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WWF Raw for the Gameboy - Free


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EDIT: Someone got in touch saying that they would like it, and it has been posted to them.


I have found a copy of WWF Raw for the Gameboy. It was sitting on a mantelpiece downstairs. It's been sitting there for years as my Gameboy didn't make it out of the 90s. I have no idea if the game still works. I have no way to test it. All I have is the game and the plastic case.


Anyone who PMs me saying that they want it can have it. No charge. I will simply put the game in an envelope, put a first class stamp on that envelope and then put it in the post box at the end of my road. I imagine that a first class stamp will cover postage anywhere within the UK (it is only a Gameboy cartridge after all). If it doesn't then you are going to have to go to your local sorting office and pay the excess. Also, if a sticky fingered Post Office employee nicks it or if it gets lost in transit then that's how the cookie crumbles.


Read about the game at the Wiki link below.




A picture of my copy of the game.



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