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GPW: "Friday Night Thriller VIII" Wigan, Oct 3rd, Tix £8

Mr. Noble

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Our most unpredictable night of the wrestling year, Friday Night Thriller is back for it's 8th installment. On Friday October 3rd make sure you're there, because Friday Night Thrillers never fail to hold more than a few surprises! Here's the poster:





Venue: The Rose Club, Atherton Rd. Hindley WN2 3EU 


Doors: 7pm Show: 7:30pm


Tickets: £8 per person / £28 per family of 4 available at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop £9 / £29 on the door.


Card: First Time Singles Match, Heavyweight Title Match, Tag Title Match, Open Challenge plus much, much more!






8 Man Tag:

The Bad Lads, Maguire, Roberts v. Toxic Waste, Fashion, Hayes


Dylan Roberts returns to team up with the impressive Bad Lads and the Lone Wolf Nick Maguire to take on GPW stalwart and fan favorite, Joey Hayes along with new comer Midnight Dream Connection's, Jett Fashion plus two of the most popular wrestlers in GPW history, Cyanide and Bin Man, Toxic Waste in what promises to be a huge intriguing 8 Man Tag!




Main Event GPW Heavyweight Title 4 on 1 Elimination Match:

The Cause © v. Dirk Feelgood


Dirk Feelgood shocked the wrestling world when he came out of a 2.5 year retirement from the commentary desk to reveal himself as the surprise entrant in the Thunderbrawl Rumble, entering No.30, eliminating Cause leader Dave Rayne and winning the No.1 Contendership to the Heavyweight title. At Friday Night Thriller 8, he gets his shot at the title and has the chance to become an unprecedented 3 time champ. However, it won't be easy....


The Cause, undefeated as champions and granted co-holder status to the title always have a trick up their sleeve and Dirk will have to secure 4 pin falls in a row to prise the championship away from the factions grip, whereas all The Cause need to do is pin Dirk once to retain. Having defeated all previous competition in Cyanide, Bubblegum, DDL, Nat Travis, Bin Man, Sexy Kev and more The Cause still very much hold all the cards, but there has been one thing ringing in their ears since the Rumble and they were Dirk's words of: "i'm coming with a plan, i'm coming with a Masterplan...." who knows what that could mean. Find out what happens on October 3rd!




Gallagher's Grapple Challenge: 


Since the turn of the year, Jack Gallagher has been on a mission to prove that he is #BetterThanBanks In his latest attempt he volunteered to be entrant No.1 in the Rumble and vowed to go all the way and win it, just as Banks did the year before. He didn't manage to do that, as CJ Banks eliminated him at No.23. So angry that his plan was foiled by the very man he was trying to out-do, Gallagher pulled Banks out of the Rumble match as the two fought furiously around the ring and then backstage. 


In his latest attempt to prove wrestling superiority over Banks, Gallagher has now issued a special Gallagher's Grapple Challenge, an open challenge on October 3rd to anyone. Who will answer the challenge? Find out Oct 3rd!




First Time Singles Match:

Smith v. Kirby w/ Noah


It was the self proclaimed "Hindley Hero", Martin Kirby who jumped in to replace the injured Ashton Smith in the 4-way for the British Title at Thunderbrawl stating "Ashton didn't care enough about the fans to wrestle injured, but the Hindley Hero did". Ashton has taken exception to the comments made and has requested a first time singles match with Kirby, who of course will have Noah by his side. A hell of a match awaits here, don't miss it!




Official Contract Signing:

Travis / Leigh


At Thunderbrawl, when asked the question "when will he fight Nate Travis?" Damon Leigh answered by stating he wouldn't fight him until an official contract was drawn up and he was able to look at all the terms and conditions to be exactly sure what he was getting himself into. So, here we have it, the two will meet in the middle of the ring to sign a contract to fight. These things never go down without incident, so make sure you're there to see exactly what happens!




GPW Tag Team Title Match:

Island Brothers © w/ Simon R. Valour v. The Proven


The undefeated champions defend against the number one contenders in a match filled to the brim with bad blood.


These two teams have been at each others throats for months on end, both unable to get one up on the other. That was until, the savage Island Brothers decided to try and cost Caz Crash his sight as they ferociously bit and hacked away at his right eye. The effects of their brutal attack sidelined Crash for 4 months, but now, with his vision almost restored he and his partner Sam Wilder are ready to take on Rio and Tabu for the coveted GPW Tag Team Titles. Personally, I can't wait for this one as 4 of the country's stand out stars for the future do battle in what will be one to remember.




British Title Warm Up Match:

T-Bone w/ Lana v. Nastic


The dastardly pair, T-Bone and Lana plotted between them to ruin Sexy Kev's big day. T-Bone crashed the wedding and before they reached their "i do's" T-Bone had duped Kev into a match where he put his GPW wedding present (the No.1 Contendership to the British Title) on the line. Seeing gold in her eyes, Lana then rubbed salt into the wounds of her former lover by costing him the match and leaving with the new No.1 Contender, T-Bone! Now T-Bone has requested a warm up match before taking on Ligero in November and Track 'n Field's high flying sensation, Jim Nastic as stepped up. However, Nastic will not only have T-Bone to contend with, Lana will be at his side!  



Tickets for this event are on sale right now, head over to http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop and grab yours now!!!


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Bumping this one up for tomorrow night!! And, to give you guys a chance to see a free GPW match. Not just any match, but in view this match was probably the best ever main event match in our rich 11 year history. It was also, Dirk Feelgoods last appearance as an active wrestler. He returns to the ring tomorrow night to try and stop The Cause, and become a 3 time Heavyweight Champ!


Get yourself in the mood, and Feelin' Good with this High Stakes No DQ 4-Way Main Event from Battlefield 2, June 1st 2012.


Enjoy, and we hope to see you tomorrow night!


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Ashton Smith def Martin Kirby w/Noah

After the match, Kirby and Smith agreed to another match with 2 stipulations. If Kirby wins, Smith is banned from Hindley TESCO but if Smith wins, Kirby must leave Wigan! This match will take place at "Final Fight" on November 21st.


Joey Hayes, Jett Fashion w/Crissy and Toxic Waste def Dylan Roberts w/AAA Tasker, Nick Maguire and The Bad Lads


Tag Team Title Match

The Island Brothers (ch) w/ Mr. Simon R. Valour def The Proven to retain after a restart. The Proven had originally won the match by pin fall. However, Valour informed the referee that Rio's foot was on the rope during the pin so the match resumed.


Gallagher's Grapple Challenge

Jack Gallagher def Mike Track via submission

Jack Gallagher def Wahoo Thunderfoot via submission

Jack Gallagher def The British BullFROG via pinfall (holding the tights).
Post match, The Bullfrog unmasked to reveal he was none other than CJ Banks. Banks challenged Gallagher to a 2/3 Falls match at "Final Fight" on November 21st.


"Deadly" Damon Leigh and Nate Travis signed their contract. Travis revealed their bout on November 21st will be a "Last Man Standing" Match.


T-Bone w/Lana def Jim Nastic. Next month at "Final Fight" on November 21st, T-Bone will face El Ligero and the GPW British Title will be on the line!

Heavyweight Title Match
Dirk Feelgood was set to face The Cause, 4 on 1. However, before the match got underway, Feelgood revealed he had backup in the form of RJM and Johnnie "Heresy" Brannigan! Brannigan and RJM fought Axl Rage and Sean Daniels to the back leaving Dave alone to defend the title against Dirk Feelgood albeit with Melanie Price in his corner.



Dirk Feelgood def Dave Rayne to WIN the title!!

Dirk Feelgood is the NEW GPW Heavyweight Champion. The first ever Three Time Heavyweight Champion in GPW history. The GPW fans were ecstatic after the match, moreso after Dirk invited everyone into the ring to celebrate!

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