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Night Of Champions Discussion-Spoilers etc


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Not a bad show all in all. Was surprised to see the IC and Divas titles changing hands. I thought the finish to the main event was atrocious. Does Cena really need to be protected that much? Consequently it made Brock look weak as he probably would have lost to both Cena and Rollins. It seems as if we'll get the rubber match inside the Cell which Lesnar has to win IMO.


What did the rest of you think?

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What started off fairly decent quickly lost momentum:

* Usos/Dusts was a fine opener and was a tonne of fun only let down by the commentary completely obliterating the Stardust character by calling him Goldust's brother. Obviously we all know it was, but to basically say "yeah, that's Cody Rhodes" completely sandbagged the character. Cole was the first one to do it by saying how Big Show had said they were both a team of brothers. Lawler try's to save it by asking "how do you know they (Gold and Star) are brothers?" To which Cole just says "they just know each other so well", and then they just give up and say that they are brothers.

* Cersaro/Sheamus was a fun hard hitting affair and both men came out of it looking decent.

* Miz/Ziggler wasn't as good as last month by still OK, shame that the commentators spent the whole thing licking the arse of Florida Georgia Line (whoever the fuck they are) who were special guests and were honoured to announce they will be performing at WWE's "honour our troops thing". So honoured he didn't know the name of it.

Miz regains the belt, which made the whole title switch last month completely pointless

* Rusev v The USA is past it's prime now by a long way. The US anthem gets sung midway through the show as Henry makes his entrance. I'm sure they'll extend Rusev the same courtesy...oh, apparently not. Shit slow paced match which Rusev gained nothing from (we all know he's going to get fed to Cena at some point)

* As predicted, Ambrose returns and has a brawl with Rollins, setting a big gimmick match at HIAC next month

* Orton/Jericho better than expected, but Orton is still fucking boring

* Divas three way had no heat as it was in the death spot. Paige bellowing the tower of doom spot at Cena levels of volume. AJ regains the title, which made the whole title switch last month completely pointless (I'm sure I've typed that once already)

* Lesnar/Cena was good even if Cena only threw windmill punches for the majority before hitting the AA bunch of times. As much as I would have loved for Cena to take another complete pasting, I also he had to get some offended in this time. And for a second I thought he was winning, thankfully Rollins causes a DQ for some reason. Highlight of the match was when they showed the welt on Cena's hip, someone in the shouts "if it bleeds, we can it!"

The fresh man Rollins goes to cash in but is chased off by the beaten down Cena.



So, what now?

With Reigns injured, Ambrose had to come back so that Rollins has someone to fight with, and Lesnar only has one babyface to work with. So Rollins/Ambrose and Cena/Lesnar both HITC to finish off both feuds are what I expect to happen.

Everything else is pretty interchangeable and of little importance seemingly. At least the US title actually came out looking like a title worth trying to win

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I thought it was a pretty poor show all in all. Was going to skip it, but I got a What'sApp message at half 9 this morning asking if I'd seen it so I guessed something decent must have happened. The finish to the main event was what I expected, though I was starting to have a horrible feeling that Cena was going to win just before Rollins came out.


I couldn't give a shit about any of the card other than what happened about Reigns' injury/Ambrose's return and the main event. I'd have preferred more of a surprise in the way Ambrose came out rather than Rollins, the heel, making an open challenge for the sake of it. When the crowd were chanting 'We want Ambrose', it was good that Rollins had something to cut them off with quickly.


The main event didn't get me excited. It seemed a foregone conclusion. Those two in Hell In A Cell could be great if they allow them to properly go at it. Let It Bleed.


Worrying lack of faces in the main event. May as well turn Orton face soon.

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I thought it was a decent event. The opener was good, it's rare that I don't enjoy a match with the guys involved. I wasn't bothered about the US Title match until the action began, but what a fun hard-hitting match it was. It's a shame that these two aren't entertaining outside of the ring.


Got bored during the IC title match, probably due to the commentators being more interested in whatever shit band were there. If the commentators don't give a shit about the match, why should I?


The Ambrose/Rollins brawl was good fun. Gotta love Dean Ambrose. Been a while since a wrestler has had the unpredictability factor like this guy. Rusev/Henry was shit. Personally, I hate these kind of xenophobic/patriotic storylines so I wasn't really bothered going in but the action itself didn't grip me either.


I wasn't overly interested in Orton/Jericho going into it but enjoyed it far more than I expected to. Shame their characters are staked than last week's crisps. Women's match was ok for what it was I suppose.


I enjoyed the main event. Obviously would be different to Summerslam and whilst the finish was a mild letdown, it was the most logical step taking things forward. Brock to retain at Hell in a Cell and Cena to go on to feud with Rollins til the end of the year.


Overall, a solid show that I enjoyed a lot more than expected to.

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Well thank christ for John Cena!


If Cena hadnt have stopped Rollins cashing in then it would have turned Lesnar face, something I dont want to see, for a good while.


I enjoyed the PPV, part of that my have been the fact I didnt have to pay for it.


Jericho/Orton and Sheamus/Cesaro were great matches.


Cena looked superb in the main.


Cena-Brock in Hell in a Cell anyone?


Thinking on, surely Ambrose should have made the cash in save?

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I may sound a bit Fin Martin here, but I though Cena's selling in the match was pathetic. It was good that they made the match more competitive, but he was in the Kimura like 6-7(?) times. And rarely if at all sold it after escaping. No limp arms, checking it etc. and he had plenty strength in it for the STF and brawl with Rollins. The viewers know it's capable of breaking limbs, both in storyline and legitimately. So how he managed to ahrig it off is beyond me. Decent match apart from that, but it really ruined the intensity for me.

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When Orton hit his "can see it coming 15 minutes in advance" RKO out of nowhere, what move was Jericho actually going for? That really bothers me  with the super RKO spot as most of the time the person taking it just dives straight into it. Jericho could've at least put at arm out to make it look like a clothesline instead of just planking off the turnbuckle.

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I haven't watched the current product for a while and I'm surprised to say so considering Brock is hanging about with the belt.


I do want to say; I hate how the wwe tease and false finish the MITB holder to cash in but it turns out that they don't. I struggle to see anything positive from it - The MITB holder will tend to look worse off for it and I doubt many fans will believe the holder will actually cash in when they come out. Which then doesn't come across a surprise when they fail to do so or are unsuccessful.

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Decent opener and I enjoyed Cesaro/Sheamus. Shame they are both only interesting as soon as they start beating the crap out of other big guys.


I was actually looking forward to the Henry match, then it was fucking dire. I'm genuinely not going to waste time watching him again. Just awful.


I skipped most of Orton and Jericho. They both usually bore me quite a lot unless they are against the right opponents, so I figured them together was a recipe for apathy.


Ziggler and Miz was inoffensive but bland. Seemed like simple lower card filler than two former world champions.


I'd have liked to see a full Ambrose/Rollins match, think it could have saved the show. I don't blame them for not going that route and what we got was good.


Main event was pretty dull. I have been conditioned to believe the third match in a series to be the "decider." Having a non-finish like that was just very deflating

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