dynamics. That's actually the organisation that they talk about starting in the book The Game.


That actually ties in to what I was saying earlier.. when I read the book The Game (several years ago now), the way Neil Strauss told the story with him as the protagonist it was easy to sympathise with this tale of "super nerdy awkward guy builds his confidence and has wild adventures".


He goes on to talk about how when they built this scene it turned quickly into this second generation of hyper-aggressive and entitled guys that he left behind. So I guess it's no surprise to see that, past its proper boom, the remnants of it are all the worst things about it, and taken to extremes.


(He does still come off as a bit deluded in the book though, but sympathisable-with for the purposes of the narrative).

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Ouch.  She didn't let him off the hook, and you went from feeling a bit sorry for him to realising that he was trying to come across as the victim.  Thoroughly filleted.

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