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Is that a Crooks reference? Yes it is.

I see that the Progress ultras or whatever they're called are dispelling the myth about them being total apologists for the company regarding the running time and are very sympathetic to the unfortuna

You know the drill for first timers. Get your wallet ready. Plenty of time to save up An interesting move. Looking at the venue, I'm sure it'll be a good one.

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That was a really enjoyable show. Id give detailed thoughts but my head is swimming with flu like symptoms.


Ill say two things though ; as exciting as the Riots/War Machine match was, sometimes less needs to be more, and there was a SHIT TON of stuff that got kicked out of that I really felt shouldnt have been and gloss was taken off the finish as it couldnt live up to some of the stuff that came before.


Also, the booking of Joel's refereeing in the mixed six person was mystifying. He just stood there watching SPPT have all 3 in the ring for fucking ages, especially as they set up some intricate triple teams, one of which was the finish. The first one, all three are in the ring, and Body Guy just stands there waiting for a tag. Now.... if you want to book a match where the ref has a mare (and Joel certainly had problems with the rules in BOTH the mixed matches today) I dont really have a problem. That happens in real sport too. But todays booking seemed to intentionally make both a ref AND one of the babyface wrestlers look stupid.


Oh well. Fun show otherwise, rant over, going to bed.

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Thought this was the most all round enjoyable show of the Manchester ones. Sometimes the first half can be a little flat but there was only the Dante / Coffey match that didn't really click.


Really fun to watch even of those beaming lights onto the stage have give me one hell of a headache. Back to the side seats next time.

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Went to the final chapter before Brixton tonight, it was a good show that set up stuff for the future without having loads of screwy moments.


Unfortunately, Southern Rail have ruined my journey home, so match results can wait until I have slept. Goodnight.

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Trent Seven and Pete Dunne beat Tyler Bate and Damien Dunne, then confronted guest commentary duo the London Riots.


Nixon Newell beat Alex Windsor.


Jack Gallagher submitted El Ligero in a 4-way with Eddie Dennis and Zack Gibson.


Joe Coffey beat Dave Mastiff to advance to the ATLAS tournament final


Shane Strickland beat Will Ospreay. Ospreay cut a promo afterwards blaming himself for repeated losses and is probably going to be absent for awhile.


Mark Haskins beat Mikey Whiplash. I really liked this.


Rampage Brown beat T-Bone in the other ATLAS semi.


Marty Scurll retained vs Mark Andrews via chickenwing, Andrews thought he had the match won with his shooting star press but Marty had his foot on the rope.

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Thanks for results! What happened with the Pastor/Sebastian?

sebastian came out with a chair, cut a paul bearer style 'i know your secret' promo. when the pastor came out, seb said he would reveal his secret later but gave pastor the chair so that he could get his revenge on him. the pastor refused so seb low blowed him and beat him up with the chair instead.

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Gadge, did I see you reading a book during the chair attack on the pastor??

Yes indeed. I decided that I didn't want to listen to Sebastian waffle on. I saw most of the attack though.


Seb didn't reveal the Pastor's secret, I don't think

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So, the entire Brixton card has taken shape:



Marty Scurll© vs. Mark Haskins vs. Tommy End


PROGRESS Tag Team Title:

London Riots© vs. Pete Dunne & Trent Seven


ATLAS (Title?) Tournament Final:

Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey


2/3 Falls:

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Tommaso Ciampa


If Origin Lose, They Must Disband:

Nathan Cruz, El Ligero, Dave Mastiff & Zack Gibson vs. Mark Andrews, Jack Gallagher, Eddie Dennis & Damon Moser


Pastor William Eaver vs. Sebastian


Nixon Newell, Laura DiMatteo & Pollyanna vs. Jinny, Alex Windsor & Dahlia Black

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