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Last night, I attended my first PWA show since a terrible show April of last year. I hoped that since that show they had improved. Judging by reading their Facebook page (Click here for Facebook page), they seemed to have got on the right track. So I thought I'd check it out. I'm glad I did because it was the best PWA show I've been to so far.


Now, you're probably thinking "PWA!?! What in the balls is that, Alex Wright Mark?". Well, I shall do my best to clue you in now.



The PWA was founded by local wrestler and minor celebrity in Plymouth John Harding and his father in October 2008, when he got the idea chatting to his mate in Domino's Pizza about how there hasn't been any wrestling shows since March 2004 (An All-Star Show featuring Gangrel, Burchill, Mickey Whiplash and Robbie Brookside). So they got some money, and they put on the first wrestling show in Plymouth for five years at the Plymouth Guildhall in April 2009. Since the first show was a success, the PWA had continued to put on shows in the Guildhall until sometime in 2011 when they decided to move to Stonehouse Leisure Creek, a much, much smaller venue, to save money. The venue is at least

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The PWA will be starting a Tag Team Championship tournament on the 5th Anniversary Show. The first tag team announced for the show are...





Rory and Zak Bevis themselves. Good booking! Their match with whoever it is they will face should be hard hitting. They will bring the clubbering for sure.


And here's the official poster, if you're interested...




and an alternative one too...




Which one do you think is better?

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From the PWA Facebook page...


Due to commitments with TNA, Mr Anderson can't make the May 4th show. However he send his apologies to all the PWA:UK fans and were currently in talks with TNA and Anderson to try and bring him over in the Autumn time.


So John and the team found a a great replacement to face PJ Jones and will be none other the "The Cowboy" James Storm


I'm very pleased about this. I can tolerate Storm more than Mr Anderson, so I'm definitely attending this show now.

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The opponents for The Hooligans have been announced for PWA:UK's 5th Anniversary show! And this should be a good match for sure.





The tag team tournament will go on for an entire year, and the new PWA:UK Tag Team Champions will be crowned at the 6th Anniversary show!


(Yes, Cain is wearing a replica NWA World Title. I have no idea why).



The PWA have unleashed a trailer video for the 5th Anniversary Show.




Also on their YouTube page, there are videos of special guest Jon St John (The voice of Duke Nukem), and Gunner cutting a promo on Chris Andrews.


Gunner promo

Jon St John promo


I can't wait to see this show. I've already have my ticket. Anyone else going?

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The big show is just a day away. Is anyone going to this? I'm personally looking forward to it. James Storm vs PJ Jones should be decent, and the Tyler Hawke/Calum Cain vs The Hooligans match will be a belter.


I shall post the results to this either tomorrow night or Monday.

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So, I arrive in Plymouth City Centre at 4.40pm, ready to watch three hours of top pro wrestling action featuring TNA stars Gunner and James Storm. After eating some McDonald's and feeling ashamed of myself for it, I join a massive queue outside the Guildhall. Now I've been to wrestling shows featuring Jake Roberts and Gangrel at this building, but they never had a queue like this. I had imagined it in my head. Doors open at 5.30, show starting at 6pm, then ending at 9pm in time for me to go and catch the 9.10pm bus home. Well in the words of Steve Austin on that promo he cut on WCW in ECW, "That shit never happened" (besides getting the bus home).


I was beginning to panic when I had been queuing for 45 minutes. Then the promoter John Harding informed us all that they were still setting up the ring as there was a Convention earlier, and they'd let us in the building soon. After an hour and twenty minutes queuing, I was finally in the building. But I was still worried about not catching the whole show. So, the show began 40 minutes after it was supposed to with a pre show battle royal.



This featured PWA:UK Academy trainees, and regulars Josh Knott and Simon Harding. The winner faces Danny Walsh in a number one contenders match for the PWA British Championship (and that title would be decided later) later tonight. I still don't know his PWA ring name as I couldn't hear the ring announcer clearly, but I know elsewhere he wrestles as Graza Alexander.He won. The dude is 7ft tall, and kinda reminds me of Sid. Also in this battle royal was a guy who used to be my cousin's manager in the Royal Mail. Not that you care obviously.


The main show began with John Harding doing a speech about this being the fifth anniversary show, and how he proved the haters wrong. He noted that this show will be on Sky TV someday (he never gave anything specifically than that), before being interupptted by the guest ring announcer of the show, Jon St John! The voice of Duke Nukem. He fucked up the first intro by announcing Danny Walsh when he was supposed to be announcing Graza. Then there was major confusion. But they got there in the end and Jon spent the rest of the show announcing from a table next to regular ring announcer Terry Speller (who is over like a mother fucker).


Danny Walsh vs Graza

It was okay. They did a chokeslam to triangle choke spot which I've always wanted to do if I was a wrestler. Graza won via Chokeslam. He will face the winner of the next match somewhere down the road (like, literally down the road at a building five minutes away) soon.



Johnny Sicko vs Richard Worsley

This was to crown a new champion. Richard has shoulder length brown hair and a beard. The reason I mention this is because I am going somewhere with this. Sicko injures his knee by missing a knee drop on the steel steps. Worsley wins by Figure Four Leglock. Then something I really fucking hated happened. After promoter John Harding came to the ring to congratulate Richard, Worsley celebrated by climbing on the middle turnbuckle amd posing with the belt. Then Harding TURNS HEEL by low blowing him, and Power Bombing Worsley. Hmmm. An authority figure feuding with the long haired bearded babyface. Very original! Harding even leaves saying "you winning the title is not good for business'. WHY BOOK HIM IN THE TITLE MATCH ON THE LAST SHOW THEN!? I try and remain positive bwcause I really want this promotion to succeed, but not when they're pulling shit like this!


Calum Cain and Tyler Hawke vs Justin Sysum and Darren Saviour

I guess The Bevis's couldn't be fucked to show up. Darren Saviour was the PWA:UK Champion two years ago before quitting the promotion ON FACEBOOK, but now he's back, I guess. But I'm glad he's back because watching him on Pride Promotions, he's a good face. Justin Sysum has the touch of Bo Dallas's about him. Except he can hit a sweet 450 splash. Which he did but completely missed, before Cain pinned him using the ropes. Cain still has the sweet Benoit circa 1999/2000 tights. He was also wearing the same Badstreet USA shirt I was sporting whilst he was watching James Storm's match. I like his style.


Gunner vs Chris Andrews

Holy fuck, Andrews is a fucking beast! His body is so jacked. It made me feel less of a man for sure. Gunner looked to be in good spirits. They had a splendid match. Gunner wins with a spear. They shook hands after.


Intermission occured for twenty minutes. During those twenty minutes, I had forty minutes to leave for my bus, and there were three matches advertised left. I knew I wasn't watching this whole show, which left me gutted and disappointed. "Well I hope to see James Storm at least" I thought to myself. Richard Worsley (wearing a sweet Silverchair Neon Ballroom t-shirt) and John Harding were all buddy buddy despite what happened earlier. Kayfabe is dead.


PJ Jones vs James Storm

I only watched this for five minutes as soon as 9.05pm hit, I ran out of the building and straight to the bus station. I don't know who won. I'm guessing Storm after Superkicking Jones.


Well, besides the poor organisation (admittingly out of their control) and ripping off WWE angles, I enjoyed it. Not sure if I'm going to the July show as I still feel a bit deflated from not getting to see the whole show. But it was good to see Gunner and Storm.

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Robbie E has been booked to appear at the July 13th show at Stonehouse Creek, along with a yet to be announced TNA knockout (which I assume is Brooke Tessmacher).


Good booking. I wonder who he will face. I am guessing Chris Andrews. They always give him the imports.

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Unfortunately, the TNA knockout (which I assume was Miss Tessmacher) had other commitments, so isn't on the show. Shame. It's also a shame the show clashes with the World Cup final! Jesus Christ, if Chile somehow manage to plow through the competition, then I'm not going to this show, despite already buying my ticket.

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I haven't updated this in a long time, but on April 19th, the PWA are holding a convention before their 6th Anniversary show, which includes three TNA wrestlers! They'll announce the first TNA name on Friday, which I'm assuming is Rockstar Spud as they've hinted that he's been on the British Wrestling scene for a long time.

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I attended the show they put on last night. Here are the results...


First off, they announced their referee was sick. So they got a member of the PWA Academy Joey Monroe to do referee duties for the first half of the show. Joey was dressed like Russell Brand.


Number One Contendership for PWA Championship

Danny Walsh vs. PJ Jones

This was originally supposed to be Danny vs UK Dominator, but the latter was double booked, and took the Pride Promotions in Exeter gig instead. Some comedy spots involved in this. Danny pretended that a Powerade bottle was his knob, and spurted Powerade on PJ's face. Danny won with the Pedigree, and will face Eddie Ryan on November 16th...again.



Reaper vs Simon Harding

Simon was billed as "The Barbarian Freight Train", which made me imagine a hybrid version of The Barbarian, and $5 Wrestling's Freight Train. He was neither. Both men wrestled in shorts and t-shirt. Reaper won with his feet on the ropes. John Harding, who has since turned face AGAIN after turning heel on Richard Worsley in May, was disgusted.



Richard Worsley © vs Johnny Sicko

Well...actually no. John Harding announced that due to many concussions suffered throughout his career, Worsley cannot wrestle and has vacated the British title for the time being, so it will be a number one contenders match. As John was about to announce Sicko's opponent, a guitar version of Superman's theme played. Harding had no idea what was happening. It was TERRY SPELLER~! The popular ring announcer. On the last show which I didn't attend because the show previous to that sucked and I didn't want to go, Speller got a kicking by Sicko's mates Reaper and Kruger! Kruger got suspended for it. Speller came out to a monster pop. He's seriously the most over person in the promotion today. Even I was marking the fuck out. He said that he knew Sicko was behind the beating he received, and he was sticking up for the little guy! Then they scrapped, but Sicko got the better hand of poor Speller.


Sicko's actual opponent, Solider Boy Steve Prince came out, and he and Sicko had a match which ended with Sicko using his feet on the ropes to win. Yes, THE SAME FINISH TWICE IN A ROW! Harding was angry. Even though they formed an alliance in May, Harding said he had one more challenge for Sicko. Steel Panther's Death To All But Metal played as Sicko was expecting Simon Harding. But unbeknownst to him, John was stripping off behind him, and revealed he was wearing his wrestling attire. "You're going to be wrestling...ME!" and the two had a match. It ended in a DQ when Kruger ran in, and pushed Harding off the top rope. He then booted Harding in the face, and Harding landed on a fan. "Next month, I will beat you in front of your family and make you lose your passion for wrestling" Kruger told Harding, before leaving. I enjoyed all of this to be honest.


INTERMISSION: I had a cracking piss.


Sierra vs Adira

Adira had been attacking Sierra on and off for over a year. They both cut promos on each other and they're on YouTube. They have to be seen to be believed. I would post a link, but for some reason, it's not letting me. Adira's promo is like she's going from an Ulster accent to an American accent to a Janner accent.


Adira had some sweet Aja Kong like attire, which I approved of. I was gutted she didn't unleash a spinning back fist though. Sierra won by DQ when Sicko ran in and slapped her in the face, but then they celebrated because they were boyfriend and girlfriend, then kicked Adira in before Simon Harding made the save, and challenged them both to a mixed tag on November 16th.



The prizes up for grabs were pillows with the PWA:UK roster on them, chocolates, aftershave and Lambrini. I won neither. Mainly because I didn't even know there was a raffle going on.



Eddie Ryan © vs Calum Cain

Eddie comes out to Back In Black by AC/DC, yet wears Blue tights and white boots. What a lie! He also didn't have the belt with him. Cain still has his sweet Benoit circa 2000 tights. This was a so-so main event. Loads of rest holds. Cain went for a kendo stick, the referee (Terry Speller, who also MC'd the last two matches too) got rid of it. Then Cain grabbed some powder, but Ryan intercepted, and unleashed a Superkick for the win!


I thought the show wasn't bad. Better than the July show I went to anyway. Then again, I was hungover that day anyway. They're back on November 16th, and Joey Ryan is going to be there in a six man with The Magnums! Sadly, Candice Larae won't be there, so I won't witness the BALLPLEX~! in person :(

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The PWA held it's final show of the year last night at Stonehouse Creek, and what a show it was. Definitely my favourite one I've been too. Joey Ryan was there, as was The Magnums, John Harding and Johnny Sicko!


So without further ado, here's what happened!


The show had a bit of a delay, and I missed the ending of Ryan/Magnums vs Hawke/Cain/Jones, so I apologise for not knowing who won.


Johnny Sicko and Sierra vs Adira and ???? W/ Terry Speller

Speller is so, so over. It's unreal. ????ended up being Joey Monroe. Originally, Simon Harding was supposed to team up with Adira, but he got called to Navy duties (his real life job), so Monroe took his place. Sicko and Sierra won when Sicko shining wizarded Monroe whilst Sierra and Adira were brawling outside.


Sicko and Sierra proceeded to beat Monroe up some more. He sold it like a champ! Then on the way to the back, Monroe shoved Adira away. Oooh heel turn perhaps!?


Reaper vs some 15 year old kid in a Randy Orton top

I'm not even shitting you! Reaper cuts a promo about how his opponent was too scared to face him, then started to pick a fight with the 15 year old at ringside. They started pushing each other. A chavvy kid joined in, but security told him to scram. Reaper then threw the Randy Orton kid in the ring and they had an impromptu match. Reaper squashed him. I laughed. Best thing I've seen in a PWA show. Reaper won with a Razor's Edge.


John Harding vs The UK Dominator

Originally supposed to be Harding vs Kruger in a Last Man Standing match, but Kruger was a no show. They didn't explain why. This was also a number one contenders match for the PWA Title.


Shockingly, Dominator didn't do his usual comedy spots that he does. But this was a good match anyway. Sicko came out to distract Harding, but Dominator spat on Sicko. TERRY SPELLER~! arrives and ECW style brawls with Sicko, even doing a water bottle to the head spot. Harding wins. I can't remember how.


Harding grabs the mic. He thanks everyone for their support after not even being seen on TNA British Boot Camp. "TNA can go fuck themselves" he stated to an audience which was mainly children. But nobody gasped. They all cheered in unison, parents and children alike. He announced he was doing a Web Show later in the year, and told everyone he was going to apply for the WWE instead.


After that, a big brutish man with a mullet who was sat next to a beautiful woman in the crowd (seriously, she was fine) ran in the ring and attacked Harding. "Who the fuck was that!? Oh well, best look at the attractive woman who he was sat next to to see her reaction...just as I thought, still has the "I really don't want to be here" look on her face". One of the PWA regulars, who was seen on The British Wrestler training in the ring, excitedly told another that it was Cornish Caveman! "He's deaf!" she said with glee. Harding then calls him a "deaf twat" and books a match for their February 21st show between the two at their Cornwall show, then the winner of that match will face Johnny Sicko for the vacant British title. So I guess Richard Worsley isn't coming back. I saw him in Burger King the other day, actually.


INTERVAL. Loads of people got their Polaroids taken with Joey Ryan and The Magnums. I just went on PlentyOfFish.


Raffle: I didn't win. Boooo!



Eddie Ryan © vs Danny Walsh

Danny Walsh was involved in a car accident on Wednesday, where his car went tumbling. He went to a&e. So for him to come and wrestle days later takes some guts. And besides, he kicked out of TWO BURNING HAMMERS, so what's a car accident to stop him?


Eddie was reluctant to wrestle Danny, but Danny said it was fine. Then the two had a back and forth bout until Ryan superplexed Walsh. Walsh was out cold and the referee stopped the match. Another regular was pissed off about this and slapped a door. Walsh laid there for at least five minutes. "Is there anybody here that is a qualified doctor?" Harding yelled out. Nobody answered. Most of the roster carried him out to applause. Great angle.


The Magnums and Joey Ryan vs Tyler Hawke, PJ Jones and Calum Cain

This was Survivor Series rules. Chris Walker of The Magnums was wearing a leg brace and wasn't allowed to wrestle after what happened to Danny Walsh. So he was eliminated right away. I didn't watch all of it as I had a bus to catch, but Cain got eliminated by showing Walker his muscles, and he got rolled up for the pin. Then I had to run nine minutes to the bus stop in Plymouth City Centre. I was sweating more than Pete Townsend having to take his hard drive to PC World for repairs. I'm guessing Ryan's team won.


And that was the November 16th show. And it was fun! Their next two shows are February 21st in Cornwall somewhere, and February 22nd at Stonehouse Creek where it will be Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae vs The Magnums in a battle to see who the sleazist tag team is. A chance to see the Ball-Plex live!? I AM THERE!

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