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Original DVDs For Sale - Evolve, DGUSA & Resistance Pro


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Selling off some of my collection. Looking to sell these as complete lots rather than individual titles. Shipping included in price.


All bought new by me from either DGUSA or RFVideo.


Evolve 1-18 (Evolve 10 autographed by Ricochet) - £200


DGUSA 37 Shows (Multiple autographed see below) - £400

Open The Historic Gate (2 Disc)
Open The Untouchable Gate (2 Disc)
Open The Freedom Gate (2 Disc)
Fearless (2 Disc)
Open The Ultimate Gate (2 Disc)
Mercury Rising (2 Disc)
Open the Northern Gate (2 Disc)
Uprising (2 Disc)
Enter The Dragon: First Anniversay Celebration (2 Disc)
Untouchable 2010
Way Of The Ronin
Bushido Code Of The Warrior ** Autographed by Genki **
Freedom Fight 2010
United: NYC
United: Philly
United: Finale
Open The Southern Gate
Mercury Rising 2011
Open The Ultimate Gate 2011
Fearless 2011
Uprising 2011 ** Autographed by Ricochet **
Enter The Dragon 2011 ** Autographed by CIMA **
Chasing The Dragon 2011
Untouchable 2011
Way Of The Ronin 2011
Revolt ** Autographed by BxB Hulk & YAMATO **
Bushido: Code Of The Warrior 2011
Freedom Fight 2011
Heat ** Autographed by CIMA & Mochizuki **
Open The Ultimate Gate 2012
Mercury Rising 2012
Open The Golden Gate ** Autographed by Ricochet, Tozawa & Mochizuki **
Untouchable 2012
Enter The Dragon 2012: Third Anniversary Show
Fearless 2012
Uprising 2012
Freedom Fight 2012


Resistance Pro - First 13 Shows - £120

Black Friday
Vicious Circle
A Small Deadly Space
Taken By Force
Fair Warning
Just A Game
Point Of Entry
Sad Wings Of Destiny (2 Discs)
Stay Hungry
Among The Living
Mane Attraction

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