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Your essential workout tracks

John Matrix

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Me and Malbranque were discussing this the other day, i know this is a variation on the theme of a few topics on going, but fuck it..


I think we can safely call into question the penis size of anyone who dosent have the Rocky IV sountrack on their play list, so that goes without saying - so the question is this, you've got a gym session up ahead, what tracks are spurring you on to that all important extra rep?


Bonus points if your link also contains a training montage!


You're The Best



Moment of Truth



No Retreat No Surrender



Hold on to the Vision


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Giorgio Moroder - The Chase

I actually don't really listen to individual tracks when gymming - I like a continuous mix so you can zone out in the music; with individual tracks I find it's easier to get disctracted by tthe music instead it helping you to concentrate.


Here's a mixtape of my own that I made for the gym a while back, I still use it - 





Other than that I have a bunch of free David Guetta mixes I downloaded a few years ago that still get rotation.


I don't go to the gym very often anymore so my gym music selection doesn't really get updated, and this stuff is most frequently used for running outside.

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Rammstein 'mein herz brent' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHE-seRNpfcis a beast I always listen to while lifting heavy also 'Sonne' and 'freuer frei'


Rocky soundtrack is always around 


Currently listen to Seth Rollins theme its got a great tempo/riff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvR8OF5EkM8


I listen to alot of motivational stuff like this 





Depends what I'm doing or my mood, sometimes its heavier rock metal songs for lifting and Eminem hop hop type stuff for cardio

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I'm no workout fanatic, but when I'm on the old treadmill, I listen to Jean Michel Jarre's "Rendezvous Houston" concert.


I'll listen to everything that gets posted in here, but if you post it my old mucker, it's going straight to the top of the list.



Here is the full VHS version of the concert that was released. Whole thing was bloody mental.




I listen to "Equinoxe 5" mostly.

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Apart frame the formentioned Rocky IV and Karate Kid tracks, Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) by King Kobra was always blasting out in the mid 80's at Master Toddys gym in manchester.





And I worked out with them when they were relevant, biatches!

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Ah the old workout music! Something I can’t live without. Very frustrated lately as I’ve played pretty much every genre to fucking ruins and am in need of some new stuff, so you fucks better dig me out.

Staples in my workout include:


Rocky IV – War



Predator – Building A Trap



Skrillex – Reptiles Theme



Army of The Pharoahs – Spaz


Bloodsport – Fight To Survive



Dark Knight Rises – Why Do We Fall



Kickboxer –



Magneto Theme



LL Cool J – Ripper Strikes Back


Herbie Hancock – Sly


Billy Cobham – Panhandler


Scott Steiner Theme

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I cant listen to music in the gym. Dont you find the cable and the headphones themselves get in the way when you are lifting or even when youre jogging?




The cable does get in the way a bit.. but the alternative is boredom which is far worse. I get around it by not going to the gym at all. All the exercise I do these days is climbing and swimming, pretty much and you can't really listen to music whilst doing either of those*. They do a good circuits class at one of the climbing places I go to also, which is a fun change from time to time.


* although I understand you can get waterproof mp3 and headphones which would be cool. I must look into it and see some prices.

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My lord there’s some gems in here.  Of the one’s I’m less familiar with that song from Iron Eagle is right up my street.


I can’t believe I forgot about Stan Bush and Touch, I’m actually angry at myself for that, and Equinoxe 5 is a thing of beauty.  I’m really into instrumental stuff actually, anything that sounds like a movie score that I can submerge myself in while I’m working out – sounds ridiculous, but I will picture myself in a montage with the music over the top and find it really helps me crack on – this is from a man who hasn’t lifted weights in about 18mths now, but the lad is starting to sleep through so I’ve got a bit more oomph as a result.


I’ll add these into the mix today:


Mr Bush strikes again… Never Surrender



American Heartbeat






Push It to the Limit



and, just because they are from kids TV shows, dosent mean they aren’t blood pumpingly macho..


Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors





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