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The John Cena Wrestlemania T-Shirt Colour Game



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As we all know, Cena being WWE's t-shirt moneymaking machine always gets a new t-shirt at Wrestlemania WM29_Photo_196.jpg

Yellow was last years winner



but what this time at Wrestlemania XXX? The WM logo is chock full of purple, maybe go with that. Or an extension of the neon green hes been sporting the last few months?

Or something else completely different?

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Last year's yellow one was just a colour reverse of the one he'd had for a couple of months at the time. Given he's only had the neon green on black one for a couple of months now, I'm going for a colour reverse again, so neon green it will be.

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Not always. That yellow one didn't debut at WrestleMania, he was wearing it on Raw before that. He did debut new shirts at the WrestleManias in 2011 and 2012, but not 2009 or 2010.


He's just had a new t-shirt out today.




If he does have another new one at WrestleMania, it'll probably be neon green to match the armbands.


Daniel Bryan's had another bunch of new shirts today as well.



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