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UKFF's Favourite Promo: Heat 6


Heat 6  

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Had to vote for matt.


Its so far out from a wrestling promo, and his Music being played by piano in the back ground just makes it better.


I almost went for Matt myself. Looking at the list, he was one of the ones I was least expecting to be impressed by, but I loved it. Utterly obnoxious and just the right amount of hamming it up. It took me back to the V1 days when I was a Mattitude Follower. I'd love to see an in-ring version of that sort of thing - with bigger signs, obviously - I think it could work a treat.


In the end, though, I had to go with Hard Times. How could you not? Dusty's just so believable, and relatable, there. Superb promo.


I also have to say, from watching these heat by heat, I'm really not that keen on Austin's ECW stuff. I know they have a place in wrestling history, and they're significant both for his career and for what was happening in the mid-90s, but I haven't enjoyed watching them very much at all.

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Some good ones here. I love the Austin and Pillman ones, and Dusty of course. That Matt Hardy one could be the best thing he's ever done, the Cena one is fantastic and that Cornette one is not quite up with his classics but he absolutely nails it. Tough one, will have to watch them again!

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