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Dragon Gate 2014 UK Tour 25th & 26th July : Both DVDs released&#33

Mark Sloan

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It is 2 months ago today that we arrived at Broxbourne for the 2014 tour, and we are pleased to announce both event DVDs are instock and shipping today!

All pre-orders have already been dispatched too!

Dragon Gate UK : Yamato vs Yokosuka 2 DVD


Dragon Gate UK "Yamato v Yokosuka 2" Event DVD

A huge night for Dragon Gate UK, quite possibly the most loaded card we've produced. CIMA takes on Naruki Doi in a singles contest. Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll explode and settle their differences in a No DQ match with Scurll's career on the line, Yamato and Yokosuka face off in the epic rematch from last years tour and then, after all that is said and done. Tozawa and Ricochet go one on one in the evenings main event. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

Match Listings

Rich Swann vs Lion Kid vs Uhaa Nation vs Will Osprey
BxB Hulk vs Yoshino
CIMA vs Naruki Doi

Yamato vs Susumu Yokosuka
Marty Scurll vs Mark Haskins *No DQ*
Ricochet vs Akira Tozawa

3 Camera Edit,
Optional Commentary

DVD Trailer Here -

Order Now - Here

Remember Order before September 30th to receive the Bonus Match (Martin Kirby vs Wild Boar for Free via On Demand) Purchase Dragon Gate UK Yamato v Yokosuka 2 DVD

Dragon Gate X DVD

Dragon Gate UK "X" Event DVD

We have finished production on the first of the 2014 Event DVDs, and to say it's our best yet is a huge understatement, the presentation, cover art, video quality is by far the best we have produced. The show itself is one of our favourite shows, with the Hulk and Yamato match being hailed as match of the weekend. The outstanding dual tag matches and the debut's of Will Osprey and Uhaa Nation! An action packed start to the 2014 double header of shows.

Match Listings

Akira Tozawa vs Will Osprey
Uhaa Nation vs Lion Kid
CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka vs Naruki Doi & Yoshino

BxB Hulk vs Yamato
Ricochet & Akira Tozawa vs Mark Haskins & Marty Scurll

3 Camera Edit,
Optional Commentary

DVD Trailer Here -

Order Now - Here

Remember Order before September 30th to receive the Bonus Match (Yoshino vs Wild Boar for Free via On Demand) Purchase Dragon Gate UK X DVD

Are Proud To Present

Dragon Gate 2014 Tour Announced.

We asked if you wanted a UK tour in July and the answer was a resounding yes! As promised we bring you two huge events on Friday July 25th and Saturday July 26th at the Broxbourne Civic Hall. Two huge events are planned, the excitement levels are cranked up and we're very hopeful of two packed houses as we present the 10th and 11th official Dragon Gate UK events. The amazing crowds from last year were off the charts and Dragon Gate couldn't wait to come back to the UK with several roster members requesting to ensure they are included despite coming days after the huge Kobe World event (DG's biggest event of the year) their schedule is such that this weekend was the only available one in 2014 and possibly even 2015 too!

Not too much else to say other than tickets are onesale and in short supply and we have an absolutely set of shows, so get ready, these are going to be some of best the events we have ever put on. The countdown is on..................

We're on Facebook! Like us?

We are now on Facebook (facebook.com/dragongateuk) and have event pages set up both nights of the tour and of course our twitter (@dragongateuk) has information about tour merchandise and goings on...

Please join us on the social media sites for the latest news and information about the events. The Facebook page in particular is being slowly updated with lots of past media, artwork and photos. The page will be the first (and only) place we upload some of our incredible past event photos which have graced the DVD covers and posters for the last few years.

If there is anything specific you would like to see? Let us know and we'll do our best to accomodate it!

Link - Dragon Gate UK Facebook Page - and like please!

Get your Rawr on!

Now available is an official Lion Kid replica face mask, these Adult masks are extremely well made and have an excellent likeness to the Team UK members actual mask.

Priced at �14.99 plus 1p shipping over at DragonGateUK.com and already moving pretty sharply, assuming there is any left by the time the shows arrive, they will be onsale there too!

Purchase on Dragongateuk.com now



2014 UK Tour Shirt!

With all of the current attending factions and competing wrestlers names on, the show dates at the Show X and II symbols. We think it stands out from the previous shirts and is also in keeping with the style of our merchandise lines. We will confirm price, size availability once we receive sufficient feedback, or we'll see what else our designers can draw up should there be disapproval...

Dragon Gate UK 2014 UK Tour Shirt.............


Event Details
Date : Friday July 25th
Doors Open : 7pm,
Show Start : 7.30
Est Finish : 10.15
Venue :
Broxbourne Civic Hall
High Street
EN11 8BE

Tickets : �45, �27.50, �22.50
Broxbourne Seating Plan : [ Click Here]







Bonus Match

Competitors with Matches Still to be announced - Lion Kid, Will Osprey, BxB Hulk, TBC


DG:UK - Yokosuka v Yamto II
Date : Saturday July 26th
Doors Open : 7pm,
Show Start : 7.30
Est Finish : 10.00
Venue :
Broxbourne Civic Hall
High Street
EN11 8BE

Tickets : �45, �27.50, �22.50
Broxbourne Seating Plan : [ Click Here]







Bonus Match ---------------


Competitors with Matches Still to be announced - Yoshino, Rich Swann, Lion Kid, BxB Hulk, Will Osprey, TBC


Sunday July 27th
Earls Court
From 10am - 5pm
Tickets - www.hyperjapan.co.uk

Dragon Gate UK are pleased to announce their participation at the huge HYPER JAPAN convention on Sunday July 27th at Earls Court.

Following the two Dragon Gate UK live events at Broxbourne on the 25th and 26th of July, we will be appearing on Sunday in the world famous Earls Court convention hall.

Group 1

From 10am � 11am, will be your chance to get inside the Dragon Gate wrestling ring and have your photo taken! Who knows there may be a wrestler or two around to get your photo taken with! Please ensure you have a camera phone or digital camera with you!

At 11am, we will have two exclusive matches for the HYPER JAPAN audience! Which have been announced below!

After the conclusion of the second match around Midday, we will have the stars of Dragon Gate UK signing autographs and posing for photos with the members of the audience! There will also be authentic Dragon Gate merchandise and 8x10 photos, DVDs and goods available for purchase until 1pm


Wild Boar & Lion Kid vs Naruki Doi & Yamato
Team UK battle the dastardly Mad Blankey in a tag team encounter. One of Europe�s top highflyers the Masked Lion Kid teams with the aggressive Wild Boar to take on current Open the Dream Gate champion, �The Battleship� Yamato and one of the most recognisable names in Dragon Gate, Naruki Doi who comprise the Mad Blankey faction. This is a first time ever and exclusive match up for HYPER JAPAN.


Mark Haskins and Martin Kirby vs Marty Scurll and Susumu Yokosuka
Team UK members Mark Haskins and Martin Kirby team for the first time to take on fellow Team UK member Marty Scurll and the �Technical Master� Susumu Yokosuka. An all star match of sorts, with both teams having never worked together and neither Kirby or Haskins having faced off against Susumu Yokosuka.

Mark Haskins has toured Japan extensively, Marty Scurll and Martin Kirby are perfect examples of 21st century British Wrestling and Susumu Yokosuka is the epitome of the Dragon Gate style of Wrestling. Four hugely talented competitors will showcase the best of professional wrestling on July 27th

Then there will be a short break until the second session starting at 2pm!

Group 2

From 2pm � 3pm, will be your chance to get inside the Dragon Gate wrestling ring and have your photo taken! Who knows there may be a wrestler or two around to get your photo taken with! Please ensure you have a camera phone or digital camera with you!

At 3pm, we will have two exclusive matches for the HYPER JAPAN audience! Which have been announced below!

After the conclusion of the second match around 4pm, we will have the stars of Dragon Gate UK signing autographs and posing for photos with the members of the audience! There will also be authentic Dragon Gate merchandise and 8x10 photos, dvds and goods available for purchase until 5pm


Lion Kid vs Yamato
Another first time match up, although they will have faced off in a tag match earlier in the day, then in the afternoon session they will face off in singles competition. The speed and agility of the New Forest highflyer will be put to the test by the rugged and gritty �Battleship� Yamato in an all out styles clash. Yamato is the current world champion of Dragon Gate and he will be eager to face (and defeat) another worldwide competitor to further his already stellar reputation, while the Lion Kid will look to further add another very impressive name to his already stacked resume.


Susumu Yokosuka vs Naruki Doi
Two of the biggest Names in Dragon Gate Japan, the multiple time world champion Naruki Doi and the charismatic �Technical Master� Susumu Yokosuka. This is a Pay-Per-View quality battle and a match up that hasn�t happened in the UK so far and an exclusive for the HYPER JAPAN event.
We are very happy to have two huge competitors facing off in a massive singles contest on July 27th at Earls Court.

Confirmed Stars : Ricochet, CIMA, Susumu Yokosuka, Yamato, Naruki Doi, Akira Tozawa, Yoshino, BxB Hulk, Rich Swann, Marty Scurll, Mark Haskins, Lion Kid, Will Osprey, TBA

Bonus Match Competitors : Wild Boar, Martin Kirby, TBA, TBA,



DG UK Record 1-2

Dragon Gate's first ever Gaijin Open the Dream Gate Champion, Ricochet has had a meteoric rise through the ranks, both in the USA & in Japan. Within a year of his debut in Japan, he had won nearly every title the company has to offer. Forming the Spiked Mohicans team with CIMA, they held the Twin & United Gate tag titles at the same time. They were never beaten for either title. His Double Rotation Moonsault is perhaps the most incredible move in wrestling.

Making is DG:UK last year in the main event of night 1 against Shingo, the future of flight wowed the Broxbourne faithful with a spectacular debut and despite losing to the Dragon Gate strongman, Ricochet made a lasting impression on the UK fans, so much so he has been over regularly for many UK and European promotions since. The following night he evened up his win loss record with a strong outing against Genki Horiguchi before heading to the All Star Tag Match the following night in Castleford where he reunited with CIMA as the Spiked Mohicans and battle Shingo and Yokosuka in a superlative clash.

Returning as a former Dream Gate champion brings as much pressure, maybe more so than making his debut, expectations are even higher and the calibur of competition is just as high, so we can expect more show stealing performances from the man they call the future of flight.


DG UK Record 3-6

CIMA is the most recognizable star of Dragon Gate. He joined the initial class of the Ultimo Dragon Gym. A founding member of the legendary heel group Crazy MAX, and became one of the top names in the Japanese junior heavyweight scene and has remained there through several generation changes.

One of the most successful stars ever to grace the Dragon Gate ring, that hasn't really translated to his trips to Europe, having been on a 0-4 losing streak (losing to British talent in each outing) leading to a huge showdown in Nottingham, where he had to win at all costs against Marty Scurll and Mark Haskins, he shocked his Blood Warriors stable mates by picking GAMMA as his partner. This crazy tactic prevailed with CIMA saving his DGUK career and then beat Lion Kid the following night. Another loss at the start of the 2013 tour as Marty Scurll saved his own DG:UK in a 4 way match, meant that once again he would Battl Scurll one on one and the loser would fight for their career on the final night of the 2013 tour. CIMA was victorious and then participated in the All Star Tag Match to end the 2013 tour, teaming with Ricochet to battle Shingo and Yokosuka in an absolute classic.

CIMA is hoping for a clean sweep in victories on the 2014 and finally make a turn around his fortunes in Europe and build a legacy here as he has done everywhere else he has traveled.


Akira Tozawa
DG UK Record 5-1

The third graduate of the Dragon Gate dojo, Tozawa debuted in early 2005. A one year stint in the United States, helped gained a massive following, and rave reviews for his various performances. This gave him the self confidence he needed to find success in his home country. He returned as the shocking final member of Blood Warriors. The self confidence eventually turned to egomania, causing him to tear down BW and form MAD BLANKEY as the leader and now part of Monster Express with current Open the Dream Gate Champion Ricochet, Yoshino and more.

Stormed to 4-0 winning each match before facing Shingo at Festival of Fire Night 2, lost in an absolute belter of a main event and then the following night picked up a hard fought victory against the Lion Kid, a standing ovation after that match underlined that Tozawa was practically unstoppable aside from his singular loss to arguablely the face of DG:UK in Shingo.

With that all said, should Tozawa win at DG:UK X on July 25th he will go to the much desired +5 average on his win loss record. It's going to be a very interesting night on Dragon Gate UK's tenth event!


Naruki Doi
DG UK Record 3-5

undoubtedly one of the biggest names ever in Dragon Gate, multiple time champion, former ROH tag champion and one of the mainstays of the Dragon Gate promotion. He is a big match player, all of his title runs were seen as major matches and was part of the superb "Speed Muscle" pairing with Masato Yoshino. The real deal and we're glad to have him back in the UK

In DG:UK Rushed to an impressive 3-0 as part of the World One trio who were victorious in the main event on their UK debut, beat Yamato in 2010 and was part of the blistering semi main event tag match at Invasion 2 in St Ives. In 2011 suffered his first DG:UK loss when the Blood Warriors lost out to team UK in an excellent 6 man tag team match. The following night lost to Yoshino and didn't win a match on the 2013 tour either. So his form was undefeated for the first three and then has dropped five on the trot. He is absolutely intent on turning it into a positive with two victories in 2014.


DG UK Record 4-2

The former 2 Time Dream Gate champion, The fastest wrestler on the planet, Yoshino. He debuted as a seventh term student with T2P. He broke out as the Italian Tarzan character YOSSINO, a part of the Italian Connection. A founder of the Open the Brave Gate division, he has held the title a record five times and is considered the greatest Brave Gate champion of all time. Formed the acclaimed tag team "Speed Muscle" with Naruki Doi and Yoshino was the first to hold the Twin Gate Titles too.

In DG:UK, has won all but two of his matches, at the debut event against Dragon Kid and then in a pick your poison match against Yokosuka. Victories over Naruki Doi, Warriors 5, Lion Kid and in a 3 way tag match give the Speed Star a formidable record. After missing out of the 2013 tour, he was very vocal on wanting to return in 2014 and is extremely excited to return to the UK


BxB Hulk
DG UK Record 4-5

A former ranger in the Japanese defense force, Hulk joined the Dragon Gate system in 2004. He adopted his own version of the famous Magnum Tokyo entrance dance until 2010, where he became more focused especially with his feud with eternal rival Shingo Takagi. His fun loving demeanor disappeared in 2011, his dark side took over his personality when he joined the Blood Warriors stable. An accomplished designer, Hulk designed the logo & presentation for the MAD BLANKEY unit. It appears as if Hulk has now left Mad Blankey and his future loyaties are uncertain but he will be looking to get back to winning ways in July

In the UK, he started very strong but after turning to his darker side he went from going to 3-0 in the first 2 tours, his first loss coming at the hands of Team UK in his third Six Man Tag on UK soil, gaining revenge the following night over Lion Kid gave him the most prolific win loss record in DG:UK (along with Mark Haskins) of 4-2 heading into the 2013 tour. Lost 2 consecutive 4 way matches before losing to Horiguchi and will need to halt his huge win/loss slide pretty quickly


Mark Haskins
DG UK Record 5-4

One of the UK's most prominent talent's and for good reason, former TNA roster member and Dragon Gate of Japan "import". The Star Attraction is still improving and developing which is quite a statement when you have already had a contract with two major organizations in the wrestling world. One of the few fighters to be on a postive on the Win / Loss record.

Racing to 4-0 with victories over Kagetora, Lion Kid, CIMA and Dragon Gate and then the Blood Warriors in a 6 man tag team match at Invasion 3. The following night in Nottingham, he (along with Marty Scurll) had the chance to eliminate CIMA from DG:UK, but dropped the match to CIMA and surprise partner Gamma (Osaka 06) in a classic. Lost the following night to Shingo and finished the 2011 tour on 4-2. When it came to the 4 way at the start of the 2013 tour, sacrificed himself to save the DG:UK career of team mate Marty Scurll and then won the 4 way the following night. However things weren't so good for the Team UK stable mates when they met on the final night of the 2013 tour. Haskins v Scurll and Scurll was one loss away from being Eliminated? Haskins gave up his victory on night 1 to save him, but after Scurll's lost to CIMA on the Saturday night Scurll took out his frustrations on "Skins" and it was on!


Marty Scurll
DG UK Record 3-6

One of the hottet prospects in all of Europe, a champion in many UK federations and recent TNA Boot Camp contestant, the enigmatic Scurll shot to European prominence in his home promotion of Revolution pro as part of "The Leaders" with Pro Wrestling Noah's Zack Sabr Jnr and is probably the most sought after unsigned talent in Europe right now, huge addition to any card, anywhere.

Turned his back in dramatic on long time Friend and Team UK Member Mark Haskins at Festival of Fire Finale to once again save his DG:UK career, which was quite the contrast to two nights earlier when Haskins was doing everything he could in a four way match up (including taking a loss on his record) to ensure the Scurll stayed in Dragon Gate UK. Has gone on record as having patched it up with "Skins" and has even been trying to work together on the Wrestling Store's live events where he has tried to use his friendship and Team UK bond to gain victories, normally with disastrous consequences! Which Marty Scurll will show up in July? We'll find out......

Current Revolution Pro Wrestling British Heavyweight Champion, his reputation speaks for itself.


Lion Kid
DG UK Record 3-6

While he might be picking up scores of additional fans on each and every outing, the Lion Kid is in need of picking up some wins in DG:UK. Winning his debut but then losing all the 2010 & 2011 tour matches except for a TEAM UK victory in Broxbourne, despite fighting in a classic against BxB Hulk in Notthingham, that and a loss to CIMA rounded out the 2011 tour and 2013 didn't fare much better, A huge win over Doi was practically cancelled out by losses in a 4 way and to Tozawa on the last night, at 3-6 he can afford no more losses.

A long standing injury has kept the Lion Kid practically sidelined since the start of 2012 leading to some speculation his career might have been coming to an end. The performances at the Festival of Fire shows really showed his heart, passion and desire to fight through the pain and suffering and while MRI's and hospital stints plaqued his recovery at the start of the year the Lion has been cleared and is looking to get back to the form that gained him the British Crusierweight championship, a year long European contract and a 3 month stint in Japan. He has requested a match for the July 25th event, if he gets his wish he may be in for a tought night.


Rich Swann
DG UK Record 0-0 [Debut]

One of the most charismatic and energetic stars of DGUSA and DG Japan, Swann as carved out his own niche and has become one of the most sought after independant talents when his schedule permits. After an excellent UK tour earlier this year he is coming back. This time for Dragon Gate UK. Forming the Inner City Machine Gunns, with current Open the Dream Gate champion Ricochet, Swann has torn it up around the world! From his showstealing encounter with Generation Me for Pro-Wrestling Gorrilla to the incredible match against the Swords of Essex at York Hall this past March, he is quickly becoming a must see star. Having narrowly missed out of the 2013 tour, we are pleased to add this World 1 International member to our roster and are very excited to witness his DG:UK debut on July 25th

Tickets On Sale Now!
Ticket Prices

�45, �27.50 & �22.50

Available Now at DragonGateUK.com

Link : - http://www.amerchandise.co.uk/dragongate2014/DG_Tickets.htm

Front Row Tickets for Saturday sold out in litrally a few minutes, but we have 2 more available now and all but one for Friday have sold out already

�45 Tickets.
Front Row, there is no better seat in the house. No Barriers and right next to the ring. An unparallelled view. Please bear in mind, you are front row, you can't get much closer to the action, and with the unique DG style, it is very likely at some point you will have some airbourne superstars heading your way. One lucky (Or Unlucky fan) got a prime taste of this at the first event. Please do understand that with the great view comes a possibly of you having to move should one of the stars fly through the air in your direction! VERY LIMITED QUANTITY!

27.50 General Seating
2nd Row and back, A great view and right in the thick of the atmosphere. Every seat in this section could have should have been included in the higher price point but we aim to bring you the best value possible and some of these will be in the raised area for Broxbourne. The first people that buy can get 2nd row. Incredible!

�22.50 Value Seating
Just like at previous AM events, we have tried to provide some cheaper seating that there is a slight possibility won't quite have the same view as the higher price tickets! So here is your chance to get a great seat for a great price, some seats could possibly have a slight reduction in view but as mentioned before out of 420 seats last time, only 8 had anything in view of the ring,

Meet & Greet for Both Nights
To take place on the Friday and Saturday from 5.30 to 6.30pm, Priced at �10, this gains you entry into the meet and greet. While here you will be able to purchase merchandise and superstar 8x10's to get signed. You can get a picture with the Dragon Gate superstars at no extra cost with your own camera and 8x10's will be �5 each (or you can buy the complete Set for just �30! on the night) All the stars from the show will be in attendance.

You also get the first pick of the merchandise available for the two days. Wrestling Store and Dragon Gate will have merchandise available at the Meet and Greets

Tickets are available here

Announcement Schedule


9 : Final Matches to be announced
16 : Full Card Run Down and Final Notes

News and Notes
More News and Notes in the next Update

Event Partners
The outright leader in Professional Wrestling Merchanidse in Europe. Part of the AMerchandise group, Wrestling Store is the main European wrestling merchandise source for all non WWE products. We are the main official suppliers for TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor Wrestling, Dragon Gate and more, founded in 2003. With huge stocks of all the latest DVDs, Clothing and all kinds of miscellaneous merchandise you can be sure to find everything the true wrestling fan could want. With the largest selection of wrestling merchandise in Europe, Wrestling store has just opened it's first retail store in Portsmouth City Centre.

I heart DG
The biggest Dragon Gate resource site on the Internet. Jae at IheartDG.com keeps the site upto date with all the goings on in DG Japan, along with schedules, profiles, news and notes plus a monthly podcast of all things DG

Fighting Spirit Magazine
The only Wrestling and MMA monthly magazines available nationwide, FSM magazine brings together news and articles from around the world each month with regular Columnist Lance Storm and the infamous Open mic segment where Top Wrestling stars from around the world get their chance to have a no holds barred say on any subject that they please.

Hyper Japan
The UK's Biggest Japanese Culture Show & Europe's Biggest Japanese Food Festival, Celebrating everything Japanese! This huge convension includes activities such as Cosplay, Sushi Awards, Hyper Anime & Game Park, Stage displays, Shopping, special guests, hypermarket, Eat Japan and many many exhibitors including Bandai Namco, Geek Universe, Manga Entertainment, Nintendo !

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Sat up trying to book flights for Mania (left it late again) & just seen this - fantastic news. Without a doubt the most consistently brilliant shows on these shores or anywhere else for that matter. Chuffed to bits, glad it's at Broxbourne for both nights, always a good venue & means I can get another bang on Masala from the curry house in Hoddeston.


Here's hoping Yokosuka vs Yamato becomes the new Shingo vs Yokosuka of DG:UK & we get a follow up to that brutal match last year.

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Awesome news. Thank you Mark. It must have been hard trying to organize a 2 day tour with the only week their roster has free, but this is great for the UK fans. Hopefully i will continue my tradition of having front row seats. Both nights being in Broxbourne are great for me too.

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Saw this and got all excited then looked at my roster for work and I'm working FUCK SAKES! :( and can't book it off :'(


Fingers crossed that the 2015 tour ends up getting announced soonish after the 2014 shows :) also hoping Noah ends up back in the UK soon! :)

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