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anyone elses wwe network playing up at the moment? trying to watch battleground and its being a right pain in the arse  Thanks btw @FelatioLips, i just did that and it works 

It'll offer you the choice of watching live or from beginning mate. 

It starts at 4pm though, but I guess that doesn't make a difference to your question.

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They add a new episode every week I think. They're in '96 at the moment so if you were planning to watch them through, you could watch an episode of that and an episode of Nitro each week along with any PPVs and they'll be updating as you go along. If it's just single episodes, they have the odd episode of significance but obviously it's not complete yet.

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If you watch a PPV the next day, do the network give spoilers away. For example if I buy it to watch this years Royal Rumble and watch it on Monday evening after avoiding spoilers all day, will it have a picture of Daniel Bryan winning the Rumble or Seth Rollins with The WWE Belt when you click on it. This as happened to me loads when using daily motions or similar in the past.

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They have done at times. The main graphic the morning after Survivor Series was Sting, and the same happened the day after NXT Revolution with Sami Zayn holding the NXT title. Very annoying.

I've seen this mentioned before but I've never seen anything that would spoil the show.

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